This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others


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In 2003, Rick Simpson healed himself of skin cancer using cannabis oil. This is the recipe he perfected and recommends to others seeking to heal holistically.

rick simpson cannabis oil

Someday, everyone will know the name ‘Rick Simpson’. Why? Because, according to sources, the man rediscovered the cure for cancer. After being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma skin cancer in 2003, Rick underwent conventional treatment and surgery. The Western method of ‘treating’ the issue, however, did little to benefit his condition. 

Getting desperate, Rick decided to do something drastic – at least in the eyes of the mainstream.

Rick remembered that thirty years prior, the University of Virginia discovered that cannabinoid in cannabis THC could kill cancer in mice. He figured, “If it works for mice, why not for me?” Therefore, began applying cannabis oil to his skin cancer.

He figured that if the oil didn’t help within four days, he would give up the practice. Amazingly, in just that short period of time, his cancer disappeared. That’s when Simpson knew he was onto something.

Simpson’s success inspired others to give cannabis oil a try as an alternative treatment for cancer. And guess what? The therapy has proven to be wildly successful for a wide variety of ailments.

In fact, even the U.S. National Cancer Institute recently admitted that marijuana kills cancer cells.

Because of such, the public’s perception of the herb as a medicine has changed drastically in recent years.

Which means, if you or someone you know is suffering from cancer, it might be the time you try out Rick Simpson’s personal cannabis oil recipe.

IMPORTANT: These instructions are directly summarized from Rick Simpson’s website. Be VERY careful when boiling solvent off, the fumes are extremely flammable. AVOID smoking, sparks, stove-tops and red-hot heating elements. Set up a fan to blow fumes away from the pot, and set up in a well-ventilated area for whole process.

Homemade Medicinal Cannabis Oil

By Rick Simpson

Start with one ounce of dried herb. One ounce will typically produce 3-4 grams of oil, although the amount of oil produced per ounce will vary strain to strain. A pound of dried material will yield about two ounces of high quality oil.

1. Place the completely dry material in a plastic bucket.

2. Dampen the material with the solvent you are using. Many solvents can be used. You can use pure naphtha, ether, butane, or 99% isopropyl alcohol. Two gallons of solvent is required to extract the THC from one pound, and 500 ml is enough for an ounce.

3. Crush the plant material using a stick of clean, untreated wood or any other similar device. Although the material will be damp, it will still be relatively easy to crush up because it is so dry.

4. Continue to crush the material with the stick, while adding solvent until the plant material is completely covered and soaked. Remain stirring the mixture for about three minutes. As you do this, the THC is dissolved off the material into the solvent.

5. Pour the solvent-oil mixture off the plant material into another bucket. At this point, you have stripped the material of about 80% of its THC.

6. Second wash: again add solvent to the mixture and work for another three minutes to extract the remaining THC.

7. Pour this solvent-oil mix into the bucket containing the first mix that was previously poured out.

8. Discard the twice washed plant material.

9. Pour the solvent-oil mixture through a coffee filter into a clean container.

10. Boil the solvent off: a rice cooker will boil the solvent off nicely, and will hold over a half gallon of solvent mixture. CAUTION: avoid stove-tops, red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes and open flames as the fumes are extremely flammable.

11. Add solvent to rice cooker until it is about ¾ full and turn on HIGH heat. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and set up a fan to carry the solvent fumes away. Continue to add mixture to cooker as solvent evaporates until you have added it all to the cooker.

12. As the level in the rice cooker decreases for the last time, add a few drops of water (about 10 drops of water for a pound of dry material). This will help to release the solvent residue, and protect the oil from too much heat.

13. When there is about one inch of solvent-water mixture in the rice cooker, put on your oven mitts and pick the unit up and swirl the contents until the solvent has finished boiling off.

14. When the solvent has been boiled off, turn the cooker to LOW heat. At no point should the oil ever reach over 290 degrees F or 140 degrees C.

15. Keep your oven mitts on and remove the pot containing the oil from the rice cooker. Gently pour the oil into a stainless steel container

16. Place the stainless steel container in a dehydrator, or put it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer. It may take a few hours but the water and volatile terpenes will be evaporated from the oil. When there is no longer any surface activity on the oil, it is ready for use.

17. Suck the oil up in a plastic syringe, or in any other container you see fit. A syringe will make the oil easy to dispense. When the oil cools completely it will have the consistency of thick grease.For dosage information, you can check out more on Rick’s website.

Please share this article to spread the important information far and wide. With 1 in 2 people expected to develop cancer in their lifetime (in the UK), this information could be potentially life-saving.

