The Tear Drop “A Gift From the People of Russia to the USA” – And Why You Weren’t Told About It


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I got to admit – I didn’t even know this memorial existed. However, it took me two seconds to realize why – it received zero publicity. Now why do you suppose that? Why hasn’t the media expressed their gratitude? Name me another country that’s done more? This is a stunning memorial which pales into insignificance whatever the real terrorist gangsters are trying to do at ground zero. The very thought of Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy having anything to do with the memorial for 9/11 victims is positively gut-wrenching!

About 50 million people visit New York every year & more than 8 million live there but no one seems to have heard of The Teardrop…. yet it’s a 100ft tall, 175-ton memorial to those who died on the city’s blackest day.

The greatest trick an enemy can play is to make everyone believe everyone else is their enemy!


The Zionist controlled US media gives the beautiful memorial, dedicated by Putin, a total silent treatment. The monument is barely known, even among local residents of Bayonne!


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      • There is no difference between hating Jews because they own some businesses and hating Jews because you’re a Nazi. You’re still hating, and you’re not helping the real problem

        • nazi hated jews because they owned some bussines. Primary motivation behind nazi hatred of jews is capitalism, jews ware “capitalisti priviledge class” in nazi eyes.

          read anything that hitler said, its clear.

          • You’re aware that antisemitic tendencies around the time of WW2 or even before that were to be seen in various european countries at that time and even before that…
            Hitler simply used their wealth and allo that to get more funds and thus gain more power… if you’re going to teach someone about historical facts than please at least get your facts right.. jeez

          • it’s not capitalism when you eliminate the competition and monopolize everything by any means necessary. including murder. please save that bullshit for someone else who’s blind of what these parasitic zionist jews are doing.

            funny how you parasites never mention the bolshevik revolution and how over 30 million were killed and it was a JEWISH OPERATION. then cry about the holohaux and tell everyone else they are evil anti-semitics

            guess what? the jig is up, your bullshit no longer works. parasites must be removed from host. it’s been a long time coming for a lot of people too. i wouldn’t want to be a zionist jew in America right now. these veterans you used as cannon fodder and tried to write off as domestic terrorists are foaming at the mouth to eliminate all the parasites from this country. Good fucking riddens.

      • They used to : those peasant pirates are scared of their own shadows n sh*t … don’t expect the future to belong to them 😉

      • They don’t control me…and I live in The Western World. If you wake the f$@# up and 1) think for yourself, 2) support yourself, and 3) vote by what you think rather than what you are TOLD to think, you won’t be controlled by “The Jews”, “The Illuminati”, or whatever other boogieman you choose to blame your lazy condition on.

    • The true children of Judah were black and went in to slavery by way of ships..funded by Zionist.. no so called Jewish person today can trace their lineage back too Israel but back to Poland Germany and ultimately the khazarian empire.. meaning you are really Khazar’s who converted way back when.. gentiles.. this whole country was built off anti semetism and still is.. even google will tell you we hail from Shem/Shimite/Semite.. so quit with anti semetism bullshit

  1. Dear Anonymous, You have been hacked! This piece has a pop up that is shear bullshit for Money and Investment scam. If you want ppl to engage in your worthwhile endeavor, clean up your act, Pronto.

    • Actually, the real anonymous hasn’t operated in years. They weren’t quite as anonymous as they thought and are now in prison. Its been said that the nwo has repurposed anon as a tool to further the one world agenda… Trust no one

    • We apologize sir that we have not done enough to meet your personal needs. We shall try harder in the future to center our attention around you since the rest of the world clearly is of no importance…

  2. Writing “The Zionist controlled US media…” is bad wording perhaps. sounds almost like reverse propaganda and is not relevant enough, to just drop in one finishing line like that.

  3. I’ve been there a bunch of times. Its in Bayonne next to where the Cruise ship docks. NY turned it down so NJ accepted the memorial.I recall Bush & Putin opened it.

  4. Nice to see AIPAC and the rest of the Israeli “public relations” experts are already chimed in.

    Lovely article, maybe should’ve posted the info exposing the Jewish ownership of the major media corps, maybe a diagram of the Federal Reserve Chairmen over the years, as well as info on the banks that own them…… At least those crocodile “antisemitic” cries would be a lot harder to substantiate to the less informed.

  5. I thought it resembled some part of female anatomy and the message behind it is that the USA got f***** well and truly. I may be wrong….

  6. This story is so misleading. The people of Bayonne were indeed informed about this structure when it when it went up in 2006. A dedication ceremony, including attendance by the artist, along with Vladimir Putin and Bill Clinton, was held and attended by hundreds of people (including myself). The story should be that the monument is not marketed nor advertised as it should be. It’s a beautiful structure with impacting significance that deserves more notoriety than what it’s getting.

