The Modern Exodus of Persia


When describing situations in the Middle East you might often hear me refer to the term Persia. As you can see from the map below, nearly all the hottest spots for violence, War and mass emigration take place all within the geographic confines of the same area; the ancient Persian Empire.5907521_orig

The term Persia was officially made non-existant in 1935 when Persia’s government changed the name of the country to Iran. Oddly enough “Iran” the Arabic word for Aryan. As in the same Aryan race that Adlof Hitler and the Nazi’s believed in. The ancient Persian empire consisted in part of the following modern countries: Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Pakistan. Have you heard about any of these countries in the news the last few decades? Think that any of this is a coincidence?

I wrote a while back about how modern disputes arise out of ancient times. As someone who has studied ancient history for years of my lifetime this is a direct correlation for me to see. It is the ‘elephant in the room‘ so to speak. No country addresses this even though it is in plain site.

Turkey, founded in 1923. Has received over 1.7 million refugees from Syria. Syria, founded in 1961. Has lost an estimated 9 million people to emigration. Iraq, founded 1919, has experienced over 500,000 fatalities since the turn of the century. Last month President Obama has stated that despite his promise to end the War in Afghanistan over 7 years ago, he will be keeping 5,500 troops on the ground here in 2015. In 2011 Egypt went through a violent revolution to overthrow a dictator.Muammar Gaddafi was killed by the people in the street of Libya. Arab – Israeli relations have not been this tense in roughly 1,500 years.

I heard in the news recently the America was going to be receiving 200,000 immigrants from Syria. I then heard Donald Trump say that ‘how can we know these people are not a 200,000 man terrorist Army’! How tragic this point of view really is. France has received 330,000 refugees in the last 12 months; as of March 2015. Parts of modern day France operate under Sharia Law and Paris has seen a noticeable increase in Islamic emigrants. From 2006 to 2013 it is estimated that France received over 190,000 refugees.  Greece is not just facing a financial crisis, people are literally dying in the Mediterranean to arrive there. Just last month it was estimated that 218,000 people tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea. This is more then all of 2014 combined! Germany recently recieved 100,000 immigrants of their own and want to put them to work in the manufacturing industry. Anticipate the German economy to start growing soon because of this. The last 6 month Italy has  received an estimated 50,000 immigrants. The countries government has said to have intercepted as many as 190,000 people off the shores of their borders. There is no clear estimate on how many other illegal immigrants were not detained. As emigration has continued to evolve the movement has reach into Norway and Scandinavia. I have heard many times in the recent weeks about citizens of these countries expressing serious concerns about this.

Since we have been keeping accurate records, the history of Persia has been checkered with death and violence. In 2015 this region plays host to one of the greatest mass migrations in human history. The entire empire of Persia is displaced. I seem to struggle with the notion that the people within countries receiving immigrants are more burdened than the migrators themselves. Try to take a look at it from the perspective of the migrant. These people are coming from War, famine and/or heartbreak. These people are literally on the run and have no where to settle or call home. All these migrants want is to find a peaceful place to settle down and start a new life. Can you blame them? To those of you who view migrants as a threat to your country, remember it might just be the migrant who carries more burden then you do. These people need assistance, embrace them and help them assimilate. Do not outcast these people from society.

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  1. Thank you for supporting the globalists, you are about to loos my suport for you. Use your skills to report about what the the globalists are planning and doing. The male welfare migrants on there way to europe is part of there plan! I feel pity for them, falling for the same lie that we the people of europe have. Islam is a threat to any non Muslim democracy. Read the Koran!

      • I’m not really, been living abroad for the last 10 years, seen what can happens to societies of the people is not in the game. Old enuff to know that nothing in life comes for free. That bad arguments have a consequence, and that Islam is a religion for the people and an ideology for the people in power 😉

  2. The numbers (and a coupple of other things) in this article are way missleading, I wouldnt care if this was mainstream media reporting such an article but from you guys I do expect more.

    I live in Sweden, and travel a lot in the european region, especially to the major cities (berlin, paris, oslo etc). First and foremost Sweden are now taking in about 10.000 refugees per week, meaning around 500000-600000/year that means that by 2020 Swedes will be a minority in their own country.

    Our whole system have collapsed, we are now kicking senior ciitzens out of their “senior homes” to make room for refugees. We are closing down schools, for the same purpose, “entreprenours” are charging the state as much as 10.000 dollars/month just to house ONE refugee in one of their “refugee houses” wich are TERRIBLE, some “entreprenours” have gone so far that they just buy large containers, put in some beds and then cram 10 refugees into one and then charge the state everything between 5000-10000$/refugee per month.

    German has already taken in about 800.000, not 100.000 as stated, and no they have absolotelly not set them to work in some factory, why would you even write this? Maybe a coupple of people. But be realistic, in a country where there are no jobs, why would you hire someone coming from a third world country, with no documented experience and that doesnt even know the language when there are hundreds of thousands native germans that would do anything for the same job?

    The unemployment rate in Europe is MASSIVE even in countries such as German,

  3. For all of you that are rolling out the welcome matt, google two words.
    First, al-hijra and second, taqiyya. You are all fools. The Muslims tell you what they are going to do, and how they will accomplish it.

  4. The writer is for sure Islamic, or just some commydummy
    but even that doesn’t matter, the point is that this article is for sure anti-European we don’t need them and don’t want them,if we needed more working force we would have got more polish people, unless off course they have more to offer and that is there freedom, the new migrant age will be one of enslavement, but there is a chance most won’t do it or can’t even get a job..
    also isn’t it pathetic of your brothers of Islam named the Arabs to not wanne help the migrants at all, even when they are closer and rich enough to sustain it but are to much like Jews to give any.

  5. hi
    i am from Iran. i want say some thing about The ancient Persian empire , the Persian empire was a prosper country until the Arab invasion about 1350 years ago in the name of Islam that brings death to our people, destroying Persian culture and even Persian language for over 200 years they ruled us. this is the reason why our people hate Arabs the most. unfortunately the current government “the Islamic republic of shit” doing what Arabs do many years ago destroying what Pahlavi regime built


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