Learn more about Rick Simpson and support his efforts by visiting his website. 

What are your thoughts? Please comment below!

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  1. Way to go Rick Simpson , yet another proven , documented and shared success story. Pity alot of countries make you a criminal for saving your own life. The demonising and scare mongering needs to end and the real facts need to be brought forth. Governments have known for years , but Pharma and big business (tobacco & alcohol) to name the 3 main culprits have lied , hidden and falsified factual evidence for years. Remember pharmaceutical companies are in it for profit and that comes from keeping people sick.

    • Rick Simpson deserves a lot of credit for blazing the way.

      Times change…and time has proven that the solvents used by Rick Simpson (naphtha, ether, butane and 99% isopropyl alcohol) are toxic to the human body when ingested via smoke, vapor or eaten.

      Ethanol (homemade, even) works far better than the solvents Rick used years ago…and, of course, CO2 extraction is the cleanest extraction method of all, although a bit expensive for at-home extraction.

      Stick to ethanol (190 proof moonshine) to extract the meds or fun you need…and never use toxic solvents.

      • That’s not completely true.
        Naptha and ether are one thing,but butane has zero toxicity, and evaps completely. Look up the msds. Almost the same for 99% isopropyl alcohol. But it would be safer to only do that for typical use. You can only get 190 proof (95%) ethanol in my state. I’d rather use the 99% personally.

    • I think it’s disgusting that Governments & pharmaceutical companies etc,can profit billions of $$$ & think it’s ok to dictate to people who lives & dies….we’re NOT stupid or naive,we KNOW there’s a natural cure to Cancer,but they can’t make money from finding a cure,so WRONG,Greedy mongrels,I bet if one of their loved ones were diagnosed with cancer,they would NOT be putting poison chemo/radiation into their bodies 🙁 pharmaceutical companies have so much to answer for 🙁 Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Therapy

      Dr. Tullio Simoncini is an Italian physician who has found that plain old baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has a powerful ability to eradicate cancer from the digestive tract and other parts of the body. His research shows that tumors are mostly fungal in nature, and the baking soda is particularly effective for removing cancer. His therapy injects the baking soda directly into the cancer cells. In spite of his very impressive body of clinical research and success rates for over 20 years, he has been largely ostracized in Italy.

      Dr Tullio Simoncini Cancer Therapy official page

      Dr. Simoncini, Baking Soda Treatment – Alternative Cancer Treatments

      Hoxsey Therapy

      Hoxsey Therapy is a mixture of herbs which cures cancer. It began to be sold in 1920s by Mr. Harry Hoxsey. Mr. Hoxsey said that the treatment came from his great-grandfather, who observed a horse with a tumor on its leg cure itself by grazing upon certain wild plants. John Hoxsey gathered these herbs and mixed them with other folk remedies that were used for cancer. The therapy aims to restore physiological normalcy to a disturbed metabolism throughout the body, and to help detoxify the consequences of cancer. At one point, Mr. Harry Hoxsey had 17 clinics located in the United States. He was shut down by the US FDA. A clinic now exists in Mexico.
      A well alkaline body is what cancer can’t survive in…Media & Governments NEED to STOP their Scare Mongering tactics 😉 🙁
      The Hoxsey Biomedical q=natural%20alternative%20treatment%20for%20cancer&rct=j

    • He invented this kind of oil and used it to help cure many people from cancer and other diseases. The problem is? The Canadian government has been going after him tooth and nail for it.

      It is time this stops.

      Cannibas oil such as his should in fact, be available for all patients to use, Then again the big Pharma do not want this. They would lose billions and that is why they fight it so hard.

      • He didnt invent this type of oil haha stoners have been making isoprophl achohol and butane oil like this since my moms day. The difference is this is the old old old trailer park way of doing it (and a good way to burn yourself and whatever your in to the ground). If he just went into a bong shop he would see stoners have already made safe ways to do it without having to boil off the solvent. What is cool about this guy is that he is showing that the stuff is a great medicine not just a great way to get stoned

    • What a bunch of morons! It said he REDISCOVERED this treatment, NOT invented. He didn’t invent anything, that’s right, but it never said he invented anything! How hard is it to look back through an article you just read?

  2. I have stage 4 brain, bone and kidney cancer. I live in NH, which does have an mmj law. But guess what? It is also the ONLY STATE with a mmj law that bars felons from being able to get mmj.

    Now am I an ex-felon? Yup, sadly I am. But I have NOT been convicted of a felony in 15 years. NONE of my felony convictions had ANYTHING to do with drugs, selling, or manufacturing them.