    • Yes, informing a small city with 65,028 people in it is totally the same thing as telling the whole of America about this new monument given to us by Russia. If a company held a small meeting and only told 10 out of 1000 workers about what was going on, would you say that the workers were properly informed?

      • This beautiful memorial sent as a gift from Russia was widely reported on at the time it was installed. Why this article is so misleading is very odd.

  7. I’ve read some REALLY NASTY tasteless callous remarks from total idiots about this extremely expensive monument –and none of those ungrateful American idiots even thought how much it cost the average Russian taxpayer to have it designed, built, transported, and re-constructed. The Russians were trying to be thoughtful and kind, to show empathy to we Americans. Perhaps the USA should look those words up in a dictionary.

    And to those particular idiots — I am ashamed you are an American! Because you certainly do not ACT like one. France gave the USA the Statue of Liberty monument… and you probably made snide remarks about that too.

  8. Over my lifetime I’ve seen on so many occasions of how America keeps twisting and shitstiring around the word. Making out that everyone outside America is wrong or dangerous. I never thought as a kid how dangerous the American government really is, it dosnt want world peace, dosnt care for the less fortunate, don’t even care for its own people.

    It’s fueled by this American dream of owning everything and getting rich no mater what.

    The American government are a child in the world, no real history or experience in the world. Everything is new to them yet they dictate how the world must act.

    American greed is the driving force behind most of the hate and violence in the world.

    As a kid I always believed Russia was evil, the ones to watch out for but throughout my life I’ve come to realise America is the threat, well the American government and big American businesses, their the cancer that’s strangling the American people and harming the rest of the world.

    • America is indeed new at this… Those other countries have been doing stuff like this for along time…. Each in their own turn. It all comes around.

  9. You should learn what Anonnymous is… Gathering knowledge trought computers, then thinkinh about documents found, to link & localise the ppl who “manipulate & own” Western Country EU & America (Westeros ;). Then when you learn & understand that knowledge bring the real power… at this moment you go in Street

  10. I cannot understand the comments that have been made about it looking like a vagina. If a person thinks that a tear drop in a stone shell looks like a Vag, I don’t wish to know what kinds of vaginas they have seen. A thoughtful gift given to us during times of despair and people are finding fault… very saddening.

  11. Some of you people leaving nasty comments should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans. “Looks like a vagina!”. Grow the hell up and see it for what it is, a respectable gesture from those whom our modern-day leaders scoff at for their own childish reasons. No wonder why most of the world hates us.

    I agree this should be shown around the country, most especially on 9/11, the day we remember what happened. Hopefully our Russian friends can see through the disrespectful remarks and understand those of us who are thankful for their wonderful gestures!

    • Well everyone agrees the Washington monument looks like a penis, so why can’t this monument be a vagina? Lighten up you butthurt dicklicker; if this was 4chan you’d be getting trolled by every Anon there.

  12. In my opinion (for what little it’s worth) you r all complicate the case! of course as always …it’s manipulations, politics, money, influences,accordments and lies….But we re knowing that!!! In France , it’s the same!!! SEE THE RESULT today!!!! we r selling weapons and Planes and…. and never thinking we re “arming” the third world????? comon’…i m as ashame to be a french as some of you, obviousely, to be American…. don’t be ashame about everyth’, everytime…we re feeling guilt cause of many things we can’t handle or manage… IT’s OVER us… stop Judes-this…Muslim-that…Religious-blabla… Stop being sheep… YOU KNOW THAT ..READ HISTORY… Stop comments with Posts! act and change it! (sorry 4 english)

  13. The information you gave imply that Russia has something to do with 911 but the CIA is responsible for that. Russia gave you the tear because KGB knew it was happening and try to warn you but the information never got through the news… so if you want to talk about disinformation…

  14. It is named “To the Struggle Against World Terrorism” It was given on the 5th anniversary of 9/11. I live in the midwest and I knew this.

  15. If #Trump tells the World about 9/11 the meaning may become clearer even for ordinary folk
    And that which makes their Fame ring louder,
    With much adoe they shew’d the King
    To make glasse Buttons turn to powder,
    If off the[m] their tayles you doe but wring.
    How this was donne by soe small Force
    Did cost the Colledg a Month’s discourse.

    Sigmund Freud, discussing the dissolution of military groups in “Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego” (1921), notes the panic that results from the loss of the leader: “The group vanishes in dust, like a Prince Rupert’s drop when its tail is broken off.”

  16. It does look like a vagina. I’m not trying to be funny or immature. I have a degree in art…it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw it, …what’s up with that giant vagina statue? I was surprised it was what it was.


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