Texas Inspired by Brexit, Aims to Break Away from the United States by 2018


Britain has voted to exit the European Union. This has been abbreviated simply as Brexit. Since the vote, many things have happened. The pound is falling against the dollar. There have been reports of some businesses wanting to move from the country. The stock market has been affected. The country seems to be in a confusion state. Currently, some people are backing an online petition for a second vote.

But as the chaos is going on in Britain; in the United States, some citizens of a particular state in the country are determined to also test the waters in order to break away just like Britain has done.

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In the state of Texas, the pro-secessionist movement, known as the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), has asked state governor Greg Abbott to answer an appeal. The appeal will ensure that the state goes to the ballot box in 2018, to determine whether to break away from the rest of the United States, or not.

The TNM is very confident that when their appeal is considered for the vote, Texas will be an independent republican nation in 2018.

TNM claims to have over 200,000 people supporting the movement online. The movement has called on more people in the state to join, to bring pressure on Governor Abbott to allow a vote on independence from the bureaucracy of the United States federal government.

The movement has also increased its activities on social media to garner more support.  RT English News reports that the movement has managed to get over 200,000 likes on Facebook.

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Currently, it is estimated that Texas’ economy is worth around $1.6 trillion. Proponents of the TNM claim this will make the economy an independent Texas to be among the 10 top economies in the world, if it breaks away from the United States.

Just after the results in Britain showed an exit from the European Union, TNM President, Daniel Miller said in a statement: “The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say. It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy.”

Miller said for over a decade now, the TNM has been on the forefront of calling out the overreach of and abuse of Texas by the Federal Government. According to him, unlike the professional complainers in the political class, TNM has proposed only one solution to the problem: Independence for the people of Texas.

Miller added “It is past time that the Governor and the rest of the Legislature respond to the large number of Texans who want their say on the matter and give us a vote.”

The Executive Director of the movement, Nate Smith also added that TNM has the momentum to force an independence referendum. He pointed to the movement’s growing support base on social media and its daily activism since 2004.

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Smith also revealed that for several years now, the movement has been receiving new supporters and volunteers at an unprecedented rate, and that the Brexit referendum has spread throughout the state, encouraging people to take similar action for their complete freedom.

Texas is one of the largest states in the southern part of the United States. The state was the 28th state to join the Union of the United States in 1845, after nine years of being an independent republic.

Since the TNM expressed the desire to have a referendum vote after Brexit, many people in other parts of the United States have said on social media that Texas cannot survive on its own as a republic. Some said the state had to even beg back into the Union, after it declared its first republic.

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  1. Who gives a flying f*ck if Texas leaves the US??? Go!But just remember you can’t use the American dollar for your currency. You are not a member of the USA!! Plus, the U.s. will have to put up a fence between them and Mexico, AND TEXAS! Passports needed to come in and shop.Next, you’ll have to set up your own government, as well as your Senate, just to open up dialogue on trade agreements, etc. But, what do you have to trade? I’m actually looking forward to this split. It portends the end of the States as we all know it.And up here in Canada, we’ll just shake our heads and drink beer and laugh at you. No, you can’t come in!!!You’re only as strong as your weakest link…….

    • Have you lost your mind! Oil is what Texas has and lots of it. Additionally, Texas has both a sitting government capable of leading the country and and sitting army ready for defense. I also live in Canada but tonk even up here some people are just ignorant.

  2. What they’re advocating is treason. Hanging them from a tall tree would send a clear message. Unfortunately, these idiots and their type control Texas and are destroying what was a crappy state to begin with. I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole and move to an area that values human life and dignity and where White Jesus isn’t used as an excuse for discrimination and abuse.

  3. The 600k deaths in the Civil War means that you can’t secede. However, you can nullify all federal laws that are outside the scope of the Constitution!

    Just say “screw you” to the feds. Don’t even allow your citizens to pay fed income tax since it is unconstitutional to tax the people directly (the income tax amendment didn’t change that, it didn’t even mention that).

    Go for it, Texas!!


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