There Will Be More Muslims Than Christians In The World By 2070


Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion in the world. It was estimated in 2012 that there were more than 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

Christianity, which is the current largest religion in the world, is said to be practiced by more than 2.2 billion people worldwide. It is therefore clear that the two Abrahamic religions will have to share their status as the dominant religion in the world. For now.

A new study by the Pew Research Center (PRC)-a nonpartisan American think tank that provides information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends- has said that the number of Muslims will surpass the number of Christians after 2070.

Globally, Muslims are said to have the highest fertility rate of any religious group, an average of 3.1 children per woman. This is well above the replacement level, the minimum level of reproduction required to maintain a population at current numbers, which is 2.1.

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The PRC study revealed that by 2050, Muslims will approach the number of Christians. However, it also said that in the next four decades, Christianity will continue to be in the driving seat as the world’s largest religion.

“The religious profile of the world is rapidly changing, driven primarily by differences in fertility rates and the size of youth populations among the world’s major religions, as well as by people switching faiths. Over the next four decades, Christians will remain the largest religious group, but Islam will grow faster than any other major religion. If current trends continue, by 2050, the number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians around the world”, the study said.

The study also made some interesting finding regarding demographics and how the global religion situation will be by 2050.

“Atheists, agnostics and other people who do not affiliate with any religion – though increasing in countries such as the United States and France – will make up a declining share of the world’s total population. In Europe, Muslims will make up 10% of the overall population.”

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“The global Buddhist population will be about the same size it was in 2010, while the Hindu and Jewish populations will be larger than they are today. India will retain a Hindu majority but also will have the largest Muslim population of any country in the world, surpassing Indonesia.”

“In the United States, Christians will decline from more than three-quarters of the population in 2010 to two-thirds in 2050, and Judaism will no longer be the largest non-Christian religion. Muslims will be more numerous in the U.S. than people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion. Four out of every 10 Christians in the world will live in sub-Saharan Africa”,  an  excerpt of the study revealed.

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The study said that after 2050, Islam will begin to compete neck-to-neck with Christianity and eventually take the lead just after 2070, becoming the world’s largest religion.

“Given the rapid projected increase from 2010 to 2050 in the Muslim share of the world’s population, would Muslims eventually outnumber Christians? And, if so, when? If the main projection model is extended beyond 2050, the Muslim share of the world’s population would equal the Christian share, at roughly 32% each, around 2070. After that, the number of Muslims would exceed the number of Christians, but both religious groups would grow, roughly in tandem, as shown in the graph above. By the year 2100, about 1% more of the world’s population would be Muslim (35%) than Christian (34%)’’, it said.

Muslims Past Christians

The study also added that “projected growth of Muslims and Christians would be driven largely by the continued expansion of Africa’s population. Due to the heavy concentration of Christians and Muslims in this high-fertility region, both groups would increase as a percentage of the global population. Combined, the world’s two largest religious groups would make up more than two-thirds of the global population in 2100 (69%), up from 61% in 2050 and 55% in 2010.”

Anonymous is not at all bothered by who gets to be the dominant religion in the world. What we expect is that these two religions, as well as other religions, are able to offer the world something worthwhile: peace. That is what we stand for. Expect us to continue to reveal the truth, so that we all can struggle for a peaceful world!

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    • Nah you idiot it’s just that people are realising Islam is the better and more peaceful religion, media and peoples ignorance among other things make the masses hate Islam, that really is it summed up in a few words hope this helps

      • Hahahaha Bill really nice shot; you got the point, I think.
        “Me” are you fucking kidding me? Who’s making war everywhere? Who’s killing christians? Who’s actually trying to involve even de kids in war?

