University of Alaska Launches 9/11 Controlled Demolition Investigation


The University of Alaska are sponsoring a full investigation into claims that World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7) was brought down by a controlled demolition during the 9/11 attacks.

Dr. J. Leroy Husley, Chair of the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ (UAF) Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, is partnering with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to evaluate the causes for its collapse. reports:

Although questions still remain about how the two planes that hit the Twin Towers could cause the total collapse of the high-rise buildings, many 9/11 researchers now focus on the mysterious collapse of building 7.  A number of 9/11 family members point to the collapse of WTC7 as a possible crack in the official story that could spark a new national conversation on the events of that day. WTC7 was not hit by a plane that day; however, it collapsed at 5:20 p.m. according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the official cause for the collapse was office fires. A growing number of family members, activists, architects and engineers question the official theory for collapse and are seeking a new investigation into WTC7.

Dr. Hulsey and the WTC7 Evaluation project hope to answer some of the remaining questions. The project is a two-year study that is being crowd-funded through Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Dr. Hulsey has invited professionals from the fields of structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, building design and construction, physics, math, and science, as well as everyday citizens, to get involved.

“Over the next year, with a team of PhD students, I will be rebuilding World Trade Center building 7, using the same drawings that were used to build it originally we will reconstruct it  digitally,” said Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey. “NIST says the building fell down due to office fires. Our investigation will evaluate the probability that this was the cause of the collapse.”

The researchers are promising a “completely open and transparent investigation into the cause of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse,” and will post every step of their scientific process on The WTC7 Evaluation project will also include a review by a committee of technical experts who will vet the research being conducted by Dr. Hulsey and his students. The professor and his team are soliciting financial support from the public from now until the completion of the study in April 2017.

Ted Walter, Director of Strategy and Development for A&E 9/11 Truth, is in charge of working with the professor and raising money to fund the WTC7 Evaluation. Walter told Activist Post that the project began in May 2015 and should should wrap up in April of next year.

“They are coming up with different scenarios of how hot the fires could have been in different parts of the building, and then for the next 6 months they will be running tests and scenarios,” Walter told Activist Post. “The last few months, early next year, will be all about putting the findings into a final report.”

Walter said the goal is to get the report published in peer-reviewed engineering journals. “We hope to gain significant traction in the engineering community by providing an authoritative refutation of NIST’s report, by showing that there is no way that fires could have brought down building 7.” Walter also mentioned the possibility of getting the report into the hands of every member of Congress.

As we approach the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, it has never been more important to question and challenge the official government narrative. Exposing the lies and bringing the truth to light is going to take efforts by researchers like Dr. Hulsey, as well as architects, engineers, firefighters, pilots, government officials, and everyday citizens. Without a coordinated effort and campaign for truth, the American public will likely never know exactly what happened during that tragic day.

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  1. I think the American government still have some concealed information as regards 9/11.

    My presumption is that 9/11 was a government thing!

  2. If it is a true study, who will ”suicide” again by ”accident”??? Or maybe they are making a scientific study just to shush to guys. Anyway, who has not the brain washed yet, knows the true.

  3. Fact: It is impossible for any structure to fall within it’s own footprint without controlled demolition.
    Fact: On one day three buildings did the impossible.
    Fact: No high rise structure in history, including some that burned for weeks, ever collapsed from fire.
    Fact: On one day three buildings did what had never happened before.

    To anyone with a functioning brain, who is not blinded by a red, white, and blue blindfold, there is something terribly wrong with the official story. To anyone with a background in demolition, it is obvious what occurred but not yet obvious who was involved actively or passively.

    • J P Morgan.

      Where do you get your facts? Research some engineering concepts such as Progressive collapse or disproportionate collapse. There are plenty of examples of structural failures.
      These buildings were built with older standards and codes, when technology for dynamic modelling of building systems with the effects of fire, wind and earthquakes, was not available.
      Please do some reading and don’t just read the conspiracy sites alone.

      • iWatchya —–>>>> building 7 – look up footage of it being completely demolished hours after the 2 planes hit the towers and no plane ever hitting it

        • This is basic engineering 101.
          The structure was weakened by the collapsing of the two main towers. It doesn’t mean that if it doesn’t collapse immediately. I won’t collapse at all. The fire in the building weakened the iron structure even more and as Iwatcha mentions. These where older generation high rise buildings, where out dated construction methods were applied.
          Even in modern day techniques, a high rise would barely be able to survive such an event. Why on earth would a goverment risk billions and billions of economic loss to justify a war on…well, peasants?

