UFO-Like Cloud Formation Over California Sparks Fear Of Alien Invasion, Nuclear Attack


At around sunset, almost everyone in LA had their phones capturing a beautiful sight of a rocket flight; the sight was a show stopper and sparked both curiosity and alarm amongst the residents of California.

The rocket, which created a cloud of luminous mist in LA’s amethyst night sky, was a Space X’s Falcon 9 that took off from the Vandenberg Air Force Base at 15:27. Falcon 9 had 10 Iridium-4 satellites on-board that were released in a low-Earth orbit.

The satellites will be a part of an operation controlled by Iridium Communications to create faster communication and also provide a safer flight monitoring system. The same rocket was used for the same mission in June as well.

A contrail of the SpaceX Falcon 9 is seen across the sky from Tijuana, Mexico.

The Falcon 9 was visible in southern California and parts of Arizona.  A lot of people were seen taking pictures of the amazing streaks of light in the dark sky. The sight was so intriguing that people of LA thought it was a UFO. Many of them went on saying that it was a nuclear bomb from North Korea.



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