Police Punching Brutally 15 Year Old Teenage Girl In Front Of Her Begging Mother


Written by: CoNN


Mesa, Arizona- A video had been uploaded to Facebook showing a police officer pummelling and restraining a 15 year old girl as her mother stood an arms-length away, begging the officer to stop.

The girl was apparently a runaway, and she could be heard in the video screaming that she could not breathe. Her mother had been trying to explain to the officers that her daughter had mental problems as well as asthma.
Luis Paul Santiago, the witness who had filmed the violent encounter, stated that the officers had attempted to delete the video. He also said that the second officer in the scene had told him that the officer had “behaved correctly” and stated that “if she needed to, she could have shot her dead.”
One should be concerned about this statement, for the police officer was right; he knew very well that he could have at any point executed an unarmed teen who was “resisting” arrest. Similar examples include choking a person to death on video and getting away without any repercussions (Eric Garner), or gunning down a twelve year old and receiving a paid vacation (Tamir Rice).

Even the St. Louis Police Department had recently posted propaganda on how to prevent your children from being killed by cops.
It is beginning to become apparent that the police can hardly be trusted to defend us from criminals, when they themselves behave worse than criminals. The situation is made all the worse by the fact that they are immune to the laws that would have led to the arrest of any common sociopathic murderer, and they know it.


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  1. this is terrifying, its becoming apparent that in lieu of all of this tension, police are resorting to the ‘club’ mentality, and creating a mind around themselves as a group, instead of being held accountable as individuals. this solidarity is intimidating, because none of them want to be accused of racism, or violence to citizens, and therefore are willing to deny it in others of the force. scary scary.

  2. This really is just sad and disgusting, I know not all cops are bad but ones like these that say they should be justified in shooting and unarmed teenage “runaway” (who by the way was with her mother so therefore void)should be stripped of their titles and thrown in jail

    • I didn’t see her shoot the girl. and if someone is resisting arrest they are allowed to use force to subdue them. I wish people didn’t jump to conclusions. obviously this video shows the happenings after this car pulled up. what happened before the video ?

  3. That was a few days ago…… I would be interested to know what she did to cause her arrest…. I would be arrested if anyone punched my child !

  4. “USA” the world is watching! Why should we visit your country when the police is worser than criminals? Shot dead because a ticket? Tasered because the question “why”??? Best way: open a prison for your “POLICE” !!! Idiots, corrupt, liars and not better than the TALIBAN (in Uniform)
    Greetings from a safe and very quiet Hamburg/ Germany (with real Police that is Friend and helper)

  5. I swear before i come to the US next year cause of my class going there for a study tour, that any police officer that thinks he can do what he want and doesnt even stop when people almost die cause of them, i swear i kill them, law or not, if i or someone else havent dont anything wrong and they know it yet they just think it to be fun arresting people cause they “can” and behave worse than criminals, i will shoot any officer even trying to harm me, a friend or anyone near that what i see. Its a basic human right to defend yourself if your threaten to get killed by the ones that should protect you, and thats a fact.

  6. Cop’s or not if some one did that to one of mine I would kick the shit out of them like wise if I sore a cop in trouble I would assist them .No one is above the law !

  7. I think that the police in America have been emboldened by getting away with murder and egregious violence and are now completely out of control. The police man who killed that guy (the “I can’t breath” incident) is selling t-shirts saying “Obey the law and breathe easy”. They all think that the guy deserved to die because he broke a law! Nothing shocks me nowadays. The worlds f**ked.

  8. The part of the video shown here looks to me like its only partial and out of context. It does not show anything leading to this altercation. If you resist arrest an officer will use force to subdue you.

    • Yes but the amount of force used was unacceptable and being punched in the face and then sat on and having her face pressed pretty hard into the ground is over kill for a unarmed female 15yr old.

  9. This is just wrong, people are hating on the people whoa re killing the cops, when they are actually ignorant to this situation. Innocents are being beaten and killed by Cops and they just get away with it. This has to stop, I hope Anonymous keeps releasing these Cops private info, they deserve to be punished. This Corruption needs to end. Now.

  10. This is kinda sick. Never seen this happend in Norway or any other countries, except America and so… Who tha hell could get so low that they punch a fuckin teenage girl in tha fucking face? Obviously American Cops…
    – “Hippo”

  11. This is kinda sick. Cops in America are fucking sick. Haven’t heard about this in other countries except America…
    Just sayin.. Time to protect the people cops, not kill or beat them up…

  12. I don’t see the officer punching her in the face her hand was on the ground as she was balancing herself ~ 0.06 – 0.12 and the ppl who took the video thought the officer punched her, though I didn’t hear a initial response to that eather like auu or something. I saw the officer take her down – hold her dow – and cuff her, though a little consideration would be nice from the police officer considering she has asthma.

  13. why do people try to avoid arrest, I would say I’ll ask first what did she do and then take good judgment. don’t blame police officer blindly

  14. OK so let just have everyone run round senseless. I’m not saying that police do dumb things but if you don’t comply you will be RESTRAINED until they can figure out the situation. If she is mentality I’ll its up to EMS to decided her fate NOT the police. As far as having asthma…..by being placed in choke hold and or being taken down to the ground, it will NOT give you an asthma. Asthma is an acute medical issue that is not made by being slammed to the ground. The reason most of the time people say I can’t breath……o wait if say multiple times you can breath and it psychodynamic. At this time your fight or flight response kicks in and you body goes into overdrive, giving one the feeling of not being able to breath. So let me say of your breaking I.E. stealing cigars or selling them on the street and you act like a moron to the guys with the guns. Guess what, you might end up harmed. Now let’s say if your complaint and you still get harmed, even if you broke the law. PROTEST YOUR ASS OFF. But until then, you messed up. I don’t ever want to see a cop have “soften” his response to criminals. Although I’m not cop. I deal with nasty people on the street all of the time. Its to protect yourself and the guy next to and the public. And sometimes people from themselfs.


  16. This video disgust me,Whats wrong with these officers lately..?I may be out from the US but i’ve seen worst involving police officer in the US,Those are just teen,kids..why threat them like they were a terrorist?Who’s the real terrorist now?Talking about framing?I dont see this as a frame.What is going on with justice?If u wanna talk about what happen BEFORE or AFTER the video,Well look at the police officer did.Sick Fuck!

  17. And the video doesn’t work because the account who uploaded it has been terminated.

    How convenient.
    This is fucked up, we need to do something before this turns into “Police officer shoots and kills a 15 year old girl infront of her begging mother” Seriously, this makes Games like GTA V (Where killing cops is a daily thing) seem like a godsend, when we can’t do it for real, but i swear, maybe thats what they deserve, or if we can’t do anythign violent, atleast hack into their secret files or something and expose all of the things they’ve done, maybe then, they’d get the hint. disgusting, absolutely disgusting.


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