The Breakfast War: Taco Bell Takes Jabs At McDonald’s [VIDEO]


Taco Bell, which has nearly 6,000 restaurants across the United States that serve more than 36 million customers every week, recently rolled out a Biscuit Taco, a breakfast biscuit in the shape of a taco stuffed with eggs, cheese and sausage or bacon. And to promote the new breakfast sandwich, Taco Bell has rubbed breakfast in McDonald’s clown face.



A new ad campaign, created by Deutsch LA, features “breakfast defectors” living in a “Routine Republic” who escape from the sea of sameness and their bored lifestyle by pushing away from clown-faced guards who terribly look like Ronald McDonald.


Besides being a poke in the face at McDonald’s, the ad is an attempt to “cement in the minds of consumers that the Mexican fast-food chain actually served the morning meal”.

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