Bittersweet VIDEO: Ivory Coast Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate For The First Time


This will make you happy and sad at the same time. Cocoa farmers, some of the most impoverished in the world, and who had grown cocoa for years not knowing what the cocoa beans are used for, get to taste the chocolate for the very first time.

When farmer N’Da Alphonse was offered a piece of chocolate by Selay Marius Kouassi, a reporter for Metropolis, he exclaimed, “Ooh! It’s nice and very sweet! I did not know that cocoa was so yummy. Delicious”. One of his friends after taking a bite asked, “Are you really 100 percent sure that this is made from cocoa beans?”

Many of the farmers in the video have been working with the crop for decades but never had a taste of the finished product.

Chocolate isn’t easy to find in Ivory Coast, and when it is, it’s sold for around $2.70 — a third of what a farmer makes in a day. On average, cocoa farmers earn less than $2 per day. Alphonse is supporting 15 family members on $9.40 a day. Watch the video that exposes the stark disparities of the global food system…

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  1. thats the difference between them and us, if we would taste chocolate for the first time in our life we would eat it all ourselves. but not them they share it.

    oh, what has capitalism made of us.

    • Capitalism is not entirely bad. If capitalism creates competition which drives us forwards and makes people create better things, then it’s good. If competition is good and capitalism creates competition then capitalism cannot be all bad.

      • Competition doesn’t need capitalism. Money isn’t entireley bad. strip the interest and its fine. Capitalism is bad. It lives out of interest. And this it drives no competition, it just drives greed.

        So what “better things” are you talking of? The things that will be produced in the future which will finally make you happy. A thing all the other things created yet couldn’t do for you.

        Money drives Creativity nowadays. And thus not the perfection of the created object, but the perfection of the generated income is the real driver. People will buy it, no matter how much better the product could have been. It’s like a drug. So capitalism is as good/bad as any other substancial addiction (but either way, it’s better to be not addicted)

  2. this is retarted 9 40 a day and the cocao he produces that day prob make 100s of dollars if not more to the people who produce the chocolate… we can at least pay them decently for there product… weve kept them ignorant so they keep providing us with cheap labor *sigh*

  3. its obamas fault since taxes arer so high that everything has to be sold so low, but its OK we have an election coming up and this time the right man will be elected, Ted Cruz.

  4. I saw this on National Geographic I think and it’s amazing to see that they didn’t even know what was made out of cocoa, let alone tasted chocolate. Amazing


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