The Fall Of A Rothschild – Baron David de Rothschild Indicted By French Government


It seems that the times are indeed changing as those once untouchable are now facing the law for the crimes they have committed.

Baron David de Rothschild is one of those recent criminals. After a long and arduous task of gathering evidence against the billionaire, the French government indicted David de Rothschild on account of fraud and allegedly embezzlement of massive sums of money from British pensioners in a scheme he backed.


Between 2005 and 2008, Rothschild Financial Services Group trapped pensioners by the hundreds in a fraudulent scheme that locked them into bogus loans, and lost their retirement portfolios. For what has taken years of pensioners pressing charges against the company and the banker, Baron David de Rothschild has finally being charged mid this year.

“In short, independently of what happened to the investment, Rothschild advertised a loan aimed at reducing inheritance tax, which is a breach of tax law,” he added.

It isn’t the first time the banking dynasty has been accused of wrong doing. The Rothschild family have been accused of pulling economic and political strings of vast governments for years, with ample evidence of insider trading.

From Nathan Rothschild in the Napoleonic wars turning his family into one of the richest clans in the world through manipulating the stock exchange, to the fall of Baron David de Rothschild; the world has watched and has finally moved to judge. What happens to de Rothschild next, only time will tell.


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  1. Thank you.

    About time these traitors of humanity pay for there vast and incomprehensible crimes.
    They have commit high treason in so many nations I don’t think there is enough family members to be hanged for the amount of crimes committed.

    I think the zio/us mafia has been exposed by Russia and others and now vassal states can now start to distance themselves from these criminals and start proecutions without fear of a coup or assassination.

    • these scumbags have been robbing our money for generations
      they are responsible for the world war and all the financial problems the world is facing ,NOW ITS PAYTIME!!!

    • Very foolish to believe that Russian oligarchs, Chinese industrialists, Arab oil demi-gods, Israeli Zionists (what do they evem do that has value?), British banksters, Eurozone diamond dealers and US weapons manufacturers are not all in league, manufacturing petty nationalistic sentiment in people to obscure the fact that they are working in tandem, pushing then pulling to continuously manipulate both the markets and minds of people around the globe.

      If you are here reading and writing I would count you too intelligent to believe in the nation-state drama being written by the people with real power and acted out by heads of state.

      • All of those are zio-communist-jewish enterprises. … many cases even the ‘Arab’-“demi-Gods”(like Saudi Arabia’s ruling ‘Wahhabists’..who are crypto jews. Like the current ‘Roman’ Catholicism in Christianity, there are jewish infiltrated branches of Islam that seek to destroy from the inside. Without this knowledge we can’t win. This has to be exposed thoroughly.)

    • I disagree things ar changing faster then you think. We need to raise our vibration past that thinking to create a better world.

    • Why do we need to get guillotines from the French? We’re Americans, damn it all! We built enough tanks in WW II to sink the British Isles. We’ve also got hundreds of foundries and 10,000 auto shops. We can crank out more guillotines than the world has ever seen, and we can do it 4 years FLAT.

      Bring on the steel workers! We’ve got some blades to forge!

    • I would beware of class warfare rhetoric. That’s how the whole USSR mess started, and the Reign of Terror, in France. Atheists took charge and really went after the people who would rather make their own social organization.

  2. You are all delusional if you think this POS will receive anything close to a just punishment. He will receive no more than a hefty fine, of which he has access to unlimited funds to pay with.

    • Could all their assets and bank accounts be frozen? Even all their families assets and bank accounts be frozen? I guess some other friend of his would bail him out.

  3. Interesting story, but I doubt it will have much of an impact. Let me explain, it’s like understanding the difference between fantasy and reality. The fantasy is that we can bring all of these profiteering bastards down, and that might happen in time. That at least is the hope we all cling to. The reality however is very different. How long did it take to generate the evidence necessary for this indictment to take place? How can we ensure that this criminal activity does not continue with the threat of these bankers using whatever political loopholes they can to continue their activity and use their ill gotten gains to slime their way out of prosecution and incarceration? So, even if he is not able to buy his way out of this and does face a long term of incarceration for his crimes, that still means one down and several thousand to go. I’m not trying to make light of this, because this is a cause for some good cheer, and continues to support the call to action. Now that we know it is possible to end their absolute control over the banking system, it’s time to turn up the heat.

  4. PEACE. This is a GOOD sign. I now have to reevaluate all of the previous concepts that I had about Europeans. (A NEW WORLD ORDER).

  5. You are all DELUDED. the likes of the Rothchilds, rockefellas, Jp morgan etc RUN THE PLANET. politicians-judges-banks-food industry-medical system- oil- etc… they OWN the “SYSTEM” Corrupt as it is. THEY WILL NEVER be held to more than the pervert politicians who take their orders from them. we are a planet populated by billions of subservient, dumb,tax paying serfs,who worship degenerate, perverted, “Elite” who RUN THE PLANET. until this changes, NONE OF THESE parasites will be made to stand to account for their crimes against humanity…get real people.

  6. This could be a smoke screen. The people on the left might be just as bad if not worse. I think when the USSR fell they got together and redivided the pie, and thought of a better way, better psy ops, better purges, the whole shebang. So some leaders might be misguided, but other might be straight up lying. Waving the very things that we want in front of our face while they tighten the noose with the other hand.

  7. What will happen is precisely fuck all. This is a token gesture and none of these fuckers will see jail. They own the world pretty much. Except Iran and theyre working on that.

  8. In India too, we have one fraudulent Gandhi family, originally Nehru family, until Indira eloped with a Muzi called Firoz Khan, to later change to Gandhi label of political convenience. The present scion of dynasty, daughter of KGB agent an Italian ex barmaid Sonia who inherited and controls the black empire, can buy out 10 Queens of England or Papacy many times if found necessary, work hand in glove with ‘Liberals'(communists with modern name) allying with the neo Muzi wave of ISIS (the original parent is Pakistan’s ISI, which vetted and planted Obama in place). They along with the present Pope aim to forge a neo ‘Liberal’ pact between revivalist Muslim terrorists and the church together, blessed with IMF, WB and Fed Reserve backing up, all they want is China’s favour be extended to Muzis via ‘Liberal’ agenda for New World order to emerge !

  9. You think this will change things yeah right they are already working on the new political ideology ! social capitalism. FFs get a grip they only way you’ll get rid of theses leeches is burn them out


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