Top 10 World’s Unsolved Mysteries


The world is littered with mysteries that even after, in some cases, centuries, remain unsolved. We count down the top 10 unsolved mysteries of the world!

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  1. Videos, yay!!!… well while reading is nice I do enjoy a well put together video. I think from our modern society we can clearly see many people watch videos.

  2. an interesting video. though, adding the lochness monster is a little corny. it should be pretty obvious to most that it’s most likely a joke.

    what i would have liked to see is something regarding all the human/animal mutilations/disappearances. probably one of the weirdest phenomena i’ve heard of. alien abductions should have also made it to this list.

  3. is this what ‘anonymous’ are into? seriously ?? conspiracy theories grr who are these trashy fckers with their trashy videos? Alien abductions ?? and selling t-shirts.. ffs..pisses me off. one sect of of ‘anonymous’ who cant hack for shit so make up logos and post crappy videos. The cool is sad, stolen by the brainless.

  4. are you being serious?? this is just youtube-kids-hype-whatever. i kept on reading your posts, even though not everything can be taken that serious. however this video is like posting your dad taking a shit, its just too old, and nobody ever wanted to see it to begin with.. so, say goodbye to one of your last conscious readers, “anonymous” shame on you!!!


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