Credit Cards, Personal information and Emails of U.S. Military Leaked

u.s military hacked
u.s military hacked

Over the last few days, it has been revealed that leaked U.S. military data was posted to The leaked data, which was witnessed by, has since been partially removed from the site.

The Hackers who are behind this leaked data are known as Ghost Squad Hackers. This time, they hacked into the U.S. military, leaking out sensitive and private data, such as credit card details. Personal information, including phone numbers, state details, age, gender and income was also leaked. Meethackers published the statistics about the leaked data:

  • 1000 Emails Approx
  • 2500 credit cards
  • And around 200 personal details (They couldn’t properly verify it because of the removal of the leaked data from the internet)

They also announced that they spied on the NSA surveillance agency; with the following message left behind:

“Greetings united states government —We are Ghost Squad Hackers–,– Since 911 the recent uprisings of conflict in the middle east you have perpetuated a false allegory of terrorism from multiple instituted false flag events and attacks on your very own people, with almost forcing other countries to take you as a legitimate threat being you have a total over 900 bases outside your boarders. It’s time to start asking if you are really for democracy or for expanding your empire. We are seeing more and more of your troops landing in other countries, we are releasing Military officials of your government from credit card information, to names and phone numbers and emails. A total of over 5000 United states military personnel will fall victim to this attack, we are not afraid of your empire, your new rome will fall. Expect chaos.”

Here is some of the leaked data we captured via

These are the same hackers who also claimed to have leaked Hillary Clinton data, and published a video on YouTube, with the following leaks:


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