The Truth About Cancer: “False Treatments” of Cancer cause Death


There is a global quest occurring. The Truth About Cancer documentary explores and presents a true account of the history of chemo and the pharmaceutical monopoly that is occurring in our medical world.

Better than your favorite horror movie: the real statistics

Almost 50 percent of the people alive today will face cancer. One in five women, and 1 in 4 men will die from cancer. But this isn’t the reason why Ty Bollinger is searching for his answers relating to the disease. In fact, as he puts it, his journey started when he lost both his parents to the “false treatments” of cancer. Statistically, according to one doctor, only 42-46 % will die from the cancer itself. 54-58% who didn’t die of cancer, are likely to die from treatment related diseases such as sepsis and pneumonia. After 5 years of chemo there is only a 2.1% survival rate [mark 22:54]. Further, a massive epidemiology study conducted in 2004 and published in the 2004 Journal of Oncology reported that 97% of chemo patients die within 5 years.[mark 23:03]

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The Quest

The global quest embarked took him to all corners of the world to research the truth about cancer and its treatments, and the more beneficial treatments and preventions from world leading doctors across the globe. Countless amounts of documentation are gathered to be presented to anyone who will listen.

One such doctor, a finalist for the 2015 European Medicine Award, Dr Ivars Kalvins says this quest is important because, “…it is calculated that the new generation, the generation of today…from this generation…each second man and each third woman will have this illness…cancer.”

The Truth About Cancer’s mission is to “educate, expose and eradicate cancer once and for all.” One hundred experts were interviewed over 20 countries. The lies of modern medicine are exposed. From the initial education given in medical school where only an hour is spent learning about nutrition, compared to hours upon hours spent on how to write prescriptions; to vested interests of donors handing out money for research programs, this program is difficult to argue.

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How it all changed: the history

Unsurprisingly, [mark 10:06] the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations changed the face of the medical education system to reform it into “one way” and “create a medical monopoly via…eliminating competition to patent petro chemical medical education. In other words, the abundance of the then natural health medical schools weren’t pushing enough drug-intensive medicine and were forced to shut shop.

The medical field has been skewed, it is argued. Nature is excluded as an option. Complex substances from herbs, plants, trees, are ignored. It is on this basis and more, which the quest begins. The understanding of the history of why modern medicine is so drug intensive is vital to the understanding of why we are at this crisis point today.

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It is explained in plain terms that the number one goal is to make money from the health care system. [mark 15:49]. Dr Jonathan V. Wright, the Medical Director and Founder of Tahoma Clinic, is passionately furious about what has become of his profession today. The “blockbuster drug” is not about the cure, it’s about “how many bucks you can make.”

The origins of Chemo

Shockingly, the history of chemotherapy is equally mortifying. Chemotherapy came from the use of mustard gas during the 1940’s. Some of the agents in chemotherapy today are still derived from the mustard gases used in the world wars. [mark 18:10 – 19:22]

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What Oncologists and other leading doctors believe

Further, a study conducted with oncologists showed that 90 percent of them would not prescribe the treatments they give to their cancer patients, to their wives and children.

One quote that sums up several doctors arguing that chemo and drugs such as tamoxifen (a carcinogen) used to treat breast cancer, cause cancers in other parts of the body defies belief. [mark 19:54-22:00]

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Dr Ben Johnson explains. “It’s estimated by 2020 that more than half of all cancers in America will be medically induced from drugs or radiation, so our medical establishment itself will soon become the leading cause of cancer in America.”

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In conclusion
The abundance of information given in this program alone by dozens upon dozens of experts, most of them leaders in their fields, is mind boggling. There is enough information to write a 400 page book let alone article. For this reason alone, anyone interested in cancer, chemo and the pharmaceutical monopoly would disservice themselves by not watching this.

This article only covers a quarter of the documentary. You have to watch it to believe it, and if it were a book, it’d be a real hell of a page turner.

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