Top 10 Facts About War


10 facts you probably didn’t know about war. Watch the video below:

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  1. this happens alot though, that soldiers dont kill eachother when they aproach eachother without their fellow soldiers. this proves that poeple dont want to make war, its those fagot politicians that want it.

    • anon: If you are trying to make some valid point then #1 – use spell check and proper grammar #2 – Watch the unnecessary use of derogatory words (and at least spell them right if you are going to use them).

      • Yes because his spelling dicredited his opinion, how about you go and eat a bowl of dicks and stop being such a condesending asshole to people? Maybe english isn’t his / her first language, did you ever think about that? Or is it because you’re narrow minded and not half as clever as you think you are? This isn’t a spelling b, grow up.

      • Grammar nazi fail lol.
        Heres a couple of things i spotted:
        Missed full stop at the end of grammar.
        Also you should start a list with a colon.

        • The colon after anon should actually be a comma because of the lack of an introductory clause. Stunnone, if you are going to correct someone on their grammar you should learn to use proper punctuation sir.


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