          • The building was evacuated before it was demo… *cough* I mean, fell. Yes, it “fell”. The video that leaked of the reporter who announced it’s fall before it happened, well that’s just “conspiracy theory”. Promille? ProMillitaryElete? Haha. War on peasants? Let me set my sarcasm aside, because your words are vile. Why? Oil? War Profits? Opium feilds? Patriot Act? Who really knows why our government did this, but come on… We’ve had enough evidence disclosed over time. Don’t act stupid. Denying it at this point only makes you sound involved.

          • Lol. Billions and billions of economic loss. Wow…. How bout the billions made by the government contractors kid? You think the government gave a shit about what tax payers would shell out? The Carlyle Group, The Chertoff Group, Rand Corp, Kroll Associates, The Bin Laden Group, Halliburton, Harken Energy….. Shall I go on? Seems your hero Bush gave the Saudis a free pass in the bogus war on terror.
            “We will make no distinction between those that commit these horrible acts and those that harbor them.” I guess when you’re the Saudis and you bankroll the false flag of 911 with Pakistani ISI you get a complimentary cover up and whitewash.
            No hi rise steel structure has ever fallen suddenly, completely and progressively from fire. And 7 wasn’t hit with both towers. And debris was not a cause of collapse. Fire alone.
            Try harder Liar

    • I have always believed our govt knew, participated, actively helped with the planning, and colluded with other parties to successfully accomplish 9/11. I believe one of the goals was to guarantee the passage of “The Patriot Act”, now known as “Homeland Security Act, which effectively striped citizens of dozens of liberties and civil rights in the name of “Defending against Terrorist” “Keeping America Safe”.
      It was designed to instill overwhelming fear, prejudices, and gain more control over every citizen and to gain the ability to track and spy on humans globally.

    • Another thing to think about if it was cobtriled denolition is that ut takes a long time in advance to set up a demolition that large. They blame fires for the building coming down but why is it fire sprinklers didnt at least contain the fires? I install them and know they do work….

      • They claim that the water mains were broken from the collapse of the twin towers so there was no water getting to the sprinklers.

        However a witness that was inside 7 for hours said there were explosions throughout the building while he was inside.

      • I’m a sprinkler fitter. If the risers or feed main get hit or compromised there will be pressure loss which will leave the sprinkler heads inoperable.

    • Hi JP. Just one thing. I totally agree that nothing in nature is going to bring a building down on it’s own footprint let alone 3. I have theories as to why and probable structural damage from the initial WTC attack in the parking basements but that is theory when you piece together the insurance claims alone would have broke the US Government and Federal Reserve. I am also a Combat Engineer with a Technical Certificate in explosives so the fact the buildings were a controlled explosion is beyond doubt to me. The only thing I wish to point out however is buildings can be demolished by fire and it is a time honoured method used by steeplejacks to demolish tall structures, so this is the only point you have stated as fact that is in fact false, otherwise good post.

  4. Fact: Writing the word Fact before a sentence does not automatically make that sentence fact.

    WTC7 did ‘appear’ to come down almost like a controlled demolition, but anyone who things the two main towers were brought down by explosives clearly doesn’t have a brain at all, or knows absolutely nothing about how demolitions work and what it takes to set one up.

    *In before someone accuses me of being a government stooge *rolls eyes*

    • U R a government stooge, hahahahahhahaha. You really think Anonymous wants to buy any bullshit you’re selling? You’re in the dragons lair,son. Time ta git!

    • You don’t have any brains. Not only did the Twin Towers come down due to explosions, it is evident on the record. Only blind and deaf persons like you will believe the govt propaganda. It looked like a small thermonuclear explosion – everything turning into dust. It is because of people like you that the world is now in this wretched condition. Alaska University Professor should concentrate on the explosive demolition of Twin Towers more. Everyone – I mean any sane person – cannot but agree that WTC7 collapse is only due to controlled demolition.

    • All due respect, there was a large scale renovation done during the 90’s after the first scare where opportunity to plant charges existed. Marvin Bush sat on the board of the company in charge of security as well. Plenty of questions to answer about this one, probably will never be answered.

  5. Thank you for doing this. I’ve wondered about Building 7 ever since I watched a split-screen video showing 7’s collapse beside a controlled demolition. They were identical. Building 7 did not collapse because of fire. Perhaps now the truth will come out.

    • @ ms Fact: You’re correct, but your statement has NOTHING to do with what happened on 9/11. On 9/11, one airplane hit the first tower, and roughly 15 minutes later, a second airplane hit the second tower. At no time did two planes hit one tower.

