U.K Political Pedophile Ring Scandal – Much more than meets the eye


Sunday July 20, 2014

Written by: Anonymous

Many high ranking British Officials have been accused of being involved in a pedophile ring that extends much further than just the United Kingdom, stretching as far as the United States.

Before, a massive pedophile ring involving British officials was thrown to the side as nothing but conspiracy theory, but this theory is now being officially investigated due to a staggering amount of evidence confirming this theory to be valid. Furthermore, the cover up by the criminals involved has not gone well, as the British government has come under fire due to the recent “disappearance” of key files regarding the crimes. There are currently around forty British MPs (Members of Parliament) under investigation, but there is much more to this scandal than meets the eye.


The scandal initially centered on the rape and child abuse accusations against the influential BBC presenter, Jimmy Savile, who was knighted in 1990 and died 2011. The investigation broadened after victims testified that the abuse involved an organized ring of pedophilia being run out of BBC, involving at least forty British MPs. This scandal also involves a close friend of Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, who was knighted in 1988. Cyril Smith had an “overwhelming” amount of evidence accusing him of physically abusing young boys in the 1960s.

So why aren’t these men behind bars? Mainly because Savile and Smith are both dead, but also due to the widespread corruption of the British government and because of their influence and connections across the U.K. This is especially true for Savile, who was said to have been well acquainted with the royal family itself. However, the real question we should be asking ourselves is will the rest of this ring be prosecuted? This scandal has been covered for decades, even with all of the testimony by victims to this horrible ring of pedophilia. BBC fired the first reporter who tried to expose the scandal in 2012. It’s pretty obvious why this is being covered up once you look at the type of people involved and their level and influence in the government, but with this issue catching the attention of the internet the issue is getting much more difficult for these offenders to hide their crimes.


This issue won’t be able to stay in the dark much longer due to the attention of journalists and the internet, making this outrageous scandal and those involved come to light and be exposed for what they are.

So this is just in the United Kingdom, right? Wrong! The United States government had nearly 1,700 staff members of the Department of Justice show up on a list of names gathered from an internet child porn sting out of 3,200 names found. The investigation was stopped due to a “lack of resources” after a very short 8 months. Due to recent attention, the investigation is being officially reopened and hopefully the culprits in the U.S. government will be prosecuted.


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  1. Finally the evidence is so strong they can’t hide it anymore.
    I knew the pedophilia ring within the government existed, as I researched for myself and the victims all over the world said the same thing.
    Since people don’t research for themselves this case is a very important milestone to make nonbelievers believe.
    It goes much deeper actually. In the end, the things that ex FBI chief Ted Gunderson exposed are real and more of it got proved by now. It’s not only child molesting, it’s even about satanistic rituals, as the victims of Saveline or other politic pedophiles have explained.
    Our governments are infiltrated by weird devil worshippers and they are hiding the most important truth from us.
    Thanks for this great article, you’re doing awesome work as always. Take care and I’ll do my best to support you.

    • Thank you for the support. I know it says “written by: hqanon” but it’s because they didn’t get my author name yet (even though I provided it). I am a newly hired author for AnonHQ and I plan on writing many more articles exposing the government of this world for what they are.

    • They’re not only weird but they’re mostly members of Masonic lodges. They’re active demon and spirit worshipers. Fucking boys in the ass is one of their biggest rituals. These animals are known for child sacrifices and other such rituals. Masonry’s true core is pure Satanism. But of course everyone knew that right?

  2. When will anon be launching an operation against the BBC and UK Government? This needs to happen. BBC needs shutting down for good!

    • An investigation? The BBC has been reporting on this sad, depraved and important issue with more detail, depth and objectivity than this article for several years now. Why shut them down? You may as well shut down all care homes, schools or hospitals because a miniscule proportion of adults involved are sick and depraved.

    • How can Anonymous start working on another government when ours is the probable worst of them by far? Why start something and start something else only to never finish the first project?

  3. The worst Anonymous can do to these forsaken people is to place the spotlight over them and expose them. The people will send nothing but their own wrath upon every single one of them. Every single person out for their blood on the floor in return for the innocence ripped away from helpless children.

  4. I have unfortunately been wrongfully maligned as such myself. It strated for me around 30 yeras ago that while rooming with folks who turned out to be satanists, that these folks were indeed satanist pedo’s who were sacrificing children. While they were out one day, I prayed over their Satan bible to take away it’s power, so that no more children could be harmed. Trouble has followed me since, and I have been getting denied medical care etc. for many years now. I did not understand why this all was happening, until just a couple of years ago some few people in the know began to drop some hints for these happenings in my life. experiences shown that these assertions are true. I came upon my Gnosis in the wild sense…re-booted the brain, and went into the light. That happened just before the incident in California with the satanist’s. oh so many years ago. I do not have reason for falsities surrounding this. As far as that goes,my name would be Earl. Right now, I call myself DaFoo. I will possibly write more of these things at another time. As An Aside, in trying to right these wrongs in my life, I have contacted many politicians, all of whom have refused to help or look into these things.

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  6. Step one in order to protect children is to cut off the supply source, The source of supply is the children protection servicess, As you are aware many families have their children taken away for reasons that in truth are petty, but all effort by the protection services to make out that the children in question are in great danger and need be taken away and put intofoster ccare, People are to tied up with their lives to see the scheme behind the so called chdren protection services, this is a major area to investigate


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