The Paris Attack: Who Profits, and Who Benefits?



Stocks of leading weapons manufacturers are beginning to soar as France vows for retribution, asking for unity to bomb IS, and reports that there will most likely be a U.S. military escalation against the Islamic State continue to surface. Many began to take notice Monday morning as the “defense industry’s” stocks began to soar, with corporations such as Lockheed Martin showing significant increases throughout the day:


Lockheed Martin
Lockheed Martin stock quote and summary, 11/16/2015, 7:45pm (EST). Source: Nasdaq


Thales, France’s largest arms manufacturer, is also making a tremendous profit, as shown below:


Source: Bloomberg Business


As mentioned in one of our previous reports:

Within all this [media] coverage, it is being said that the Paris attacks bore a sophistication level that hasn’t been seen since al Qaeda’s attack on 9/11, and the London transport attacks of 2005, both of which many around the world believe were false flag attacks. Now reports are surfacing that the Paris attacks may lead to a military escalation against the Islamic State by the United States.


Similar to both 9/11 and the 2005 London transport attacks, we are now finding out that an emergency attack drill in Paris (very much akin to the attacks themselves) was ongoing Friday morning, the day of the attacks. In a translated interview given by Patrick Pelloux, an emergency medical services specialist, and a first-responder:

As luck would have it, in the morning at the Paris SMAU (EMT), a multi-site attack exercise had been planned so we were prepared. What needs to be known is there was a mobilization of police forces, firemen, EMTs, associations who came [to participate] and we tried to save as many people as possible.



We’ve gotten reports that French authorities had prior knowledge of the attacks—yet again another similarity to 9/11 and the 2005 London transport attack—and some reports claim that this accumulated evidence suggests the Paris attacks may have been an operation designed by Western intelligence for the purpose of gaining support for more intervention in Syria by Western forces. As for weapons manufacturers, their goals are clear; aid the terror-propaganda, violence, and imperialism to make an obscene profit off the destruction of human life.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves involved in a game of “the little boy who cried wolf.” We see the military-industrial-complex once again making a financial killing, and for as smart as the U.S. and various Western nations think they are, they have a nasty habit of using the same tactics over and over again, leaving patterned trails in their wake which are visible as well. Is it any wonder after all the lies, deceit, and manipulations (not to mention false flag operations) that no one trusts them anymore?

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  1. I am sorry but this article is nothing more than “information terrorism”.. I want to see proof before you scare the people with your information that has shown ZERO proof.. before you start doing exactly what terrorist do, and terrorize people in to believing that they can not trust their own governments at all, and make them believe that their own governments are KILLING them.. holy shit Anon.. SOME PROOF please before you scare the hell out of people!!!!!
    Its pretty obvious that stocks would rise in the companies that make weapons.. as its pretty obvious that as countries gear up to war that they would buy more of their “product”.. but to show that as your proof that something or someone has killed their own people.. that is complete scare mongering!!!

    • This one right here is a sheep, just blindly follows and actually believes Government full of rich folks can do NO wrong LMFAO we’re all so fucked because there is wayyyyy too many of mindless zombies like this dude right here. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for world war 3 to just kick off so that we all blow our selfs to smitherings and just end the pain that the entire world is under. Humanity is a virus, a leach that just needs to be exterminated. Unfortunately if WW3 was to happen the rich folks would find a hole to crawl under and survive for years and years while laughing at us all that didnt have the money to dig a hole & stock up on an endless supply of food & water & they would just wait it out to come back and be the only idiots left in the world.

    • You make a good point, it’s normal that these companies’ stocks rise. BUT then you should ask yourself, what benefit does IS get from making these attacks? In the end all they did was making sure their enemies will be better armed.

      For all they’ve done they haven’t set a single step further in the direction they suposedly want to go. They are orginized and smart enough to make terrorist attacks but not smart enough to make plans they actually benefit from? plz…

    • Ur a fucking moron James oh the people who are ment to protect us would never do such an evil thing as to kill it’s own people they been doing it for years

    • The proof is all around you. You just have to open you eyes and see it. The proof for Paris is in the fake Syrian passports staged and left at the scene. Its in the blaming of innocent refugees for the purpose of attacking syria.
      There will be a lot of proof to come out but YOU will never see it because you dont care to look.
      Just like the 9/11 attacks that were proven by thousands of people to have been carried out by the United States government and you probably never saw any of that proof. Well here are some small examples. The twin tower videos show hot molten steel pouring from the building’s before they collapsed. Firefighters and many others on scene after they collapsed described a flow of hot molten steel below the rubble that looked like lava. So i ask you, what caused that molten steel? It takes a temperature of 2750° to melt steel and jet fuel aka kerosene only burns at a maximum of around 1500°. So the fuel from a supposed airliner cant burn hot enough to melt steel. Which means it wasnt airline planes that took down those towers. Nano-thermite was found on debris from the site. That can make molten steel and is proof that it was an inside job. Then the huge paper trail of the money and deaths of people that died on 9/11 are also proof. Certain people investigating some of our government were killed on 9/11 and documents destroyed in the attacks.
      If the United States used puppets of Al-Queda that they armed in Afghanistan to take the fall for 9/11 i find it highly likely that the current ISIS who was also armed by the United States and its allies are also puppets of the governments.

