Anonymous Hacks Asia Pacific Telecommunications In Protest Against Internet Censorship


2015 the year in review; the rights of internet users across the globe appear to be under attack.

China Defends Right To Internet Censorship:

Egypt Bans VoIP Services:

France Bans Public WiFi:

European Union Bans People Under 16 From Social Media:

India Bans Free Internet:

U.K Wages War on Encryption:

FBI Wages War on Encryption:

Hillary Clinton Supports FBI War on Encryption:

Trump Announces He Will Impose Unprecedented Internet Sanctions:

The 10 Most Censored Countries:

21st-Century Censorship:

In protest of internet censorship around the world and more specifically in Thailand, Anonymous hacktivists from the region have claimed responsibility for a comprehensive hack of the Asia Pacific Telecommunications Company. A brief summary of the attack shows that the Anonymous

  • Defaced Asia Pacific Web Site
  • Gained Access To the Administrator Panel/Privileges of the Web Site
  • Data Dump:

The pictures below illustrate the extend of the hack. When the hackers defaced the web site they left behind the new link for everyone to see along with a YouTube video and a simple warning “Stop Watching Us”:

The group behind the attack also released the following statement: “Though, we the Anonymous hackers have conducted this attack but we would like to mention that we were also joined by hackers from other groups, you can call it an operation by world hacker team against censorship in Asia”.

Deface ^^

Admin Setting ^^

Admin Setting ^^




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