    I was a stupid kid, dealing with things no one should have had to deal with, being raped by 3 RCC priests. I admit it, I went insane for a while. I did burglaries and escaped from jail way back in 1980. I got convicted for agg stalking in 2000. I paid for those crimes big time.

    But because again, I am an ex felon? I cannot get the only treatment that would in fact, save my life from this cancer killing my body.

    • Hey Frank, As a Canadian, who’s flagged at the border for completely stupid discriminatory reasons, I know if I can make it to California/Colorado/Washington, YOU can make it to those states. stick out your thumb or hop a train if you need to. If you believe this oil can help you, but don’t know how to get Marijuana from your average joe dealer. go to one of those states, which don’t have a ban on felons purchasing in stores, and go buy it. save up even. The further west you go the cheaper it generally gets too. This is your life that’s on the line. you can worry about all your other commitments once you get your cancer under check kay? Time to put yourself first. no excuses. <3 It's too bad NH won't let you do this legally, but you can worry about fighting the man once you win the fight for your life.

  3. He made his own Tinksurs. And it is ok. It can be dangerous if not properly trained. Way to go! Are you going to market this? Have you talked to anyone in CO?

  4. I am in CO and manufacture many oils from Ginger infused CBD oil to THC Glycerite and I and baffled with why anyone would want to extract with “naphtha, ether, butane, or 99% isopropyl alcohol” Isopropyl is poison to humans and you create bombs with butane. 150 proof wood grain IF you insist on using alcohol. A slower, safer process is USP grade vegetable grade glycerin and make a Glycerite

  5. I bought a bottle by somebody it’s like a green paste I want to know if it’s medicinal and if I am using the right one I started last night please let me know

  6. Non of the solvents used here are food grade. Please only use food grade grain alcohol as your solvent. This process is called FECO – fully extracted cannabis oil. It is a much safer way to make this medicine. It is not explosive like the other solvents

    Naptha, butane, and iso need to be vacuum purged or put in a special laboratory not use the recipe in this article. It is dangerous.

    Rick did not consume his oil. He used it as a topical. Be safe.

    Come join me at Sage Advice- Cannabis infusions and extractions group on FB to learn safe preparations of cannabis medicine.

  7. We used to do this back in the early 1990’s only we used isomerisation so we cold separate and reuse the pure alcohol. There is nothing new in this article. And I cant see Canada giving him a hard time especially as they have now legalised it……

    • Yes you can do this with vodka but everclear is best as vodkas of lower proof but will leave residual water. Get a green oil machine it is a distiller. You can increase the proof of your vodka by distilling it first before you make a tincture with the vodka and cannabis so you will have a cleaner reduction.

  8. We used Rick’s recipe prepared by a very qualified person. My husband took 1 gram a day for 60 days. He has Prostate Cancer that Metatized to his bones. We don’t know as yet if it worked. SCAN is upcoming. He continues to take the oil every day…a grain of rice size dose. He feels well. We are hoping for the best.

  9. Where can I get the herbs to do this ? I will be moving back to Florida next month. I live in North Carolina now.The drs found another tumor on my lung ! Just finished 7 weeks of radiation for throat cancer ! Please if any body can tell me !

  10. This is very dangerous to do in two respects. Naptha is extremely explosive. I have tried this method and when I turned on my fan the house nearly exploded from the spark from the switch. The thermostatically controlled rice cooker would create such a spark. Also boiled off naptha is heavier than air and will go to the lowest place in the house perhaps killing someone with its vapours or ignition by spark or open flame. It you got caught in a naptha explosion I think you would prefer to die of cancer. Burning to death is not pleasant from what I understand. Also on his website he suggests suppositories. The human body absorbs more of any chemical through the bowel faster and stronger through the bowel. There are case of schoolkids showing up smashed acting drunk but not smelling of alcohol. It turns out they were soaking tampons on alcohol and sticking them in their anuses. This is dangerous as the body will naturally throw up if alcohol is poisoning the body by normal ingestion but by using suppositories the body cannot reject the alcohol possibly causing death.
    This guy should be more careful of what he writes or suggests or he may be spending his time in jail rather than treating his cancer.

  11. It’s so bad that people can’t stand it when someone tries to do something that helps people to rid themselves of cancer or other diseases they may die from. Why not try it if u want instead of putting things in your body that will kill u even faster..I mean always someone trying to make others look bad when all he’s doing is trying to help others..Look at the kids out there blowing themselves up making meth. I made some for a friend’s aunt that is dieing from cancer. If it works that will b great..If not then we tried something that didn’t blow anybody up or cause any problems. We need to b careful always. To many people out there trying to make themselves look good and make others look bad, it’s unfortunate.


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