    • Amen to that, James!!!

      I agree, show us proof please!

      I know not all the powers that be at the anon headquarters are ‘bad’ ( I would totally smoke a bowl with anonvoid and talk politics all day, peacefully lol).

      But I think some powers that be at the anon hq, really do just try to brainwash people to jump on the ‘hate the westerns’ bandwagon. It’s not right. Look at all the damage the east is doing right now, but yet you still keep trying to keep the spotlight on the west. Why??? Even your precious russia is fighting with the east, but yet you neglected to include them in your diagram of profit. Why?

    • Arrrrrghhhhh…. I am so sick of every time there is a cowards attack (better name for it) it is called a ‘false flag’…. every time… even the Lint Cafe here in Sydney, idiots in the USA were saying it was actors, and pulling apart the tv footage and just making it up as they went along, with no idea, but as they were telling us the ‘real truth’… Why? I have no idea, but it is pretty nasty to see victims of such attack being told that they are ‘crisis actors’…. same with the Boston Bombing.. Sandy Hook… Alex Jones does this on a daily basis, whist trying to sell you his snake oil health products, and bullet proof vests…I was going to share this article, until I got to the false flag nonsense, I will not attach myself to that sort of no proof nonsense.

    • This information presents the proof of that two corporations in the “defense industry” benefitted from substantial profits in the days following the Paris Attacks. This article also presents proof that French emergency medical personnel were enacting a emergency attack drill similiar, arguably identical, to those that happened that very same evening in Paris. This article then goes to highlight the similarities between 9/11, The London Train attacks, and The Paris attacks,with the most common similarity being that each country had intelligence that there was an high threat of terrorist attacks which each of the countries inexplicably ignored.

      Im sorry James but I think what you meant by your comment is that you don’t like this article because the proof that is presented enacts critical ideas that you and other people may find too “scary” to think about.

  2. the sad truth is lots of people believe the lies spread by the government and any time someone tells the truth they are called crazy conspiracy theorists.

  3. Not to sound like a conspiracy nut but of course you can’t trust your government, at least not fully. Personally I would find it a bit of a stretch that a government would be complicit with allowing such an attack. But the way they market the aftermath of the event would be largely deceitful to further the political motives of the time.

  4. The same day this happened i was going bad on the US for the terror propaganda, the lies and deceit and eapecially the manipulation many and the complete violation of human rights and respect of humans in general in not just this country but others we have branched to and turned on each other.

  5. Dear Anon

    It´s time to get your tween head out of the ground and start openning your eyes. Just because someone profits on a major tradegy does not implicate that they were the ones behind per se.

    I had hopes that anon could help join the fight against ISIS, but seeing the OPISIS operation unfold on twitter has been hurtful. The tweet’s show an inherently immature approach were you put some much confidence in your self, that you are ready to publize Isis supporters, but truth be told, you cannot read arabic/pashtu what ever) and rely on translation. How are you able to filter 5500 twitter acccounts within 48 hours? How can you be sure you targeted the right people, how can you be certain you are acting just?

    I want to hit ISIS too, but what about thinking about the best fucking solution, than to keep doing what you are doing not knowing who the fuck you target.

  6. Who cares who really attacked Paris? Let’s just get rid of ISIS anyway. That way even if it was a false flag attack, which it wasn’t, no one will be able to use ISIS as a reason to go to war again.

  7. Im all for the movement but the translation offered for the french posting is made to look as though it is word for word and the words, “as luck would have it” and all which follows is not the translation of the shown post. Maybe you have to click on it? Just saying it is misleading.

  8. Hmm, I was just thinking about those western intelligence, which might help organize this massacre. Of course, we are not sure about that but if that’s truth, we cant’t justify murders. Have you been thinking about scenerio, where those islamic jihad warriors were used as a tool, but they did’t know about that. They might truly believe, they’re doing it for their religion. And western intelligence just used them for their interest. What I’m trying to say is, that we can’t foget that isis warriors are not fighting for their freedom, they’re fighting for islamic world and what is more our slavery. France attack was just a beginning and ISIS told us that. In February 2015 they said they’ll send 500 thousands of people on the boats to Europe, but there will be ISIS agents among them. Europe were still taking “refugees”. Don’t get me wrong. I think we should help refugees (we-Europe) but real refugees.


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