Twitter Closes 235,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts


It appears that social media platforms have become aggressive in their bid to rid terrorist groups and terrorist sympathisers using their platforms; spreading terrorism and recruiting members for their groups finally equates to aggressive bans.

In the latest bans, Twitter has moved to the forefront. It is a commonly known fact that Twitter has been widely used by ISIS supporters to perpetuate hate, while simultaneously recruit members to either directly join ISIS, or to grow its support base and recruit tech experts willing to undertake cyber-attacks against ISIS enemies. Thousands of ISIS supporters’ accounts on Twitter have involved hate mongering and the spreading of terrorism.

It is important to highlight how ISIS has become a major threat, not only in the real world, but also the online world where its hackers repeatedly attack the assets of other world bodies, governments and organisations.

ISIS is losing ground in Iraq and Syria, but it is desperately trying to keep its flame burning by recruiting new members for its group, both on the ground and on the Internet. Although its threat on the ground is dissipating, its online attacks are only increasing and becoming bolder by the day.

Hence, to assuage the attacks of ISIS and to prevent it from using Twitter as a platform for propagation of its activities, Twitter, in the middle of last year initiated a process to eliminate ISIS accounts from its network. Accordingly, it shut down 125,000 accounts last year. Recently it has shut down another 235,000 accounts, taking the total count to 360,000.

Twitter, in this process is supported by the following groups:

  • Wahid foundation
  • The swab center
  • True Islam
  • Parle-moi d’Islam
  • Imans online

Since digging out the ISIS accounts from millions of Twitter accounts is a Herculean task, it is taking help from the groups like the ones mentioned above. It seems Twitter is on a mission to completely annihilate ISIS networks on its platform.

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