  6. There are videos of the owner of those buildings giving the okay ‘to pull’ building 7 I think to pull was his term..but I think its public information that it was a decision to destroy that building. I can’t remember the name of the owner…silver-green-bergstein maybe. I'[m completely aware that it would be impossible to create a controlled demoltion in like 10 hours but I think that is the official story

  7. As a former employee and explosives loader for CDI, I can tell with any doubt whatsoever that
    all three events were controlled demolition.

  8. I would like to know why there wasn’t any debris from the planes on the ground. Wing would not have penetrated into the buildings they are not meant to take out or cut through steel reinforced columns. Wings are designed to fall off on contact with any hard surfaces. So they would have been on the ground. And seeing that the fuel is stored in the wings the blaze would have been on the ground as well. Nothing about this whole tragedy makes sense. Was it all staged by our own Government? Hell yes, it more than likely was.

  9. The fact is skyscrapers are designed to support their weight while leaning horizontally. They need to be able to support horizontal forces such as wind, earthquakes or even the momentary shock of an airplane as was the culprit on 9/11. Any real engineer knows these things, people are retarded.

  10. I was reading this with interest, hoping that we were going to get a thorough, independent investigation, and then came a huge red flag:

    “We hope to gain significant traction in the engineering community by providing an authoritative refutation of NIST’s report, by showing that there is no way that fires could have brought down building 7.”

    This is the conspiracy theorist’s biggest problem: Going in with a preconceived scenario and looking for evidence to support it is not how one finds the truth. A genuine, objective investigation should be conducted with the goal to arrive at the most likely explanation based on all of the available evidence, whatever that may be. Therefore, it would have to allow for the possibility that the NIST conclusion is correct. By putting blinders up from the outset, this project is doomed before it starts.

  11. I was reading this with interest, hoping that we were going to get a thorough, independent investigation, and then came a huge red flag:

    “We hope to gain significant traction in the engineering community by providing an authoritative refutation of NIST’s report, by showing that there is no way that fires could have brought down building 7.”

    This is the conspiracy theorist’s biggest problem: Going in with a preconceived scenario and looking for evidence to support it is not how one finds the truth. A genuine, objective investigation should be conducted with the goal to arrive at the most likely explanation based on all of the available evidence, whatever that may be. Therefore, it would have to allow for the possibility that the NIST conclusion is correct. By putting blinders up from the outset, this project is doomed before it starts.

    • Pretty sure if it’s peer reviewed your comment won’t matter. They’re professionals… This isn’t a college history class. It would be the second most important investigation into building 7. At least when it’s over we will be able to see real data.

      • Moses, do your research before you refer to someone as an idiot. Those buildings DO NOT collapse from fire. Look up Madrid and study it closely regarding how, and how long, it burned. They don’t collapse from fire. Also, why weren’t the four main support beams still standing if those buildings went down how the “official” story claims? Because it’s bullshit!!

  12. If you actually calculate the joules of energy required to crush the bottom 2/3 of the towers, and then work out how many joules of energy the top “severed” portions of the building carried with them, it is beyond apparent that they would’ve never crushed the bottoms. The top halves would have toppled off to the sides.

  13. I’m no explosives/demolition expert so it is beyond me what truly happened. I am just glad to see the interest and investigations continue beyond the US Govt’s assessment (aka cover story).

  14. Back in 1945, an b52-type military bomber crashed into the Empire State building, killing around 15 people. Did you guys know that the Twin Towers and the Empire State Building has been at war over which towers are the longest since the existence of World Trade Center?

    The Empire State Building has been battling to stay the tallest tower in the world, but then the World Trade Center came and stole that title. The land is owned by the Port Authority, but the land of the WTO is owned by a business man who bought it and when he signed the papers for the deeds to the WTO, he acknowledged that if the building were to be destroyed, then he is obliged to rebuild it. This was a few months before the WTO was ‘attacked’. It was never a terrorist attack.

    Three names: Larry Silverstein, David Axelrod (previous advisor to the president) and Donald Trump. The 3-in-1, named Bobby Axelrod of the show ‘Billions’. Bobby Axelrod is based on three characters. The World trade Center is about to be rebuilt, who is sponsoring it? Donald Trump.

    Silverstein put in a huge insurance claim right after the building was destroyed.

    I find it strange that a plane flew into the building, they must have take the idea of what happened to the Empire State Building, or it was revenge. Maybe a family member of someone important died in the Empire State Building in 1945 or someone who knew too much.

    The offices of the ‘National Catholic Welfare Council’ were destroyed.

    In the 1960s, when the World Trade Center was being designed, this B-25 impact incident served as motivation for the designers to consider a scenario of an accidental impact of a Boeing 707 into one of the twin towers (this was prior to the 747). They knew the impact would occur in the future. Watch Back to the future 9/11 Youtube.

