The Main Stream Media: Inciting Cultural, Religious & Race Wars Within Society


It’s hard to tell who/what is more delusional or extreme right now, politicians or the main stream American media. For one reason or another, it appears everyone in America seems to be loosing their collective minds. Between “rigged elections”, the gay/transgendered community controlling every aspect of organized society, “radical Islamic terrorism”, gun debates, biblical end times, police, racism and income inequality, the world is becoming one messed up place.

Lets talk about race for a moment shall we. Within the last few years, despite electing a black man as President with the popular vote of the entire country in back to back elections, race relations in America have somehow regressed backwards 6o years for some reason. We are bombarded with messages and interviews telling us how police are out to murder all black people, how systemic racism is to blame for every problem in the black community and how white men and Republicans everywhere ‘hate people’ and are trying to hold minorities down.

All of this fueled by non-stop, in your face, media coverage on the issue. As an American media viewer, between networks such as CNN, movements like Black Lives Matter, Ferguson and Baltimore, it just seems like the liberal left is trying to incite some sort of race War within America. Sure it gets people fired up and talking which in turn boosts ratings, but it is all lies and propaganda slowly turning the population against one another – making us fear and distrust one another.

Then we have the whole religious debate going on right now. Forget living in free country where you are theoretically free to believe or follow whatever religion you want, between Fox News and pundits including – but not limited to – Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Donald Trump, it seems like the conservative right is trying their hardest to incite some sort of global religious War.

Despite preaching constitutional values, these people ironically plan to ban entire religion from the United States – shredding the first amendment in the process. They literally call America a “Christian country” that we have to take back, telling people that to maintain our American way of life we must engage in a new Wars abroad in the Middle East to combat the rise of Islam.

Believe it or not, it is actually working. Prior to Donald Trump, no one was talking about banning Muslims from the United States, now a new poll has been released saying that 42% of Americans support this policy. The conservative religious right are evangelizing their beliefs and the more extreme their rhetoric and polices become, the closer we are coming to starting a religious War between nations.

Then we have this whole incident in Orlando this weekend, everyone is well aware. But politicians do not shy away from using the tragedy as a platform to advance political talking points. On the liberal left, politicians are saying “See, look! This is exactly why we need comprehensive gun reforms, extended background checks and limit access to guns!“At the same exact time, politicians on the conservative right are saying “See, look! This is exactly why Americans need to arm themselves and why we need to strengthen/open up gun laws.

Rhetoric like this is a cancer to our government and why gridlock is the name of the game in American politics. This is American society as it exists in 2016. No middle ground, no rational or intellectual conversation. There is only one side, whatever you believe. Our elected officials refuse to work together with one another and outright belligerence is how the American public chooses to communicate their opinions.

Show up to any political event in the United States, it doesn’t matter Bernie Sanders or Trump. There will always be cops in riot gear and people fighting, punching each other in the streets. Violence and riots have become standard practice in our once civilized society. Read any conversation on social media. Every topic will not be filled with rational conversation and constructive debate, rather it is dominated by hate, violence, bigotry and belligerence.

So the question remains, what is going on here? Why are such extremist people/headlines not just allowed on the news, but fill nearly 100% of the air time? What is the purpose of this, what is the end game here? Is the news purposefully trying to divide citizens and cause conflict or are they truly delusional about what they are doing – the harm they are causing to society?

Looking at everything all at once, there is something very wrong in this country.

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  1. As stated before the ongoing plan is to divide and decimate. Although this in itself is by no means good news, the fact that the rank and file seem to enter into the spirit of the thing with so much enthusiasm is acutely depressing to many of us.

  2. Allegory of the Caves. However, today people can access information in seconds from all over the world with the press of a button, yet Americans choose to remain dependent on social and mainstream media outlets to think and form their opinions. It’s not because they are bound by chains inside their caves as those spoken of in the Allegory. People choose to remain in their respective caves, because of arrogance and laziness. Why should an American have to leave his comfort zone to do for himself or others? After all, other people’s problems are not his concern, until it happens to him.


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