VIDEO: Fox Host Tears Apart Fox Sports’ Sexist Article


On her show “Garbage Time”, Fox Sports host Katie Nolan ridiculed How to Land a Husband at The Masters published on for being sexist and went on a 4-minute rant of hilarious sarcasm.

“Not every women goes to sports events to find a husband. But two to 3 percent that do, and they deserve to have articles geared to their interests on sports websites they’ll never visit, just in case they end up there by accident. It is very easy to try type ‘’ and accidentally type ‘’ if you’ve just got your nails done,” she said adding, “The only problem I have with this piece is that it only tells women how to find a husband at The Masters. What about all the other sporting events?!”

The article, written by Rebecca Johnson, gave some ‘useful tips’ like – The Masters isn’t the time to show cleavage but honestly, take off the Lilly Pulitzer skort and golf shoes. Guys aren’t into that. Smile and have fun because no one wants to approach a girl with a scowl on her face…


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