UK Cops Disarm And Arrest Knife-Weilding Man



A video of a man using an 8-inch blade to threaten police officers has recently been released to the public. The video, which was first recorded in 2014, shows a man in the UK shouting aggressively towards two police officers and swinging his blade around in the air.

The footage of the incident was released only a couple of weeks ago and has already gone viral on many sites such as Youtube and Facebook. The two officers, Alex Prentice and Debbie Wishart, were called to take care of a domestic incident in Northamptonshire and were greeted by a very aggressive suspect, Lee Vickers. Prentice is heard shouting “Put down the knife!” towards the suspect whilst requesting his partner to use pepper spray. The two officers kept on backing away, however one of the officer’s protective vests were slashed by the knife, luckily, there was no injury.

Vickers later backed down and began to diverge from the two officers but was then caught and sentenced to 42 months in prison.

Those of the Northamptonshire police department congratulated the two officers, saying that “They both demonstrated courage, cool resilience and outstanding professionalism in the face of extreme danger.”

This has caused many debates on what would have happened if it was two US cops in combat with the criminal. Many individuals are now stating that these officers are showing what the US cops are lacking. – Courage, training, ease of quick thanking and correct equipment.

Many arguments have now been taken to sites like Facebook regarding the subject; one man wrote “This is why I feel safe living in the UK,”  going on to say “Because normal police officers don’t have guns and they know how to do their jobs. Compared to American police officers.”

Some of the other quotes regarding the argument that users wrote on Facebook involve;

“If he was Black or Latino in the US, he would have died and there would have been no remorse,

If UK cops had guns this guy would have been shot dead!

“If a cop tells you to put a knife down, just put it down! Cooperate with the police. People act like policemen wake up every day thinking, ‘I hope I get to shoot someone today.’ Educating people to stop fighting the police will save more lives than taking guns from policemen,”

And “If someone came at you with a knife and you had a gun, wouldn’t you shoot?”

Another thing being shared around is that the UK police serve the people, not the corporates, like in the US.

It is well known that the US police abuse their weapons and power every day, and it is time for a change, in fact, it was in need for a change many years ago, what we have now is a country sized happy go lucky concentration camp. US officers will kill more people in a day than other countries do in a decade and some current statistics provided by The Guardian, state that 59 people have been killed by US officers in the first 24 days of 2015, whilst in England and Wales, only 55 people have been killed by officers in the last 24 years! If those statistics continue then in the next 24 years the US police force would have killed around 21,500 more people than both England and Wales put together… let that sink in.

The video can be seen below.

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      • I’d have shot him too. Sorry, but he’s got a blade every bit of 12 inches long there, I’m HAPPY they were able to disarm him, and frankly in the US, he likely would have just been tazed, but when someone tries to swing a foot long knife that would go straight through you, and come out your back, killing you instantly if it hit anywhere near the heart… Sometimes in life, you are FORCED to decide what’s more valuable, you returning home to your family, or some lunatic with a knifes life. There’s also the option of shooting him in the leg or macing the shit out of him, but honestly if I tried to stab a police officer, I would EXPECT to be shot.

        • Only specially trained firearms officers are allowed to carry tazers lets alone guns. These officers only respond to incidents which are both violent and pose a significant threat to the publics safety (IE. A armed suicidal person or a gun wielding madman ect) officers who have asses to these tool will generally not respond to less threatening calls unless they are in close vicinity. If these regular officers had asses to a tazer they would have almost defiantly used it. I also presume they had already called for armed backup but could not wait for it to arrive as they had to act when they were assaulted.

    • grow some fucking balls… or quit. Either way, we desperately need brave people who dont scare so easy instead of a bunch of trigger happy hacks who cant take an adrenaline rush without freaking the fuck out and going straight for the security blanket of deadly force.

  1. if this would be america, the title would be the same, but on video they would disarm him with 9214 shots.

    P.S. And probably that man would be black… just sayin…


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