USA Threatens Russia with New Nuclear Missiles


In the last weeks there has been an escalation of tensions between Russia and the United States. Sanctions are being tightened and there’s a push by congress to introduce a new bill, met without much opposition, to reign in these sanctions.

Russia has announced that if the sanctions continue they will counteract the strike. This comes at a time when Putin has declared that by 2015 Russia will have an additional 50 ICBMs to add to their stockpile. According to Putin, it is a strategic effort to deflect aggression. ‘These forces are the crucial factor upholding the global equilibrium and they de facto rule out a possibility of a large-scale aggression against Russia.’[1]

But the United States aren’t seeing it this way, with the rift growing larger between the two super powers each week. The Pentagon have gone so far as to threaten Russia with their own nuclear capabilities if Putin doesn’t back down from his reported breach of two arms control treaties, of which Putin firmly denies any wrong doing, reiterating that they followed the INF treaty as proposed.[2]

This past week the Senate and House of Representatives have passed the new Ukraine Freedom Support Act. It was sent back after proposed changes, and Obama has also been noted to disagree with the act. It is expected however, to be passed soon after the changes, with Obama pushing the line that new sanctions shouldn’t be introduced without Europe first agreeing with them.

But it seems that the US won’t allow Russia’s actions to go unanswered this time.


[1] Pineda, E. (2014, 20 December) US-Russia Nuclear Showdown Looms as Putin Greets Fresh Obama Sanctions with 80+ New ICBMs by 2015 – Reports

[2] Silva, P. (2014, 13 December) US Threatens Russia with New Nuclear Missiles, Prepares New Sanctions for Putin


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      Deutschland ist in schwerster Not den je, sehr wahrscheinlich. Viele Angriffe und Attentate sind bereits geschehen. Die Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten ist auf der Jagd nach dem Reichtum anderer, da sie untergehe und selbst das nicht tuen wolle und dafür, wenn nötig, auch, was passiert ist, mehrfach, unschuldige falsch, illegal angreifen, berauben, verletzen, bedrohen, verfolgen und terroriesieren.
      Auch Reizgas CS und vieles mehr wurde bereits benutzt.
      Christoph Siegfried Sebastian Hans-Reinhold Hagen, Christoph Hagen, Lupuswalter I.
      [CHX] Chrixus “Chrixagen” Hagwill
      Gaming clan # 1 “CHXGG” on Steam (Valve)

    • Fuck America its the worst country in the workd wirh the way rhings are going on martial law ect: I hope that putin nukes you’s American wank bags !

        • Why would people be upset with American citizens? We did not like what Stalin or Hitler did,,, but we did not blame the people,, Yikes! War Games, and anger breeds anger,, Be smarter than this ,, Merry Christmas, peace please,,,

    • Когда развязывают войну , важно спросить кому это выгодно? Точно не нам с вами. Родшильдам, Рокфеллерам? Или Абаме? А тебе или мне она нужна? Овет -нет. Не нужна. Мир , мне как и вам нужен мир. Вы готовы жертвовать жизнью ради их денег.
      Я русская, я люблю свою страну, как и вы свою.Я не хочу , чтобы летали ядерные бомбы и уничтожали Планету Земля -наш общий дом, но они хотят этого.

  1. That’s the long fabled WW3 about to start then. What the f**k is the US government playing at? It’s as if the pentagon want a war with Russia!

  2. We need to organise a peaceful demonstration against war ! Nobody wants US-EU/Russia war. Good job anonymous, keep informed people, we’re living in propaganda war…

      • We need to get them out of the White house and the Pentagon, they are nuts,,, 100 years is enough,, we will never give them our Constitution, which states non intervention! Unless threatened. puppets and Bankers have hurt the world enough, This is exactly what happened before Pearl Harbor.. sanctions that help no one! If the US will attack it’s own people and sacrifice their military, and innocent people of any country… using propaganda,, we have had enough. Remember everyone, We are fighting daily at home,, peacefully to uphold our constitution, and let the GOV hang themselves,,, If the new World order they want succeeds, they own everyone! It is up to everyone to fight that idea,, NO ONE WANTS WAR EXCEPT THE ELITE,, with their underground bunkers that look like the Plaza Hotel!!!NO one wins tis war,, it is End Game, A must win situation for the people of US to not let this happen, nor anyone else.

  3. This, I don’t understand. The Cold War started and escalated with this as a reason, Russia and the West stockpiling nuclear weapons, pointed at each other. Surely the two nations can’t let this happen again, but with the current state of affairs? I don’t think they can do that now. Damn power-loving politicians.

    Someone always had to rise against Putin’s actions, but with the announcement of stockpiled nuclear warheads? That’s just a bit over the top.

