Conspiracy or Coincidence? Within 24 Hours, Three Journalists Die In America


Three senior journalists belonging to United States’ mainstream media passed away on February 12. While the media fraternity was shocked with the unfortunate news, we sensed there was something wrong; this could not be a mere coincidence that two journalists experienced the Iraq war firsthand while the third criticised another noted journalist who falsely reported the Iraq war. Share if you too think that there’s more to this than meets the eye – may be an attempt to brush a truth, which we do not know but we must know, under the carpet:

NBC News’ Ned Colt, 58, covered the Iraq war and was held captive near Fallujah for three days. He passed away in Boston after suffering a massive stroke.

CBS News’ Bob Simon, 73, was held hostage in 1991 and spent 40 days in the hands of Iraqi captors during the Persian Gulf War. Correspondent for 60 Minutes, Bob was killed in a car crash on New York’s West Side Highway.

The New York Times’ David Carr, 58, died suddenly after collapsing in the newsroom in Manhattan. Before he collapsed, the noted columnist interviewed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden about Oscar-winning film CitizenFour via video-link. Two days before his death, he had supported NBC News’ decision to suspend its Managing Editor Brian Williams for lying about the Iraq War in 2003.

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  1. It’s hard for me to believe that this is some kind of crazy conspiracy. WHy would they off them on the same day, what purpose would it serve? If one were killed, do you think somehow the other two would go into hiding? Would they make some kind of association with the first ones death? I think highly unlikely. If each one had died over a 3 month period, it probably wouldn’t have made any headlines at all, but killing them all at the same time would certainly bring up suspicion. Why would they do this?

        • |@ a guy|…….And what are you doing besides saying we can never beat the system
          .. At least we are putting it out in the open, you are the type of person who is too consumed with their life that you can’t open up and realize what the fuck is actually happenening

  2. I think Ive read somewhere that these 3 and another journalist were planning to release a documentary about 9/11 too. Would make sense…

  3. Could someone please investigate the supposed suicide of Thomas Schweich (Missouri State Auditor) today in St.Louis? He apparently phoned the Associated Press and St. Louis Post-Dispatch for an impromptu conference moments before his suicide. Seems a little questionable. It may have something to do with John Hancock (Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party) who was voted in on February 21st, 2015. Curiously our Governor Nixon was absent from the press conference regarding the suicide.

  4. So … now let’s look at how many journalists served in Iraq, and who also criticised another noted journalist who falsely reported the Iraq war, yet did not die on Feb. 12. Probably a pretty long list, I’d guess.

  5. Aside from the numerology that has nothing to do with reality, and the nutjobs that see a lack of evidence as a magical loophole to circumventing the deductive process of finding the truth, I see no decent people making any amount of sense of this. All the sites that are covering this story only agree that they died in the U.S. and that had adverse reactions to how the media chose to report middle eastern conflicts. Wait until more information is available to you before making stupid assumptions, please. The government is indeed quite detrimental to the people nowadays, but I won’t merit any of them with enough intelligence to pull something like this off on purpose.

  6. and something like Renan’s reply is why they might do this Winston

    When something is about to be published/released & it is the media involved no less, then I can see a scenario where this happens.

    Why have scientists been dropping improbably like flies in recent years?

  7. 3 Top INVESTMENT BANKERS DIE In Fiery NY Train Crash Packed with 400 People, Now, a bizarre Hollywood-style train collision with an SUV Mercedes sitting on the tracks leaves three more dead bankers, along with a pharmaceutical researcher and a well-known art curator. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!

    • Iv been watching this on cnn and I instantly thought something was fishy about it all…there’s stuff that they not telling us … like the truth. Reporters only report what they have been told sometimes truth sometimes what the government wants them to say.

  8. Does anonymous plan to do anything about the FCC take over of the Internet? What protective measures is Anonymous taking in response to the eventual censorship of the Internet and prohibition of encryption and Tor-like technologies?

  9. reading the news and watching the world i really feel as tho I’m in a Philip K Dick story maybe ‘Ubik’ is anything real anymore?

  10. They were creating a documentary about September 11 with proof of how American government and intelligence were involved. Which is no secret for many

  11. I was 5 cars behind of the accident when Bob Simon died.. I still can’t believe that happened. I want to see that documentary

  12. Explosions of emotions are the cause of these violent and life changing circumstances. Everybody brings their wisdom to the table and when wisdom is challenged we become hostile or aggressive to different degrees. The Government is doing something’s well that’s a fact. We have a pattern of people who speak from the heart getting cut down from the positions they create for themmselves. It’s respecting the laws of nature and with all of our Moorish knowledge under siege it is greAt that our emotions can explode to cause creations or ideas and concepts. The conments are a great case study if looked at studiosly and not emotionally. We are creating an army with various strengths and opposing views Nd nations that’s a strength that if we can Chanel will direct us to hold the remote of the galaxy and evolve the Course of the worlds in a benificial way for us all. The way we go about change is the way we have been taught it will have to grow to be a universal meditation science proves that the hermitic principals are like the air we just need to breath it in with the correct organs or elements what have you.
    I know this is a meta coment with complicated concepts and contents. All in all I am faithful to the feeling that these three entities would be proud of the discusion has regarding their legacies because as journalist they love to inspire thought and conversation. Also we have a all left a digital print of our stance making us like them journaling our wisdom and the situations going on around us.
    Is ignorance bliss or are we glad to have the know the truth is being hidden and to attempt to rec seal truth can lead to controversy and conspiracy? Do you have anything to hide?
    I love privacy.
    Forgive the mis punctuation and run ons.


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