    We must all support a full investigation into what actually happened. Many people lost their lives. It caused an entire ripple effect across the entire planet and was the motivation behind the so-called war on terror. This event led to the creation of terrorist groups in the Middle-East as the USA claimed a war on terror, but if the WOT wasn’t attacked by terrorists, then the war-on-terror was not motivated for the correct reasons. We were all mislead by the American government and the 1%. The entire planet.

  15. Instead of looking for how the bombing occured, everyone should be looking into the actual motivation behind the bombing. It was a business deal. Silverstein got his insurance claims, Axelrod and Trump sold their shares and started new companies.

  16. Research into a government involved situation? Lets see how many people make it to the final of it all and actually expose the truth. 9/11 was set up, even Obama know this yet no one will talk.

  17. Silverstein, owner of the 2 buildings, said afterwards

    “The building 7 was on fire, we had to make something so we decided to pull it down”

    haha what a joke you miserable pice of shit, do you think we don’t know the time it takes to place explosives on the 200 feet high building structures?
    It doesn’t take 3 or 5 hours, more so when the building is already on fire and in the middle of Manhattan the day terrorists supposedly crashed 2 Boeings on New York.

    That’s absurd.


  18. How about this FACT no matter what those lights lost will never come back and this FACT if our government was behind this in all reality what can we do. All these comments and not one about the people that where lost that day let them RIP and honor the dead. We can not change the past we can only look to the future. All the family members that lost a loved one give them the respect of there lose. There a million stories and a million photo shops that are released. Why start an investigation now after all these years? Those are my thoughts you don’t like them o well move on.

  19. I’m disappointed it’s taken so long for this to happen. Building 7, a 47 story building fell to ground in approximately 6.5 seconds. Those of us in the 9/11 truth movement have always considered this the smoking gun of 9/11. To this day the government has never fully explained how this is happened.

  20. all three buildings were the result of munitions placed there after the 1993 bombings,, the 1993 bombing was meant to topple the North Tower, drop it like a falling tree, not in its own footprint but on neighboring city blocks,, after that, they were all secretly wired to drop in their own footprints if that ever happened again,, the planes and resulting fires set them off indiscriminately

  21. For the sake of blowing the lid off of all these conspiracies and controversies, only one thing is important and urgent. Kidnap Jacob Rothschild and David Rockefeller. And force their world teams to come out in the open. Get those two men on international television and make them give answers to the famous and somewhat convincing conspiracy theories. For the sake of humanity they must. It’s gone too far. Just capture these people. And kill them if needed. Kill every motherfucker that is directly involved in all of these conspiracies. These men have stayed behind the curtains for too long. They are accountable to the world on account of having unimaginable volume of wealth. Fuck the New World Order. The Universe is motherfucking One and even if you enslave us and kill us, our energies will live on and reunite and stay. Fuck you FBI, CIA, and the US Govt.

  22. Are you people dead dumb and blind? The “puff” is a percussion blast that happens when a jet full of fuel explodes blowing out windows for blocks around. Did you not see the second plane’s nose protrude on the opposite side of the second tower hit? I did. I watched it live.
    Trust me, you have MUCH deadlier things to worry about today. Give it a rest.

  23. “We hope to gain significant traction in the engineering community by providing an authoritative refutation of NIST’s report, by showing that there is no way that fires could have brought down building 7.”

    And you’ll be right behind this study, all the way, until it proves, beyond doubt, that there was no conspiracy – and then you’ll tell us all how flawed the study was.

    I’m bored already.

  24. Naaaaa a fucking plane flying at full speed and full of fuel wouldnt shoot shit out of every possible opening or elevator shaft that it fucken well could ,any avenue of least resistance would be a escape point you dumb pricks including pressure waves shooting thru to the base of the building and out any open elevator door ,jesus you morons are beyond reality , yes your cunt government is corrupt as hell but im pretty sure they dont need to fly 5 planes into shit to go attack anyone ,its never dtopped them before , your bullshit contrived answers are just insane “”kero”” “”not flammable “” , naaaa you dont need humungous combustion to get over 200 tonnes off the ground , naaaa most other planes that crash dont explode and burn and sooooo much more , you mutts are only helping the mutts that did it , you cant even accept that a bunch of nutter muslimes that destest you were funded by saudi gov who detest you even more and then they most probably got ideas from your own crap hollywood movies and abused your cocky usa is great attitude and lack of security on your home front to fuck you in the arse ,, naaaa thats not a concept you even consider =derrrrrrrrr

  25. Great, the UAF is so poor it can’t pay attention. And now this professor want to waste money on this project because he’s an aluminum foil hat wearer? Fire them.


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