A Unique Response to the German Refugee Crisis


AJ+ has documented a short clip on the refugee crisis in Germany, but with a difference.

Germany has taken in more refugees during the 2015 crisis than any other EU country. They’ve set the precedent for all other European nations. But how are their own citizens reacting to the mass migration of asylum seekers?

While some German protesters shout “foreigners out,” and attack refugees, other parts of Germany are uniting and helping to deal with the crisis. Soldiers in Halberstadt and other towns have been called in to deal with the crisis by building camps in public parks, with the public rallying their support behind the projects.

While some attack the very notion of an asylum seeker walking into their country, some parts of the German media are lashing out at those attacking, imploring others to speak up and loud against the behavior. Anja Reschke, a popular German news anchor hit back at the hate-speech populating her country. “The haters have to understand that society doesn’t tolerate this,” she states in front of the cameras. ‘Speak out against it, open your mouth, show attitude.”

You can see AJ+ short documentaries here.

The German Army Has a Unique Response to the Refugee CrisisGermany is sending in the army to deal with the refugee crisis. But it’s not what you think.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


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  1. Are you over here, yes?

    If you would, you’d see that the masses in Germany are tending now to refuse the illegal occupation of the country through economical motivated asylum seekers, latest since the muslim rape and sex attacks in cologne on more than 600 women. (Why you didn’t mention this in your “report” ?)

    Since that day more and more reports on sexual assaults from all over Germany are getting into the social media channels, as the mainstream media is covering things up. Sweden just admitted, it has manipulated the info about crimes caused by these immigrants. The bunch of thugs attacking the asylum seekers is NOT the majority of German citizens but rather a vanishing small part. You must know, we welcome anyone if endangered, yet you can’t come here and fuck things up, specially not rape and hurt our population to an extent that it is unbearable.

    Furthermore you should notice, that the plot, the US is playing on the EU, namely the destabilization of the european area, which ensures the US its status as superpower ( scared about us hm? ) and even allows to send/sell more weapons into the crisis areas is no secret. Double strike.

    Gladly people here are now waking up and even demand the chancellor to resign, if not worse.

    This is the current situation in good ol’ Germany.

    • What are you dreaming about America didn’t start this immigration you fool. We couldn’t give a rats ass about YOUR Socialistic broke ass EU.

    • You have obviously no connection whatsover with refugees in Germany. If all your information about this crisis is drained from the TV and RTL then I at least know why you suffer from this heavy dellusion.

      Refugee and their assistance in finance and integration is pulled of by Voluntaries. The state does not concern itself with anything but their allowance and their asylum procedure.

      The rest which concerns integration, company to states offices, teaching german, english and mostly latin alphabet is ALL handled by unpayed voluntaries.
      More than a million refugees are here so I am sure you can imagine the dimension of how many voluntaries are needed for that. Of course you won’t see or feel this united power driving to fight the crisis because you are just sitting in front of your tv, kicking people that already crawl on the floor instead of criticizing your OWN DAMN government YOU VOTED for and ask them why they don’t spend money to handle the problem seriously. Germany can take a lot of refugees. Do you really think even 5 million would destabilize our economy? If handled correctly it would not. Sending troops to Syria producing more refugees ( just imagine how syria must feel. How are they supposed to build up a new peaceful nation if the working force is gone or dead!) and spending millions into warfare instead of integration of the refugees. if social workers took care of them they would NOT rampage and do what ever they like. If they were allowed to do some sports or ANYTHING at all instead of waiting more than a year sitting in a bed in a room of 6 people they would NOT sexually assault anyone and they would NOT be criminal like they currently are.

      • You are one of those left wing guys, paid to conunteract any reasonable comment and in addition accusing me of watching RTL? How much is the rate actually? 27 Euro? And a free McDonalds meal – proven by screenshots. Too bad I can’t post all the evidence here.

        I guess you are the one that is blinded by the mainstream media. I have made my point clear, and this is what it is – and saying “sitting in a 6 men room” provokes the rape and attacks blatantly shows your ignorance and your misunderstanding of the situation.

        Cologne was a planned action from muslims, same in other major capitals. So now tell me, this happened coincidentally? I suggest you do your homework before making such a statement.

        Furthermore inform yourself on the topic of the “weapon of migration” postulated by the US Gov, already in the 1970 ‘s.

        • When have I ever said that? Whether this is all planned by let’s say masterminds sitting in the US or not is to be debated. I assure you that in this matter we share the same thoughts.

          Disziplinierung der europäischen Arbeiterschaft durch Migranten.

          This is a threat. A real one. And I myself as part of the almost non existent middleclass am of course frightened by the thought of this.

          But I am not sure of your oppinion on the following matter :

          We are not attacked by muslims. Unfortunately the Islam has it’s main population in nations that have been surpressed by the US for decades and thus they act as puppets to the “democracy eagle”. They are victims to a great aggressor coming from the west.

          Instead of joining our forces to them we should counter any violent behaviour coming from the United States of America. Muslims have a different way of living and especially the culture revolving around it is to be criticized. But they did not decide to be bombed. That’s someone else who decided that. And currently it looks like we are part of the group that made that decision.

          • And I am not paid. But tell me more about it. If I can be payed for things I do anyways I’d love to her more about it.

  2. These liberal idiots will never get it. They are going to kill you and more rapes will come. Taqiyya…caliphate…..they will shave and stay away from mosques and betray you. Taught in mosques

    • @ jeff… Quite trying to learn about Islam from the internet buddy…maybe you should attend a mosque and see for yourself whats being preached. Taqiya n betrayal taught in mosques my ass…


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