Did The US Secretary of “Defense” Just Threaten Russia?

100628-D-9880W-113 Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Ashton Carter briefs reporters in the Pentagon on new acquisition initiatives designed to provide incentives to Department of Defense contractors to cut the costs of their programs on June 28, 2010. DoD photo by R. D. Ward. (Released)




US “Defense” Secretary Ashton Carter made an interesting… “prediction” last Thursday, on the 8th of October, that should make the Russians sit up straight.

He has predicted that Russia would soon begin to suffer casualties


But the military campaign “will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightly fearful of attacks,” Carter said.

“In the coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer from casualties.”

Carter was clearly feeling vindictive; he added:

They have shot cruise missiles from a ship in the Caspian Sea without warning; they have come within just a few miles (kilometres) of one of our unmanned aerial vehicles,” Carter said. I believe MILES is a VERY long distance…  Awww, are ya just pissed that the Russians didn’t ask ya for permission?

Anyway, this statement in itself would not be quite so sensational if Russia had  actually sent in “boots on the ground”; however, its only current military assets in Syria are its planes and its warships, and ISIS/ the moderate “rebels”  have no access to air defense systems and own no naval assets…. right? I mean, the kind of anti-air missile system which could bring down  Russian Sukhoi Su-34 and Su-24SM jets travelling 1.8 times the speed of SOUND would have to be acquired from one of the major powers… right? Also, I’ve YET to hear of an ISIS rowboat, let alone a ship capable of bring down a Russian warship.

And how curious it is that no US predator/reaper drones which fly at a much slower speed of a paltry 135 mph, sub-speed-of-sound, have been brought down by ISIS… in the way that Ashton is now warning the Russians? Only one drone was lost, shot down by Assad’s forces with (probably) Russian-provided air-defense systems.

The ONLY plane to go down in Syria recently was the Jordanian one, its pilot was captured by ISIS (the crash was monitored by the US, but they apparently failed to act in time)…

According to a WSJ article, the US has stated vehemently, however, that it was NOT brought down by ISIS (because let’s face it, if ISIS could actually bring down a jet, even a much slower and older model, people will start wondering if the US has “lost” anything BESIDES hundreds of TANKS and humvees).

The WSJ article even goes on to add (so you conspiracy theorists out there can quieten down) that:
While Islamic State militants have stolen armored vehicles from Iraqi forces, the U.S. never provided Iraq with sophisticated air defense weaponry. The thought never crossed my mind… thanks for bringing it up yourselves.


So, if Russia has nothing to fear from ISIS… just HOW are these casualties going to appear in the “coming days” as claimed by Carter? Well, we all know WHO owns the stuff capable of bring down Russian assets… Just gotta make sure the “right” people get their hands on it…  Carter’s words seem to also carelessly warn of casualties for “Russia itself “, rather than for only the Russian force in Syria… Interesting.

To gauge the sentiment of the People, some “news” sites like to quote “experts” or cite studies. I much prefer quoting comments that have received the most upvotes in the very article which featured Cater’s disturbing “hypothesis”:


1 Dislike (probably from Ashton Carter)

Why in the hell does the pentagon and government even talk about what’s going on over there. Russia has permission to be there and bomb whomever they damn well please. They’ve knocked out more targets with less ammo in less time.

They shot missles &,” they have come within just a few miles (kilometres) of one of our unmanned aerial vehicles.” UNMANNED vehicles…;lol

but it’s ok for us to bomb a hospital in Afghanistan & kill innocent people with 4 different excuses and don’t even want an outside agency to investigate what happened.

I”m sorry, but the US government is the biggest hypocrite and liar in the world. It makes me sick sometimes to read this hypocritic media always talk about other instead of worrying about what we’re doing to the world. Ridiculous.



( As a side note… Oh look, the US war machine have once again come up with an excuse explaining why they are not bombing ISIS… Blame the Russians, their jets are in our way I tell ya!

They’re even following our drones, we can’t bomb EVIL weddings with impunity no more!

If I were the Russians, I’d be following those drones to make sure they didn’t come anywhere NEAR my airbase… because that’s my only weakness, and the only place ISIS can get at my jets without equipment from the US. Because the Russians have been rather paranoid about these things, I suspect that only mysterious procurement of anti-air weapons or even jets by ISIS could be a legitimate counter. Barring US-Russian “accidents” anyway.

A bit of intel on flight schedules and plane directions could also give ISIS- I mean the rebels- a heads up and allow them to move out of the way)


Sources: CNN, Yahoo News, Fox “News”, Reuters, WSJ, Military

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  1. Who gave this guy a slot to write? USA is stronger,richer and has way better military weapons. Our Navy is second to none. Our Air Force is second only to Israel. So no it’s not so far fetched to say Russia tone it down or Big bad USA will stomp your ass.

    • And you are proud of that you imbecile?
      Btw.. it’s not true. RussIA and China are more powerful than you think. You just love war don’t you you fuckin jackals.

  2. We are not allies with Russia and should never believe we are. They are terrorists at best. They fund hundreds of small arms dealers and terrorists that follow suit with their interest which is to say the least America hurt in someway. This is Russia’s mother plan China is involved as well.

    • You are joking surely?! “Russians are terrorists at best”are you aware the usa has caused every conflict since 1947, they are the largest arms manufacturer in the world, their entire economy relies on war and arms dealing/selling,and keeping people like you (the uninformed idiots of the world)stupid.

  3. “Here in the united states we have a tyrannical government. My guess is world war III will soon start. History repeating itself.”

  4. yah wake up you fucking mongrels and realize usa created isis and isis and the rothchilds own us and your brainwashed minds russia is only ones fighting isis and thats why usa wants a war russia destroyed 500 of there oil tankers in 2 days what did usa do bomb hospitals and kill kids in the name of freedom whitch russia has more off wake up.

  5. The people calling Russia terrorists make me laugh, cause for the moment, the big baddies out there are ISIS. If Russia becomes a problem, then we’ll deal with them, but I doubt that because their military force might take a few hits while shitting bombs on ISIS. The USA, on the other hand, is f****ing hypocritical, as it actually isn’t doing anything to hinder a bad development of the situation.


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