  4. Jesus Christ…..This is fucking ridiculous….my faith in humanity is at an all time low. This is just honestly scary and depressing….

      • True that. Human beings have all the characteristics of a virus. A virus that unfortunately infected tellus. It’ll go down in flames because of ignorance and capitalism, long before the sun burns out.

        • We call this virus by many names. Cancer would be one, the speck of leaven that leavens the whole loaf would be another. But a more advanced translation would be ideology, politics and/or religion which is just a modern translation for government, the UN or State. Which we now know is anti-human and becoming ever more so at an ever accelerated rate.

          I was so sick of America taking away my weed and putting out crap medical marijuana that was like barbituates in a bowl, that blogged about the Delta-9 Molecule, which is the LORD’s Sativa, Cannabis that is, in 2009. Practicing what I preached, I ordered Sativa seeds from Europe only to find that the Sativas were heavily laced with Indica!

          The THC Delta-9 molecule is precisely engineered to fit the corresponding receptacles of the brain, like the LSD molecule. Because both raise your level of consciousness it puts you in a higher state called Alpha. Cannabis Indica or Medical Marijuana aka THC Delta-8 or Gumby weed puts you in a Theta or Delta State which is deep sleep and comatose states, respectively.

          Out of 10 seeds, I had one Maui Wowee female which grew 9 feet in a 40 inch high outdoor opaque cubicle. I was desperate. One of the most sweetest, cleanest, pristine and soaring highs I ever had. I felt so good, I wrote the 1%-99% analogy of Wall Street based on the very paradigms I used to write the infinity engine that is driving the cloud, which was stolen from me in about October 2001, in Hawthorne, CA.

          That might mean something to somebody, as anybody could download my 28 megabyte monstrosity syntax generator generated tutorial that wrote and then ran the code where it would collapse out of memory recompressing to the hard drives, to my MCSE Class which had no firewall. My classmates were mainly poor black kids that I felt was getting burned by the Curriculum due to the predatory student loans exasperated by the dot com crash.

          It was in vain as four months later Microsoft .Netted me. .Net keeps IIS of Windows from running the Cloud I wrote in Windows. Sun rewrote the infinity Engine in Java in 2002. Retaining the Powerbasing alpha binary format of my data basing system in MS Data Center format (NTFS).

          The point is Marijuana, an herb bearing seed, is supposed to give you brain damage, when you people was giving it to your kids as candy, 100 years ago with no ill effects. Because Sativa is back we have seen a massive explosion of innovation in the last 5 years. Proving that Marijuana can make you smarter or make you stupid.

          Which is logical. Marijuana seed was the first super food discovered by man. About 20 years ago if was discovered that the seeds were a complete protein with all the amino acids essential to human life. Because of that we have now discovered other super foods. It has the most perfect and highest distribution of Omega3 to Omega6, for that ratio, which is essential fatty acids essential for the lungs to convert oxygen into hemoglobin.

          But recent findings find that honey oil when ingested as medicine and not smoked as therapy not only curse cancer but actually regenerates damaged brain cells. It reverses brain cancer and brain damage. No wonder it illegal. Can you imagine how cheap Cancer treatment would be if you could freely grow all the cannabis you want and take the bud to a ether based processing center to extract the oil safely for you for a small fee?

          Because sativa is making a come back, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Because WE Are The 99% is so Universal, we align ourselves with the logic that is written into the Universe as dimensional state. Which is you can’t put the genie back into the bottle. It is time for Evolution!

    • We will be ok if everyone in every country understands this is not the people,, it is the money that runs the world,, they are a parasite, we are the host. We must fight to remove the parasite. People globally are under threat of a one world government,, they WANT people to fight each other. Stay informed and do your homework. Join with people of like mind,, power in numbers! Research the real truth.

  5. To think there is an all world rule that nuclear weapons are not allowed and the U.S is the first to threaten with nuclear weapons.. pretty dumb in my opinion.

  6. It’s the bankers and power hungry politicians. We need to get rid of them either by peaceful means or civil war. That’s why I’m glad that so many people in the US are stockpiling guns and ammo in case of an oppressive regime…

  7. In Wars there is No rules, they what war on one way or another, the war machine goes from one place of the world, to another till they start so many conflics till it start the worldwar 3. they whant mass exition kill million of people because there is too many in the world and start a new currency

  8. Click on the IBT link and scroll down to similar articles and read their titles. Can’t say that I’d consider IBT a valued source…

  9. Fucking Obama’s just too much of a sore loser that he just had to force other countries into degrading their power, just to make ‘Murica seem like the ultimate power.

