US Ally Bombs ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital


By SM Gibson  at


A Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital in Yemen was hit by a series of (US and UK Ally) Saudi-led airstrikes on Monday night, the organisation tweeted Tuesday morning. MSF reported that patients and staff were inside the facility when the bombing took place. At least one person was injured and is in stable condition.

MSF spokesman Hassan Boucenine stated the attacks on the hospital in the Yemeni governorate of Saada “must have been deliberate,” as it was only two weeks ago that the group provided the coordinates for their Saada location to the Saudi-led coalition.

“We give GPS positions, all the positions, of our hospital to the coalition head and we renew them every month,” he said, adding that “the latest one was done two week [sic] ago.”

Boucenine said it is inconceivable that the military didn’t “know it [was] an MSF hospital.” The spokesman went on to add that “There is no reason – ever – to commit a war crime. To target a hospital. There cannot be any good reason.”

The attack comes less than one month after a Doctors Without Borders facility located in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan was attacked by a U.S. military airstrike. At least 30 people were killed.

The airstrikes also mark the one week anniversary of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announcing it approved an $11.25 billion deal to sell combat ships to Saudi Arabia.



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    • Wait…..where does it say the US did it????? I believe it said Saudi Arabia.
      Get your facts straight before spewing your shit.
      I love how you all completely ignore how it said Saudi Arabia and just start with your usual ‘hate the americans ‘ bullshit. Either that, or you’re all just a bunch of illiterate mf’ers and don’t know how to read.

  1. It’s not like these hospitals are getting bombed just for target practice. When one side uses a hospital as a shield for “able-bodied combatants” it looses it’s protection per the Geneva Convention.

    “According to the Commentary on the First Geneva Convention, examples of acts harmful to the enemy include the use of medical units to shelter able-bodied combatants, to store arms or munitions, as a military observation post or as a shield for military action”

    Jean S. Pictet (ed.), Commentary on the First Geneva Convention, ICRC, Geneva, 1952, pp. 200–201; see also the military manuals of South Africa (cited in Vol. II, Ch. 7, § 612), Switzerland (ibid., § 614) and United States (ibid., § 619).

    • Exactly, M H. As shirt as it sounds, perhaps Saudia Arabia had good reason to bomb the hospital. I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to just go around bombing hospitals, knowing the consequences UNLESS there was sufficient reason. Which obviously they don’t feel the need to share with the rest of the world just yet as it could be for security or operational reasons. Before anyone goes around making accusations….people really need to learn the whole story first!!!.

      And again, it wasn’t the US, anonymous. Your headline is hilarious though. Instead of saying’ SAUDI ARABIA bombed a hospital ‘ . You have to be little Freuds and play on psychology and say’ A US ally bombed a hospital. Your psychological bullshit may work on others, but that shit doesn’t fly witH me….and hopefully many others who aren’t so easily brainwashed.

  2. Damn man… the mainsteam news are confusing enough. Don’t make anonymous turn to another bullshit spreading machine. We really need some real facts beside the news on TV and not even more cunfusion…

  3. A bit defensive are we? USA is part of the coalition of Saudi Arabia and since we know that the US is not adverse to bombing hospitals it doesn’t take much intelligence to assume they are part of the bombing crew. As one other poster pointed out the USA does not recognize the International Criminal Court so they think they can get away with war crimes, and they have been doing so for a long time. It’s all about money, not terrorism or the much bandied about “freedom” . Freedom, my ass.


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