US military Lost $400 Million Worth Of Weapons In Yemen


Written by John Vibes at theantimedia


 It was recently reported that $400 million worth of US military weapons went missing in Yemen over the past several years. The equipment includes helicopters, night-vision gear, surveillance equipment, military radios and airplanes.

The area has been filled with conflict in recent years, and the US military has been sending weapons and money to the Yemeni government and military. According to the Pentagon, the intensified fighting has made it difficult for them to keep track of their weapons in the region, resulting in the massive blunder.

In exchange for the weapons, money and military support, the Yemeni government has opened their borders for US drone strikes, allowing their citizens to become targets.

“We continue to monitor the situation in Yemen closely and, as the security environment permits, we will continue working with the Government of Yemen to ensure equipment granted or sold to the Government of Yemen by the United States remains accounted for,” a Pentagon official told The Guardian.

Meanwhile, American drones still continue to kill people in Yemen. Just last week a drone strike killed four people in Yemen, and although it was reported that these victims were suspected terrorists, there was no evidence to support this claim, and this excuse is often given even when the victims are obviously innocent.

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  1. And of course there are no consequences for anyone’s actions. If i lost 400 million in weapons you bet there would be some consequences and a few years in prison i am sure. This is nothing more than more of the same bullshit that goes on in this country. When do we wake up? When do we start to hold these people accountable. 400 million would go a long way in the means of homeless shelters, fighting hunger, and/or even healthcare in this country. Also why the hell are we in Syria, Yemen, or any other country to begin with. Don’t we have enough problems to deal with right here at home. Yes we do….Lets face the facts oil is on the verge of been done as it should be……Electricity is also on the verge of being done. Is it going to hurt oh yea that it will but with every change for the positive there is always a positive outcome. This is called life you can live it or fight your choice…and we all know who fights it. Greedy bastards…

  2. There are about 6000 plus satellites around the world an yet cannot find “helicopters, airplanes” except if they have some underground airstrips..

  3. well im sure if i was in charge of the usa government and wanted to give someone weapon without being seen to do so i would go to there home , take 4 million worth of weaponry and sit it on the ground in front of the person i wanted to have it , then i would say im just going to turn and face the other way for a fue hours and hope no one takes all my deadly weaponry (hint hint wink wink ) . ……………. come on guys how stupid do they think the people are , ooooo wait , this is the american people that there steeling from and fibbing to so the government know that a large % of the people are really stupid and will believe anything . those of you that are gifted in the brain department need to help out your neighbours and show them how things really are in the world , do not let fox news educate the american public or your home will never be free agen , you will go from one war to the next , and all because the public are gullible , GOOD LUCK YOUR GONA NEED IT AMERICA .

  4. I don’t believe that the U.S. government has “LOST” $400 million dollars worth of hardware, it seems like the government left the hardware there for someone else maybe rebel fighters or for the Yemeni government. Also, it sounds like that government said they lost it, as a cover-up for nobody can get suspicious. It sounds suspicious if you tell me what.

  5. I doubt that they lost it or gave it to someone else. They paid someone through military equiptment for something that they don’t want us knowing about.


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