[VIDEO] Woman Faces Jail For Posting Video Of Her Maid Being Sexually Abused… By Her Husband




Imagine that you caught your spouse groping the hired help, who is resisting this obvious case of sexual harassment. Imagine you filmed the indecent assault. Imagine that YOU went to jail.

Imagine that you live in Saudi Arabia.

The video above shows a Saudi man groping a female maid as her hands are full, carrying dishes or a tray. The man tries to kiss her, and appears to touch her crotch, while she pulls away.

It should be noted that maids in Saudi Arabia have no choice but to allow such abuses to occur; employers get away with chopping off maids’ hands when they try to escape from heinous abuse.

Many maids face death row for resisting rape, and “witchcraft”… a poorly-conceived excuse for a state-sponsored execution of a woman you’d raped.

The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him,” the unnamed wife wrote in her caption to the video, Emirates 24/7 News reported.

Unfortunately, be it for revenge or to expose an abusive man, she will face one year in prison because she had “defamed” her husband.

According to Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob, cited by Emirates 24/7, the man’s wife “faces up to one year in prison or a fine of SR [Saudi Riyal] 500,000 [around $133,000] for defaming her husband.”

The law “on information technology crimes” stipulates “stiff punishment” for anyone who films others with various devices, including smartphones with cameras, in order to “defame them,” the Saudi lawyer said.


Sources: RT, Al Jazeera, Daily Mail

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  1. The law “on information technology crimes” stipulates “stiff punishment” for anyone who films others with various devices, including smartphones with cameras, in order to “defame them,” the Saudi lawyer said. Easy… Same in the Emirates!!! What he did was disgusting and what she did was right but the law states that you can’t film to defame! Very, very easy this one… Next!

    • Indeed he is no men at all. He should come in our country and put in prison so he can be raped. Fucking demons in Saudi and they say they are believers.

        • If only man like yourself give woman respect as we should get. You probably think this is normal. Only good thing is that in the end man like this will meet the creator and then you will know how wrong you guys are in your beliefs about woman and other religiions.
          Not because God will Punish but because of the fact that after this life you will gain true wisdom again and will punish yourselves for being ugly human beings that have hurt innocent people and creatures. The good will win in the end. Amen.

          • Feels just a bit too little to put hope on some imaginary creator and his interest on humans.. I I would rather have these men in prison and their way of life not supported by USA.

        • Do all you lowlife Muslims think this way?
          Women are not put on earht for your pleasure or as a man’s property. When will you animals understand this? U are no better than women. We are all souls in various bodies, and are all created equal. I didn’t learn this from a religion, but from common sense. From analytical thinking. Maybe you should try it sometime. You are not a man.

  2. Fucking cave man law. It’s 21 century in most of the places on planet but not middle east, fucking goats rapists. Fucked up religious bullshit.

  3. our ally. Giving aid or doing biz with savages just lowers us to savages.
    no anything to ANY nation with any religion in their constitution

  4. Saudi men are pigs who have no regard for women either in their country or ours. Disgusting pigs! I go out of my way to chastise them whenever I get the chance because in the USA women will NOT put up with this bs!

  5. The consequence of mixing paternalistic religions and politics. You end up having a system that is rigged against women, and towards oppression; inevitably leading to rape, torture, murder, sex-trafficking, pedophilia, and the sort.

  6. I feel for the woman there. They need to fight against this over there. No woman should be treated this way in these conditions.

  7. and… that is why people hate us muslims and muslim men, because of that idiot. But im not gonna complain because i live in usa, muslims here dont do that stupid crap.

  8. That mental shit should be put in prison for raping a helpless woman, good job his been exposed, he must be very proud of himself idiot,, shouldn’t he been stoned or something!!!!

  9. OMG heartless man it just made my heart cry poor woman hope ur oil will soon dry up so ull experience hunger and pain too goat fcukerssss???????

  10. And Saudi Arabia is part of UN Human Rights council, that votes on the UN resolutions…it just shows that the UN and world leaders are more interested in Saudi money and benefits (maides when they come and visit 4 example) than Human Rights…way to go Banki-lives-on-Moon…

  11. This guy just made be loose my hope in humanity of this date. We’re eventually just losing common sense.. I’d fuckin’ gun that guy down, if it wasnt for two things.. I dont have a gun and I dont live in Saudi Arabia. AND THEY ARE IN THE UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL!?

  12. Saudi men seem to be nothing but a bunch of raping, womanizers who can’t control women on their own so they have to make a bunch of laws that violate basic human rights, civil rights and freedoms that God gave all human beings. They need to grow up, stick the dik back in their pants and be good little boys like their MOMMAs taught them. Thank goodness for those mommas too, otherwise their womanizing raping azzwipes wouldn’t be here to do that to helpless women.


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