Toddler Finally Met his Neighborhood Heroes and Broke Down Into Tears


Quincy Kroner had that precise feeling on March 13 when he met with his local heroes — Eddie Washington, Mark Davis and the neighborhood garbage men.

“He was all grins as the garbage truck pulled up. I asked him if he needed to shoot his [photo] with them, and he gave an enthusiastic, ‘yes,'” Kroner told HuffPost.

Turns out the men in the truck are fans of Quincy, also. “They have developed a form of connection through the window,” he added.

Quincy likes garbage trucks as well as garbage men. Which, obviously, he could not wait to show his buddies.

So when the truck rolled up to the last Friday of the Kroner, Quincy’s big moment had arrived. Kroner asked the men whether they’d be prepared to shoot a picture, which they were.

Following the picture was shot but, Kroner said, Quincy regained immediately. “I simply do not believe he believed it all the way through.”

Friday was a very long time . He told his parents that he is constantly waved to by the garbage man while he sees them out the window. Kroner says. “I could not tell you how long ago it began.”

After a week of waiting, he was ready to reveal his new plaything to the garbage men. So excited, he burst into tears.

“He calmed down after a couple of minutes and restarted playing,” Kroner said. “He hasn’t had an entire [lot] to say about the encounter yet.”

The picture is made by Quincy’s emotional face. He is so worried. Or perhaps excited. Who understands.

“I do not understand if it was the sound or the smell or the unfamiliarity or him being a 2-year old. It very well could have become the excitement of it all, also.”

Quincy’s expressions many are seeing, sharing, remarking and enjoying on the picture for another reason – they adore how two generally unsung heroes are being respected by his family and a lad.

The remarks came pouring in online.

“Garbage men are too often under valued,” one man said. “They’re definitely heroes, and this child is on purpose.”

“We should all commend sanitation workers.

Attempt living through a two-week cleanliness strike in a major city.”

“Garbage men get swole as hell and are usually the best people about.”

Christopher Callahan, the operations manager for groups for the city of Cincinnati, said he is really pleased with the positive feedback.

“I am really happy that folks are understanding how open and friendly my workers are,” he said. “I am really happy that many of folks aspire to be garbage men.”

“We’re hiring,” he added, laughing.

To Mark Davis, it is somewhat silly. He is still a bit blown away by it, although he values the acknowledgement, particularly as it is a job that’s frequently under recognized.

“It is difficult to trust, actually,” Mark said. “My relatives and buddies believe it is uproarious.”

He said the best portion of the entire occurrence was that it is brought. His wife, Mark as well as their three kids and Libby met with Oliver, and Quincy for dinner lately. All the children played.

“I believe that is what is missing these days — it is family,” Mark said. “Lots of children do not have their dad about or do not have their mum approximately or children are merely running around doing whatever.”

Many people who made remarks also applauded Libby and Oliver, commending them for motivating their son to think of garbage men as heroes when such believing might deter.

“I adore it when parents do not demean blue collar work or play it as some kind of punishment for subpar scores,” one man wrote.

But Libby and Oliver blown off the compliments, labeling their encouragement as standard.

“We simply support whatever he gets into,” Libby said. It only seemed natural to support his interests.”

Oliver and Libby rather turned the focus back to Mark and Eddie and thanked them for their son — as well as everything the two do for their community.

What does Quincy think of the reality as well as all of the fanfare he’s met with his local heroes? He is playing it cool.

“Nope,” he replies slyly.

I try.

He wheels it along the earth, zooming away and catches his garbage truck.

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  1. This article is written so poorly that it’s nearly unreadable. To the author: if you don’t know how to write, pick another profession.

  2. Oh to blazes with you hateful people, it doesn’t matter how the article is written, the subject matter is whats important, so either quit your complaining or better yet, shut the fuck up and click the X on the top right corner.

    As for the article, i think it’s awesome that people are coming together like this, also that a toddler thinks of garbage men as heroes, or idols, i like it, it’s kindness, thats not often seen thanks to people with their hateful and negative attitudes. I mean, hell, take a look around, but as far as this subject goes, i like it, It’s a rare sight to see this kind of kindness in todays world.

    • Thank you for being one of the minute few to have intellect to be able to read the article and come away with the meaning behind the words.

  3. what a delightful story. I am sometimes overwhelmed (as i’m sure most people are) of turning on the news to see another disaster somewhere around the world. Still rubbing my eyes as I wake, it was a wonderful way to FEEL, connecting with the joy that this young kid felt. I can only imagine if my neighborhood hero who I saw and admired at through the protection of my front window (like a first crush), was right there in front of me. This is a love story. Besides, the toy in the picture is the cherry atop the cake.

  4. Well done to the cub reporter.
    You might want to start thinking about another career though, if this is the best you can do !

  5. Surely, just surely you all can translate this article into something that relates to you. Its not a fucking novel!!! So you do not need it to be that accurate to take the most important post out of it. You all have a brain very capable of doing this!
    Am I the only person that read this and didn’t have a problem with how it was written. I still understood what had happened! IDIOTS!


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