  10. the US are just losing their world leader status, and they will destroy the planet rather than let that happen. the biggest hypocrites in the planet, and here they go again, going against everything they espouse as wrong, like a bunch of kids playing a fecken x-box or something. you have to rise up american people and put a stop to your puppet masters, or we’re all going to be toast ffs. peace n health. xxx

  11. What is it with this particular Anonymous page and Russia? I mean not that I’m happy about these world events but I would say the bigger problem is Putin and his thuggish egotistical posturing. He’s attempting to annex (even more) of a sovereign nation. People are dead because of this. Completely innocent people. That’s not ok. If Anonymous is borderless isn’t there something you can do about Putin. He’s corrupt. He’s running a thinly veiled autocracy. The media over there is even more bent than over here. Journalists have been killed and threatened. Shouldn’t he be expecting Anonymous?

  12. Why make the threat? Both governments should be well aware of mutually assured destruction…that pacifying elephant in the living room didn’t end in 1989….it never went away. None of this is new, except that it rattles the more ignorant components of the public.

  13. The reason why Russia,s currency is falling is because the west has lowered the price of oil to $75 dollars a barrel cutting the profit Russia makes on its oil sales,so its hurting there currency against the dollar
    The west is trying to bankrupt Russia because of brics also china will be effected by precious metals if they run out of supply.

    it maybe soon the COMEX defaults because of paper manipulation and then bamm run out without warning side swiping china’s economic speed as it slows rapidly

    so the war is on its just the average person cant see the chess game

    also last but not least japans firing up the yen carry trade once again for cheap money to the world just like the last GFC setup

    japan is assisting in that gold crash by printing like crazy and investing 50% into the markets as a desperate proxy attempt to try and support the USA agenda.
    forcing gold down before 30th Nov Swiss vote

    And for the Swiss

    well logically.. Swiss are voting too place 20%gold onto there currency on Nov 30th. so to crash gold prices would put pressure on that vote, and maybe prolong the outcome into the future .. as who would place gold to back there currency if the illusion is gold its getting weaker.

    so as the Swiss cant be made a terrorist state then the tactic is to lower gold and create controversy to that vote. as the media oligarchs in Switzerland to the opposition to that vote has something to bastardize against the yes vote using the power of the media as a weapon


    ps don’t forget Russia will bring SWIFT on line in march 2015 to transact oil sales bypassing the us dollar completely.
    Prepare for a major event leading up too that date as that is the giant nail in the dollars coffin and desperate empires in decline do desperate things especially if they own the media

    and to throw in a wild card Sept 28th 2015 is a super blood moon that could be a reset time for major change as not only money is being stolen but even our faith, {sympathy for the devil} listen to the song and lyrics.
    SDR could come on line in sept {special drawing rights} could start chaos in the financial markets.

    big red moon will look like a giant reset button in the sky Sept 28th as they and them are in the real power seat of the world as they will push that button in accordance to scripture as major change will happen from all corners of the earth as they align the trimming together as they did with the past blood moons

    Welcome to the mind of everything is done for a reason as the west are bringing all its opposition down with it, russia, china , gold silver , and all the other dollar opposition , its a bit late to save Saddam huisan and Gaddafi but they where the pioneers of the dollar death and iran just made it through that nuclear false flag, Syria is still trying to survive a dollar attack on it as Assad is the target not isis

  14. What If.
    What if Obama,s new policy to register 12 million illegals is to support troop numbers when wars declared as to replace the gap. Conscription

    What if
    What if the Swiss vote yes for gold backing there currency and all other counties follow creating a physical collapse

    What if
    What if Ukraine,s gold theft is a pretense to war and have moved the gold before Ukraine starts war as a proxy for the USA
    and that’s why golds missing as they will blame Russia for an attack when it is self inflicted and theft will be blamed on war after the smoke clears .

    What if
    What if the Ukraine,s gold went missing and gave its gold to the USA to help it with shortages as The Dutch Bring Home 122.5 Tons of Gold From the New York Fed

    What if
    What if gold prices are crashing by manipulation as too make mining none profitable and share holders in major mining companies want to sell before they lose millions, as the mines get sold into proxy government or elitists hands .

    What if
    What if the powers in global control know they will be going back to gold but are keeping it close to there chest as to get people to sell there physical and hold off buying until its too late.

    What if
    What if war has no choice but to start any way possible because swift oil exchange will be up and running in march 2015
    and the death of the dollar will be guaranteed if allowed to open as brics nations move forward with swift as another global choice against a monopoly.

    What if
    What if Saddam Huisane and Gaddafi died just because they tried to sell there oil for gold and euros .

    what if
    What if Iran became a nuclear threat only because Iran was going to open a oil exchange on the cayman islands to transacted oil for gold and euros excluding the dollar in 2004.

    What if
    What if there is no choice now for the western elites to go too war to protect the foundations of the dollar oil marriage as swift is on the horizon.

