Thousands of British ID’s For Sale on The Darknet


Tens of thousands of identities of British citizens are currently available for purchase on the darknet, including National Insurance Numbers, bank account details and other personal information, according to the insight according to one British government official. The authorities further say that the database includes plenty of detailed information compromised from the country’s hidden computer systems, with all the information essential to ultimately take control of a person’s electronic identification. These ID’s were hacked out of the Government Gateway servers, which stored data from departments including Department of Work & Pension, HM Revenue & Customs. An official from the PCL Whitehall Security firm stated that the information was recently made available ranging from $30 – $75. However, a person can only pay $30, and they will be provided with enough insight to take out money from an individual’s bank account.

The larger of the data leak was due to the TalkTalk hacks. The organization revealed that merely a small fraction of it’s overall customers ended up being affected. A teenager aged fifteen was busted in the County of Antrim from Northern Ireland with the collaboration of both the Met Police and as well as the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The fifteen-year-old has been granted bail till further notice (maximum up to November of 2015). However, the official says that they have spent more than eight hundred and sixty million pounds and are willing to spend more to improve cyber security systems for protecting the government, business and the United Kingdom in general. And yet personal information of more than six hundred thousand customers ended up being stolen from organizations throughout the United Kingdom last year. The deep web, dark web or the darknet – these are just a few names that it goes by with, and this deep dark world of hacks and crimes is not accessible via regular browsers or search engines.

Source: TechWorm

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