Thorium….Friend or Faux? Car Runs 1 Million Miles on 8 grams


Monday July 21, 2014

Written by: tech anon

“Car runs 1 million miles on 8 grams of Thorium”…It almost sounds too good to be true. So, is it? According to a company called Laser Power systems from Connecticut it is not only possible but, in the works.

After reading the article 4 times (which can be found in the link below) I find myself asking a few questions. Now, who am I to question the claims and possible fame of this red, white and blue cutting edge company? I’m purely a voice among the anonymous masses. I lived and spent my childhood on the proverbial “wrong side of the tracks”. I went to a college that specialized in industrial and mechanical processes. I work with my mind and hands together daily on anything from lawnmowers to conceptual science projects.

In theory? (A very general theory I might add) this sounds like a way to lead us into fossil fuel freedom. Watch out Duck Dodgers! Here we come!

Since the late 70’s and the gas crunch of the 80’s there’s been an unimaginable amount of small concept companies trying their best to come up with alternative fuels and systems to get us away from fossil fuels let alone baffle us with technical marvels from the far future. Residing at the top of my Swiss cheese memory is a company called Talbert Industries. Mr. Talbert came up with ideas of achieving over 100mpg with his fuel formula but lacked a delivery system. He did what all good mad scientists do and sent his minions to gather the people and beg for support in the form of their hard earned money. To make the ever so long story short, enamored in a majesty that only Dr. Who could weave, people gave him money…including my father the carpenter and my mother the makeup saleswoman.  For the next few years updates and shareholder meetings came and went. One day an announcement arrived stating that Talbert industries had gotten notice of a very large supporter buying into the project and that the finish line was in sight. Mr. Talbert’s company was never heard from again. His private investor halted all progress and the project passed quietly into the night.

Now, we fast forward to 2014 and the concept of a Thorium driven vehicle. To do some quick and realistic mathematics; while following this theory, 8 grams of Thorium could produce enough energy to  let a gasoline powered car that gets 20mpg over 1 million miles. Of course, there are no actual trials to prove this. As a simpleton I’ll ask “What about hills, valleys? Altitude? Weight? Cold? Heat?” The article states “The question is not, however, “if” they can get it to work, but “when” they can get it efficiently produced. When they do, they will have a vehicle that “will wear out before the engine. There is no oil, no emissions – nothing.” Quite the claim if you sit and think about it.

Hmmm…interesting. The Thorium would be used to create a laser, which would heat water which would, in turn, drive a number of mini turbines to produce electricity to drive the car. Elroy Jetson would proudly build this in his spare time from old toaster parts. In the deep, dark reaches of my mind and imagination I have no doubts that it’s possible with an intangible amount of work and technological jumps. This all brings me to one question. Will it be “allowed” to happen? Will it be allowed to playfully threaten the big car companies like the Hydrogen and the Hybrid electrics have? Maybe. Will some large super-secret investor come along with the sheckles to push the project through the roof only to make it disappear because it’ll affect the amount of money coming into his pocket from the big oil?

I sincerely wish you all the luck in the world Laser Power systems from Connecticut but, I must officially call shenanigans. Due to the greed and complacency of this thing we call our government and the overlordish rights they believe they have, I predict it will not happen in my lifetime unless the people smarten up, stand up and regain control…for the good of ALL. Not just some.



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  1. As a gearhead, I think this is very cool, but look beyond the single vehicle going 1,000,000 miles on that 8 grams. Why not build a portable home reactor which not only charges any EV, but your entire home as well?

    How long night it last in such a capacity? I don’t know, but surely there are KWh numbers for this device somewhere…

  2. Excellent idea for the consumer. However, I doubt the big shots in BP and their friends in high places 😉 would allow that to happen. It would cost them too much, surely?

    Also, living in a particularly cold country. I find my vehicle ices over several times over the year. How would that be combated if water was my primary source of fuel?

  3. My thinking too is that this would be not only suitable for vehicles but for home use. I wouldn’t know the method of determining how much or how long such an energy source would supply a house, but … I’m thinking years if not decades.

  4. Wow this is amazing. I wish them the best off luck. I hope in my life time the people smarten up and stand up so I can see this achieved.

  5. a man invented an motor engine that ran on water in the u.s.a after he went public with it in a video with the local media he got arrested and jailed

  6. The idea of one million miles on 8 grams of thorium sounds great, but I on the other hand I wouldn’t even consider sitting on a nuclear reactor. Ever.

  7. Thats the problem, thorium is too common. Big business needs things in short supply to drive ridiculous costs to make ridiculous profits. Until this changes, thorium will never be used for nuclear energy

  8. Feasible, until you dont get chronic illness due to radioactivity of Thorium with an unstable core or probably die. Any human tissue can be damaged by ionizing radiation in a unique manner. AND RADIOACTIVITY DOES THE WORK. probably Cancer, mutation in DNA, and death in a couple of hours or a maximum of 3 days. LOL. And that energy won’t be produced without radiations and they would kill us. xD

  9. How about using an infinite supply of power called the SUN?
    use the sun’s energy and store it. Split H2o into H and O gas and tank it, or use it directly in the form of electricity, or synthetize pump gas for the usual cars. I’m not going to Mars.

  10. my biggest gripe has nothing to do with the fuel used (although still an issue) but how for so many years light water reactors (or similar) have been built everywhere when fast breeders have been around just as long and with next to none of the safety issues or huge wastage. Of course now with all the talk of thorium it seems to go without saying (in most of what i have read so far) that it is used in fast breeder type reactors, as if everyone already acknowledges that all the current reactors (including the next hundred already in planning stages) are all ultimately ridiculous to even consider building due to waste safety etc etc.. people who are against nuclear power are really just against these old unsafe wasteful (and even used for refining weapons grade material, worrying that china plans to triple (or more) the number of these reactors in the future (hmm well had plans but now i recall somewhere seeing that they may be the growth area for the new gen reactors maybe less worrying oops lol ah well)
    got a bit off topic… thorium reactors awesome, small portable reactors in cars? feels like to me like a good number of years are needed yet before that happens

  11. Thorium is a crystalline salt when heated becomes a liquid. At 2500 degrees. The whole point of a nuclear reactor is to make water into steam to turn a turbine to make electricity. While there is no vapor pressure to the reactor, you can imagine flashing a gallon of water into steam creates about 100 times that space cubically which is a lot of pressure. So yes. A lot of fucking explosions when that boiler goes. The technology is the same as a steam engine, we just replace the fire with something that has a 15 billion year half life, and is a radioactive liquid at 2500 degrees, and a crystalide salt at ambient temperature. It’s the most abundant radioactive material on the planet at .25ppm, and apparently is all over the moon as well, because it is in all our rock. What we need to do is get some black projects unclassified to benefit humanity. Anonymous please prepare the world for disclosure. Either two possibilities exist, that are equally terrifying. We either are alone or we are not. I firmly believe the latter, and that our nuclear tech comes from the stars. I doubt humans even created the combustion engine. Or hell even made fire or clothes on our own. I think we’re to stupid for aliens to want to fuck with us, except as a slave species, and our only interaction with actual intelligent life comes directly from cloned biological entities, who serve their true masters not us. Apollo 20.


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