    What if
    What if china will be busy in the future with high unemployment as the comex defaults and gold and silver cant be delivered to china and there production halts due to no precious materials 1.4 billion unhappy people , then china will find it hard to support Russia in a war as it will be busy controlling there riots

    What if
    What if isis is just a reason for the USA to go into Syria to kill or remove Assad the president because he wanted to sell oil for anything other than dollars.

    What if
    What if this future war that will start is the reason 9-11 was created years ago by terrorists other than bin laden as to facilitate all these wars with acceptance of all global leaders and to muster up the public pawns to die for the western system.

    What if
    What if Israel is going to demolish Palestine to fully take over the land that’s left as theirs, as since 1948 3/4 of Palestinian lands been commandeered and this war will have that opportunity that’s on standby

    What if
    What if no matter which way you look at this this is the only plausible situation and ww3 will start under a false flag attack.

    What if
    What if the media is totally controlled and war will be propagated and the truth completely suppressed.

    What if
    What if gold and silver will become precious globally and fiat hyper inflated.

    What if
    What if there’s no turning back and Sept 28th blood moon will be the global financial reset or major global change

    What if
    What if all the bankers that are dying ridiculously are not suicides and is a ploy to stop the finger pointing up when soon there will be a financial collapse and charges will be prominent regardless of what the prosecutors say charges will be laid and all the links comfortably eliminated before the inevitable .

    What if
    What if this is a global chess game and all the pieces above are in place for a full on strategic war onslaught
    attacking all angles at once. Assad attacked, china’s metals supply cut off immediately due to unexpected shortages,
    Ukraine false flag attack from Russia self inflicted , Israel ready to annihilate Palestine , Iran a nuclear threat once again
    these are all the pieces on the chess game all on the brink ready for all out war as the west protect the dollar oil marriage and Obama excepting millions of illegals to be registered as Americans for nothing more than boots on the ground in the very near future war. CONSCRIPTION

    What if
    What if i am right ? What if

    • David,
      Great wisdom. What if you are right? What happens then? I do not know chess but I do know strategy. I’m lost, though. The only idea I can come up with is infiltration. Mass conscious infiltration. Anons become cops, soldiers, politics, doctors, etc. Infiltrate the structured system and make it something right. However, there may not be enough time…any other suggestions?

      • The Western people infiltrate on all fronts to remove the parasite’s power. As quickly as possible. Unite,, work on it everyday, every hour,,,, a must win situation.

  15. The real war has always came from America, this time they will lose, meaning the red button proberly will be pushed, frankly av stopt giving a fuck,weve all been slaves to there propaganda,nobody will change,the hate is visible throught social media, blaming eachother for whatever. for all the believers and non believers think its time to pray to whatever makes you feel loved because the aftermath wont be worth living in.

  16. i support russia. they have told the NWO they are not going to play it game. That is why usa is threating it. Russia is smart. putin is a very smart man and has head on right.

  17. Guess we’re fucked… In a nuclear war, neither of the sides win. Thanks to the crew from Anonymous for giving us a neutral point of view, instead of those newspapers that will always write in one point of view, regardless of how neutral they would ever say they are…

    • ^Look what happend in ww2 with Hitler invading Poland, Russia hit back hard.. Very hard, 1 Million plus troops swept across europe in a matter of months, Taking out all the nazi all the way to berlin, Alot further than what America had done in the past 3 years. If they do decide to go to war, Wont just be Nukes, Will be more than a million troops just dropping into america. Just think about that.. Who is the Real super power country here?

  18. Fuck. This is just all bad. Fuck a draft tho, fight ur own shit. Better make sure ur ppl are behind you before you start a war. Let th Russians come to America Id hope they wouldnt be able to bring it to this side, just blow up that side of th world. Its all going to shit tho. Trust that.

  19. Que se maten al final son la misma mierdas de personas tanto los rusos como los americanos.

    Una reducción de población sería un alivió para el planeta y la humanidad.

  20. Uh, do any of you understand the immense scale of the discourse here? The blame game ended in 2012. You should be begging your friends and family to watch a few quick videos on how to survive fallout.

    I can’t even begin to discuss or guess at the amount, scale and size of arsenals the four or five super powers have stored up, but if there is an exchange(and it unfortunately looks like there will be) it will escalate to a strategic weapons exchange within a day or two.

    ‘Screw’ America? Shove a few up someones arse? There is no few, there is no screw one or the other, if no one gets there act together everybody dies…

  21. “This past week the Senate and House of Representatives have passed the new Ukraine Freedom “ Freedom is the keyword. Both Russia and USA have different definitions of this. Aye but in this case, both countries are fucked if they throw nukes one on eachother.


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