The Largest Financial Con In Recorded History


We are on a road that could lead straight to the World War 3, but in order to see that and to fully understand what is at stake you have to look at the big picture and connect the dots. This video examines the disturbing history of the dollar, its relation to oil, and the real motives behind the wars of the past two decades based on facts.

Watch and judge for yourself:


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  1. I saw this video recently. I like the supporting facts of videos, news reports this comes across as completely believable. We seem to already be in the third stage.

    Honestly, this presentation scares the crap out of me. So many people are lost to the truth.

  2. We’re f*cked…… Time for the earth to clean up itself cause we people are the worst disease there has ever been on this planet.. Im ashamed…

  3. We must pull together NOW !. Or we will all fall. The Elite must be cleansed. If all you have is a rock, You must hurl it. A blinded giant is a stumbling idiot.

  4. I love the way he casually whittles on about the USA invading Iraq in 1991, without even stopping for breath, or even mentioning the fact that Iraq had in fact invaded Kuwait before Uncle Sam stepped in to break up the warring sand monkeys. Besides, Sadam had his sights on the big prize and the not so tough Saudis knew that. That is why they called in the stars and stripes before he came knocking on their door. As for Libya, they shouldn’t go around blowing Pan Am Jumbo jets out of the sky three days before Christmas, that way they just might get to paradise in one piece.

    • Casually? Doesnt matter dont be oblivious to the bigger picture. There has been wars since man has ever stepped foot on this planet, since we have been able to walk and have selfishness rather than compassion and tolerance. The bigger picture is that USA stuck their nose in where they shouldnt have again. Just like in every single world war, USA invades enemy territory on purpose so they have a reason to attack.

    • KKK is supreme? Smh that’s why when us anons declared war on them they got so scared they tried to threaten peoples lives. Remember we hacked pretty much everything they owned, and then released their information to everyone. Get out of here kid.

        • does anon not have street based organizations as well as hacktivists? and to whomever still believes white people are superior if there is an afterlife you will know exactly how evil you have been and how retrogressive you have been as a human being try too keep up with your race!

    • The KKK is a fucking joke, nothing more than a group of Hitler ‘ Nazis! I mean most KKK members have IQ’s lower than 20 lol. Also it’s been scientifically that the human race is one race regardless of ethnicity and that no “race” (ethnicity) is any more or less superior than another.

      So shut the fuck up you racist, free market, outdated fuck!!

  5. So where does the dwindling supply of fresh water figure into all this? I know the Bush family owns the largest remaining supply of it in South America/Equador, but can’t decide if the real power play is for the shrinking, yet still vital supply of petroleum, or for the possession of the one thing nobody can live without.

  6. The video was already blocked when I got here. Please, please, Anon, monitor the voting machines. If we’re going to have any chance at all. I didn’t see the video, but I’m still scared.

  7. If all of this is true there will be no turning away from where we are headed. As the video states, anything short of military intervention will allow the dollar to collapse. Do you think if approached saying your money will be far less valuable than what it is now if we don’t take over Americans will say let the dollar fall? No way! Society these days is quick to crucify any organization within these borders it does not agree with. What do you think they’ll say to their money being no good?

    The only solution this video proposed was anarchy and bucking the government and keeping their money but if it is going to fall in value by doing that, again, Americans will say kill them all before I lose anything. If anarchy is chosen we will be knocked to a 3rd world country like those we are destroying. Unfortunately the path is set.

    Additionally, it claims the enemy is those controlling the major banks. I agree there but it’s not as if protesting an organization itself will accomplish anything. The individuals behind those decisions need to be rooted out and who exactly they are seems to be as elusive as bigfoot. You need to flush out the decision makers who hide behind the corporation. Not the corporation itself.


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