Thought Provoking Video: When #FirstWorldProblems Are Read By Third World People


When the trivial inconveniences, frustrations and complaints experienced by privileged individuals in wealthy countries start trending on Twitter with hashtag #FirstWorldProblems, you probably won’t stop laughing at them. But when you watch this one-minute video of Haitian children and adults reading the everyday gripes and minor irritations first world citizens post on Twitter, you probably will experience the vast gap that exists between the ‘grievances’ of those living in over-developed societies and the daily struggles experienced by people living in under-developed countries.


According to UNICEF, lack of safe water and sanitation is the world’s single largest cause of illness. This campaign from charitable organization Water Is Life is meant to raise awareness of their efforts to provide clean drinking water in Third World countries. The video exposes the irony of the #FirstWorldProblems and attempts to eliminate rather than promote a trending hashtag. In the end, there is a simple call to action: Donate to help solve real problems.

And these are some of THE #FirstWorldProblems that aren’t really problems at all…

Lost my lens cap again -_- #Ugh#firstworldproblems

— Antti Liimatta (@Antza_2) February 3, 2015



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  1. donate water? how about this: its illegal to collect rain water in the US but its legal there. how about they donate the clean water to us because we’re stuck drinking fluoride.
    how about this: I don’t know if im going to get profiled today and send to jail in this country which has more citizens per capita incarcerated forced to do slave labor with the fear that today may be the day they get raped, killed, or beaten up. J
    how about this: I don’t know if im going to get kidnapped, killed, or persecuted today because im an American or a Christian or because of my race by Muslims, psychopaths, or politicians
    those weren’t first world problems, just complaints.

    • hey at least you can fucking leave you country you dumb prick if you think its better in the middle east then america then go ahead and move over there try and survive off of what they do. they are first world problems and you are a first class fuckwit

      • If you are an American citizen you can not leave the good ole country of the USA without permission from your government! If you want to leave the country you must apply for permission via a government approved passport.

        So saying to an American “if you don’t like it in America you can leave” is not an accurate or true statement. The person can only leave America if permitted by the government (or their overlords if you prefer to call them by that name).

        • im with b happy here , i was able to leave the US but only because im EU citizen, also we are talking about 3rd world, but warzones, which are warzones because the US to begin with… also with the skills you got in the 1st world sure as hell you can make your self a far higher quality life in the developing world then you could in the US.. it is a complex issue

        • yeah wrong you denounce your citizenship. Brother did, and as this country gets dumber I might too. You are part of the problem in the US. We USED to be the greatest country in the world. But your folk has failed us, and this government has failed us even more,creating your lack of IQ.

    • Rainwater is often called ‘greywater.’ Part of the reason it’s often not allowed to be collected is because (especially in cities) it’s incredibly full of harmful chemicals. You know, acid rain? What’s more, jail (however horrible it is here) is still a far cry better than starving to death or literally dying of thirst. How about you take your conspiracy theories to those countries and see how well they hold up.

    • Huh, didn’t know Muslims kidnapped and killed American or Christians. I’m a Muslim, never think of killing my Christian mother in law. Never read it in the Quran either, none of my Muslim family or any Muslim friends or any other Muslims that I know told me to kill anybody. You must have mistaken us, with terrorists or murderers.

  2. Honestly. Every culture has its issues. We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves. How we are convinced we don’t have 3rd world issues in some of our 50 individual, but united provinces that we call states, is beyond my comprehension and understanding. California has No water, Detroit is decaying, we too have ghettos, poverty and homelessness. And we realistically are not far off from a government controlled police state corrupt by policies built by greedy people. It’s no conspiracy, so don’t be dumb and convince yourself our country is okay. Because everyone has their heads up their ass, we are now blind and divided as a unified people and if you say you don’t see the changes, threats, and decisions made through history, you oughta be the most uneducated, most unwilling to learn person
    i have ever had the displeasure/dishonor of meeting.

    Enough said. We are anonymous.

  3. I am in Ontario about a ten minute drive from the city, we do not have clean deinking water, we use a rain water cistern and have been told it is not safe boiled. I whine and cry about using gas in my gas guzzling SUV to drive to town in blizzards and storms, but at least I have that, and thw option to post about it on my cell phone

  4. I think they missed the point of hashtagging complaints. People are recognizing that they are complaining about something they shouldn’t be complaining about and making fun of themselves for their silly complaints. I think it is a good thing that we are recognizing when our complaints are ridiculous and it does remind me when I see one of those hashtags that we are very fortunate.

  5. ha ha ha….white people problems or spoiled brat problem?always be thankful with what you least in third world countries you get the real meaning of means watering your lawn as you like, music and karaoke noise beyond 3 blocks and etc.shit happens but the third world countries accepts,shrug and moves on.first world pips bitches and howls from dusk till dawn.

  6. I’m sorry. I am not cold or callous and I do have sympathy for those people…but who is to say that just because these people are posting silly things means they don’t have “REAL” problems? Maybe they’re distracting themselves while a loved on is in surgery…maybe they just ended a 25 year marriage….maybe their child died last year and this is the one good day they’ve had in a while. Who are the people behind this article that are assuming that because we’re Americans and we hastag silly things that we don’t have REAL problems? I wonder if every time they have a bad day they think: I won’t worry about that, it’s not a real problem. I live in Central California. We are bone dry. That’s a real problem. I am guilty of posting silly things…..


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