“Unite for Peace” Author and Holistic MD found Dead in Mysterious Circumstances


A bestselling author and holistic MD has been found dead under possible mysterious circumstances. The 31 year old Jamie Zimmerman, reportedly slipped and fell while alone in Hawaii, dying as a result of the incident.

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Zimmerman has had a successful career as an author and holistic MD, and was due to work with Deepak Chopra before her untimely death. She was one of several dozen holistic doctors to have met death under strange circumstances, with some said to have been murdered while others were ruled as suicide. Between June and October 2015 there have been 13 deaths under these circumstance with Zimmerman being the 14th.

Zimmerman’s TED talk can be viewed on the link below, to learn more about the message she was trying to present to the chaotic world in which we live., and how to find the peace within ourselves. To get into “the gap,” Zimmerman promoted how to self heal rather than to self medicate with drugs. The discussion she gives is more relevant to us now, than ever before. (Dr Victor Frankl gives an introduction first).

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  1. Has anyone thought that this could be a potential serial killer targeting young doctors within that age range, stalking them and waiting until they’re isolated and then the opportunity to cause harm? I mean, this is seems like an obvious serial killer, a typical controlled unsub.

  2. It’s not mysterious. She slipped, she fell. Probably died of a traumatic brain injury.

    Too bad someone didn’t bring her some snake oil for it….


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