This Is How People Going On One-Way Trip To Mars Will Choke To Death


24 people out of 100 recently finalized from around the world are going to make a historic and televised trip to Mars in 2022. The Mars One project, which gives a one-way ticket to the Red Planet to the 24 ‘astronauts’, does not have the technology to bring them back to earth. The Netherlands based organization says the technology will be ready by the time of its expected launch date.

However, a feasibility study of the Mars One plan was presented to the public at the 65th International Astronautical Congress in Toronto by the MIT scientists Sydney Do, Koki Ho, Samuel Schreiner, Andrew Owens and Olivier de Weck which revealed that the colonization project will end in disaster and people will die of radiation sickness, suffocation, starvation and heatstroke.

The current plan is: An unmanned mission to Mars will be launched in 2020 and a suitable site for the colony will be chosen for the launch of the first living modules in 2022. In 2025, the first four astronauts will arrive and get the base ready for the next four scheduled to arrive in 2027. Another four will arrive in 2029, and the last four in 2031. These 24 people living on Mars are expected to extract water and minerals from the Martian soil and breathe oxygen produced in greenhouses by wheat and vegetable crops.

It takes 68 days for the first crew member to die. So by the time the second group would arrive, the first four would have died of suffocation. According to the MIT scientists, oxygen produced by the crops would increase to the point where it would be required to be vented out of the habitat to avoid increasing the pressure within the life support unit.

But as of now there is no technological way to vent oxygen from nitrogen. Indiscriminate venting would create a situation where there will not be enough air pressure for astronauts to breathe; there would, however, be enough oxygen to create serious fire danger. To add to the woes, due to the agricultural efforts, humidity inside the space capsule will be around 100%.


This problem can be avoided by simply bringing food to Mars or growing it in a completely separate habitat. These options are feasible but require big shipments of supplies than Mars One’s organizers have planned.

Supporting the first four people on Mars will require about 15 launches of a heavy rocket like SpaceX’s forthcoming Falcon Heavy costing $4.5 billion. Mars One’s budget for the first four people—including launches, years of training, supplies, specially built space craft and habitats, ground control, communications technology and a Martian rover—is $6 billion.

Bas Lansdorp, CEO and co-founder of Mars One, disputes this analysis.  He believes that adapting medical oxygen concentrators will address atmosphere control issues and that the MIT scientists over-estimate the weight of their components. Here’s why Mars One should take MIT’s disturbing research seriously.

Colonizing Mars is a financial as well as a technological problem. We wish the space enthusiasts die of old age and not choke to death on the Red Planet.



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  1. this is absolutely ridiculous why doesn’t NASA start worrying about this planet and stop wasting all this money on this mars shit .

  2. Considering the 2014 US military expenditure sums up to $682 bn, this whole enterprise is less than 1% of that. Let that sink in for a while…

  3. haha that guy just got ripped on huge for being dumb. Ya I think it’s amazing what these people are willing to sacrifice to further the survival of the human race. GooD on them. What about raising funds from all countries of the world to make it possible for these people to survive longer? Or quarter the pod Size and keep all the crops separate and then control the amount of oxygen you supply the other pods and vent at the same time. There Are many ways to create and balance an artificial ecosystem. Or send massive bombs of plant life that could survive those conditions and change the atmosphere of Mars?

    • The extreme conditions on Mars would allow very few forms of life to grow when exposed the them, Not only that but solar winds and mars’lack of spin would not would simply push whatever atmosphere these few surviving organisms produce into space. Mars is distinctively split in darkness and cold, and extreme heat and constant sun. It’s a pretty fucked planet to sum it up.

  4. the article is bogus. It cites “researchers at MIT”
    no serious researcher would forget the law of conservation of matter/ mass.
    (though a creative student might; and creative student, might have to research at the library… ergo… “researcher” is probably a relative term…)
    The plants don’t create Oxygen from nothing… they would be taking up Carbon dioxide–fixing the carbon into tissues and giving of Oxygen as a byproduct.
    Thus, The effect on pressure would be neutral–not the explosive venting phenomenon described in the article. (notice the graphs units are partial pressure and molar portion… the person that made the graphs knew Oxygen was only part of the atmosphere… the person who interpreted them (and altered them) did not.

    In addition, EVEN IF they did create gas from nothing, since the specs on the habitat have not been released, there is no way to speculate how long it would take the plants to cause this imaginary venting and asphyxiation.

    That said, as i am middle aged, without children, i would actually consider such a trip to further humankind’s understanding of the universe and space travel… and as one observant writer mentioned, make history in the process… journaling everything for posterity. You may not be willing to make such a sacrifice; that’s cool. Besides, you have important work to do here… but don’t worry overmuch about those that would do it… we’re all going to die anyway… someday… the question, is what do we leave behind to the rest of our species? money? debt? most of us will not leave any contribution to society before we go… except the potential accomplishments of our children… them’s the breaks…
    Of course, If they were forcing someone do go, well that would be another issue…

    (i did appreciate some of the clever replies!) you guys rock!

  5. Why don’t we send all religious people, like the pope and a few Christians to see their reactions lol I would love to see them. This will be a great tv show, I’m exited!!! The tv show that will make history and the brave ones who will also make history!! I support this project!

  6. The 24 people does not add up.4 people in 2025,4 people in 2027,4 people in 2029,and 4 people in 2031.Where are the remaining 8 people ?

  7. This MIT study is actually fairly old, and the researchers themselves were uncertain as to the probability of them actually dying. MarsOne responded to this research too.

    Remember,no matter how much study was conducted, this is a PREDICTION. By 2024, many improvements will be made.

    And as for the people shunning NASA or anybody else involved, remember that these people who volunteered actually VOLUNTEERED.

    “Why?” also makes a good point on costs. And so does “rezme”.

    It seems that when people hate on something, they dont have the whole story.

  8. Mars ONE way trip to nowhere,… living on mars,… how do they spell that again ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..,,

  9. All making fun about the NASA dumb guy…
    But what about the guy that make the plan… or the one that write this article.
    “The current plan is: …. In 2025, the first four astronauts will arrive and get the base ready for the next four scheduled to arrive in 2027. Another four will arrive in 2029, and the last four in 2031. These 24 people living on Mars ….”
    4 (2025)+ 4 (2027)+ 4 (2029)+ 4 (2031) = 24 ????

    Hopefully someone knows how to count to 24 if not … not sure they arrive on Mars…

  10. Anyway, if they don’t choke to death, the’ll suicide sooner or later. Imagine life filled only with work and boredom on a desert like planet like Mars. Not a single tree, not a single bird, all you can do for entertainment is watching dust devils running around orange dirt plane while hoping that they don’t become big enough to wreck your equipment.

  11. I think the black budget sector is using NASA as a front and the volunteers as Guinea pigs, my questionis, why are we really going to mars and not the moon? I already kknow why we didn’t go back to the moon, because we where told not to by others, because they beat us to mining helium 3, also, recent radiation evidence show mars was bombed with nukes, so, if it was inhabited, why are they sending humans there, please advise anon, you are my hero’s.


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