        I’m atheist; I blame christian history for what it made in the past; but reaally I fucking dislike your religion. Sorry being surely disrespectfull, but that’s the true.
        I’m not saying I don’t like muslims, we’re all the same, we’re all humans, but I don’t like your religion.
        I’m so pissed of recieving advices and critics about my culture and my country from muslims who think that they’re allowed to tell what is good and what isn’t because they trust in Allah and Allah “told” that.
        The reallity is that 70% of the “muslims” are non-real-muslims. The muslim religion of today is certainly not what it was originally, it’s worst.
        So no, I fucking disagre and what you said made me laugh a lot.
        Again, I’m atheist; and if I had to choose a religion, I would choose the Buddhist religion. This one is really a pacific religion, as much as I know; more, it’s intelligent… this is probably why almost nobody trust in it.

        • LOL! that is 70% wrong , greg ,with all respect for u , Original islam is still A live religion in the Arabic world (saudi Arabia , Egypt , Algeria.. Etc ) while IsIS are terrorists who believe that they ‘re muslims , but they’re not , they did all the forbidden manner of islam (killing an innocent soul , Force people to join islam , Slaughtering people , ..etc) and Actually The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had warned us , that in the future , muslims will divide , and he (PBUH) said about the wrong side that they’re “Daoaesh” (the plural of Daesh in Arabic)

          btw , Allah did forbid some things . so , yes! . Allah had forbidden the wrongful sins (Prostituting , Drinking wine , games that are played on money , Cursing ,…)

          true islam , is a peaceful religion . and i know u might not believe me but , u’d do if u visited any muslim country , i hope u understand ,
          i carry all respect , for u ,
          another guy
          P.s (sorry about my bad english 🙁 .

  1. If we Christians focused more on evangelizing and less on socializing we could possibly reverse the trend. Of course, that might not work.

    • Why reverse the trend what’s wrong wih people wanting to be Muslim, Christians STOP trying to control what others want to be

  2. Bill,

    Why are you so weakminded?

    Reaction to the research… I haven’t read anything about the amount of converts? Islam knows a lot of converts… this research only took births as a grade.

    Also there is no current trend that keeps voor 85 long the same… It goes much faster if you look at the past of Christianity (say thing)

  3. Muslims would be more then Christians even if there where no plan against them, all that terror groups made in the name of Islam are against Islam itself which made by US and Israel. but Islam destined to master every “-ism”.

  4. instead of living with Moślems(who can bomb you, kill you, ANYTIME!), its better for Xtians, Hïndus, Bûddhs to get a rocket and fly away from earth and make our livelihood on a new planet so we may live peacefully!

  5. yes dear folks it matters.ever wonder why the great propaganda was intensified that basically integrating the idea that muslims should be killed and annihilated?disregard the physical multiplication of the muslim people but think about the potential of each of the could even be the president of the great united states.

  6. Well, if people should just stop judging others solely based on differences. Christianity had a bloody history and has killed non-believers many times before. but this is an age of reason and for us to learn to respect one-another. though Jihadism is mentioned in the Q’uran, the Jihadist movement didn’t officially start until the First World War. I’m a christian, but i’m a christian who understands and will listen to reason and we should all be mature on complicated religious topics as well as prevalent social issues. Basically as humans, we can repeat our mistakes and end up killing each other and destroy our planet, or we mature and get along with everyone.

    • any holy book from any of the big 3 relgions, does say “Be fruitful and multiply.” But we have to intelligently manage our resources.

  7. Religion which helps widows and orphans is pure, anything less is evil in its ultimate intention, and who will lay down his life for his brother? But yet when we are all sinners Christ died for us, suffering brutality and shame, having been mocked and scourged for a persons who disliked him………Anybody else out there who will attempt this act of selfless love, anybody, any religion, anywhere?????

  8. The problem isn’t the religion, it’s the people who use the religion as a cover up for getting away with mass genocide. They are told that it’s okay to kill an infidel, someone who doesn’t believe in Allah. The crazy thing is that’s the biased way the government and other religions treat people who say otherwise. “Don’t talk to that kid he’s weird, gay, christian, black, Hispanic, a nerd.” People won’t try to accept something they don’t understand.


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