1 In 4 Youngsters Had Naked Photos Leaked Online


Around 24% of young British adults had naked photos of them shared on the Internet without their consent, reveals a new UK survey conducted on over 1,000 youngsters aged 13-25 years across the United Kingdom by anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label. Because of this breach, 1/3 respondents felt less confident, 26% had suicidal thoughts and 24% tried to harm themselves.


“An ex-boyfriend of mine took naked photos of me on holiday and then decided to send it to EVERYONE we knew via WhatsApp. He then uploaded the picture online and continued to send it. I got the police involved and they said there was nothing they could do as when someone has a photo of you it becomes their property to do as they wish with it,” said 22-year-old Siobhan.

When it came to sexting, 37% respondents confirmed to sending a naked photo to their better halves, at least once, for ‘harmless fun’ or to ‘receive photos back’. 63% of those 73% who didn’t send naked photos, did not explain why they didn’t want to share a naked photo.


The survey pointed to frequent use of image-sharing apps on smartphones as reason behind cyber bullying. “I get a lot of abuse on smartphone apps and online mainly from people I don’t know. Usually they say nasty things about the way I look or about my disability,” said 14-year-old Ross.

About 62% admitted to receiving nasty private messages on social networks apps such as Grindr, Skype and Kik Messenger. “I told an online friend about my sexuality on Skype and then he started to blackmail me. He said that he would tell everybody and out me,” said 15-year-old Chris.

The Wireless Report 2014 Key findings:


  • 37% of 13 – 25 year olds have sent a naked photo of themselves via a smartphone app.
  • 30% of 15 year olds have sent a naked photo of themselves at least once.
  • 15% of 13 & 14 year olds have sent a naked photo of themselves at least once.
  • 5% of 13 year olds send naked photos several times a week.
  • 24% have sent a naked photo to someone they know only online.
  • 24% have had a naked photo shared without their consent.
  • 49% believe is just harmless fun.
  • 16% said it’s the normal thing to do.
  • 13% felt pressurised into doing it.
  • Females are twice as likely to send a naked photo of themselves more than once a week than men.

Abuse on Smartphone Apps:

  • 62% have been sent nasty private messages via smartphone apps
  • 52% have never reported the abuse they have received.
  • 47% have received nasty profile comments
  • 40% have received nasty photo comments.
  • 42% have received hate-based comments (racism, homophobia etc.)
  • 28% have had personal information shared without consent.
  • 26% felt like it wasn’t taken seriously when reported
  • 49% experienced a loss in confidence as a result of the bullying
  • 28% retaliated and sent something abusive back
  • 24% turned to self harming as a coping mechanism
  • 22% tried to change their appearance to avoid further abuse
  • 13% stopped using the app as a result of abuse.

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  1. I’m glad to stand with you anonymous against people who choose to abuse young people over the internet. Back before you existed or before I knew you did I was blackmailed with a video that I did not consent being recorded. The man threatened to send it to everyone on my nexopia list so I was forced into giving him more. I was young and afraid I didnt know who to turn to other than friends. I never reported it. Luckily when I said no more the people he chose to send the videos to I knew personally and they told me right away that they never opened it. I eventually deleted nexopia but he somehow followed me to facebook and tried to continue the abuse. After ignoring him he eventually gave up. But I never received the gratification of him being caught and still have underlying fears he will somehow find me again. I never want that to happen to anyone ever woman or man so thank you for you continued efforts against people like that. And thank you for letting me be anonymous.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Are these children being grown on a farm in some experiment to see just how disgusting humans can become? One word people: parenting. It does not take a village. It takes only one parent to care. The two greatest dangers facing kids today (probably always have been) are freedom and privacy. Monitor them both closely and ease children into both. They have rights to neither, so teach with love for love. When they are ready to experience freedom and privacy, ideally they will better know what to do with them. Giving a 6 year old an iphone is probably not the greatest parenting idea, and if you do, you get what you deserve. The child unfortunately does not.

    For the grown folks, the 20ish people on the list, who cares. If you put meat out, some animal will eat it. Don’t be surprised.

    • Hmmm… I agree with you and disagree with you. The younger generation deserve freedom. We all do. We are not zombies. But they do need guidance. Let them live there life but if they do a despicable act like this, they get punished. The younger generation, the teens are going to bring hell and heaven. They are the future but they don’t care. Some do, most don’t. Simply put, the future: welcome to Hell…

      We must investigate. We must act. We must help.


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