US Army Is Working On A New Hoverbike


If you were born in the seventies or the eighties, then your childhood was probably filled with, aliens, the grooves, and the space travel and definitely, a glimpse of what the world would be in the near future. However, as time passed by, the concept of how things of the future would be, faded away. Recently, an awesome invention that is storming the world – particularly the United States military has impressed its funders – is having your own personal hover bike.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – he Army Research Laboratory has shown off a prototype of its ‘hoverbike,’ a rectangular shaped quadcopter that has been named the Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle, or JTARV.

If you have the funds, you can pre-order one for yourself, however, the delivery date is not yet public. The company, Malloy Aeronautics, which is housed in the United Kingdom, is the creator of this hoverbike, as well as many other drone-related products. The company also created a remote control version of the bike, which is already in use – running on the physics similar of a drone. Like any other drone, the hoverbike consists of quad propellers that are enclosed in a semi-protected casing to increase the airflow; the design is minimal for providing stable and fast flying experiences and the company states the cost will be around as much as a small helicopter.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – The hoverbike being tested by a technician.

However, unlike the current versions of the hover bike, its predecessor consisted of only two propellers and was born more than five years ago. Built around a BMW’s 1200cc heavy bike engine, in Australia, it had basic heavy bike controls to give it a more bike feeling. The company then decided to move for the United Kingdom.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – A mockup of the full sized hoverbike, which is similar in size to a small car.

The initial version that used two fans, was built in 2011 by Chris Malloy, a New Zealander then based in Australia. Powered by a 1200cc BMW motorbike engine, it was flown using motorbike-style controls. The company then decided to move to Berkshire in the United Kingdom, a small county located in the south-east of England. The company, by then, was on Kickstarter making drones, costing more than $700. However, after gaining more popularity, the company then built a quad propeller hoverbike, which got the attention of the United States Army, who are now funding the current program.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – An image of the US Army officials with the quadcopter drone.

Service Engineering Co, which is based in Maryland, United States, and specialises in defence related products, also teamed up with Malloy Aeronautics at the Paris Air Show this year, opening their offices in the United States and acting as a catalyst in the hoverbike’s production. As stated on Malloy Aeronautics’ website the hoverbike will fall under the category of Tactical Reconnaissance Vehicle.

Image Source: The Daily Mail – The hoverbike is here! The 1/3 scale version of the bike being piloted by a 3D printed robot pilot.

“Establishing an office in Maryland was a clear business decision,” says Chris Malloy, who is the founder of the Malloy Aeronautics, as well as a co-director as it is published on their website. “The proximity to the Army Research Laboratory and U.S. defence decision makers, access to the world-class facilities through the laboratory’s Open Campus initiative, and the co-location with our strategic business partner, SURVICE Engineering, was all factors in favour of Maryland as the best choice for Malloy Aeronautics.”

With the company’s expansion and developing of products, they are looking for technicians who will become their test pilots in their UK head office. The test pilots will be able to fly the hoverbikes and also identify the problems, helping in developing and creating new test types and assisting them in building small and full size test models. Therefore, if you think you are up for the job and want to build and test one of the most unique vehicles in the world, then you can find read more about the opportunities on their website.

Source: IFL Science, The Daily Mail, Hover Bike

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  1. Nobody cares, U.S. is incapable in every regard and this will just be yet another sci-fi story meant to lead the U.S. population on with false promises that the corrupt government has absolutely NO intention of following through with. Besides, the U.S. government is so corrupt and evil that they’d put these fake hover bikes in the hands of murderous robots under their control before they gave them to the public. The U.S. government hates the U.S. citizen and does every it can to make their life as bad as possible, including but not limited to poisoning everything they consume be it air, water, food and everything they interact with. They go out of their way to prevent advanced technology from reaching the U.S. public, especially if it can’t be utilized by the government to spy on you or otherwise ruin your life.
    The U.S. government considers its own populous Enemy Combatants.

    • Besides, the economy is so broken because of the financial crooks in the system that nobody has enough money to buy anything such as this except the spineless crooks who steal everybody’s money and don’t deserve such tech. I’d buy an electric motorcycle but because of how crappy U.S. society is, there is no way I’ll ever make enough money to be able to consider purchasing one! So I just automatically rule everything out, the U.S is the worst place ever and you will NEVER see hover bikes. Count on it.


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