Vanga died in 1996 but predicted ISIS, 9/11, the Arab Spring, Obama…a 2016 “Muslim War” and Russian “Superpower”


Are you one to believe in Nostradamus’ predictions? If you are, you may have heard another name, more recently from 20th century Bulgaria, by the name of Baba Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva.

Vanga has been said to have made many predictions, with a reported 63 to 85 percent accuracy depending on where you research. Depending on what you read and who you listen to, however, some predictions were never made in the first place, with Vanga reluctant to talk about future events that impacted heavily on humanity. Her fear, her family says, was that it would encourage the already chaotic world into more turmoil.

However, some predictions made by Vanga prior to her 1996 death are too interesting (or concerning) to be ignored.

Vanga’s history

Vanga, as a young girl, succumbed to blindness after a traumatic accident. The accident involved the then 12-year-old found in a field with dirt and sand in her eyes. In extreme pain, she was unable to open them. Her poverty stricken family afforded the head wounds to be treated, but Vanga would eventually become blind. The incident, however, cannot be verified through weather reports; suggestions of a freak tornado (more likely a severe storm) picked the young girl up and threw her into a nearby field.


Born in 1911, and dying in 1996 from breast cancer, Vanga was not only paid visits by powerful politicians, she also suffered for her predictions. Much like Nostradamus in his time, a potential Seer can offer threat as much as comfort to those around her. Eventually, in 1952, after predicting Stalin’s death, she found herself arrested and placed in prison for a short duration. Stalin later died of an aneurysm (stroke) in 1953.

Vanga was defended by high-ranking officials, and at one point was employed in a “non-existent position” as a “state official,” but it didn’t curb the Bulgarian Secret Service’s belief that she was an agent of the West.

Vanga had predicted the beginning of World War Two and the death of King Boris III, who personally had visited her. He died on August 28 as she had predicted. The red flag flying above his palace that she had warned him of, turned out to be the red flag above Sofia when Bulgaria became a socialist country in 1944.

Current Predications made Pre-1996.

Vanga also predicted the fall of the Twin Towers in the 9/11 attacks in 1989. Reports made suggest she said:

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”

She’s reported to have predicted the 2004 tsunami and the rise of ISIS, and the 2010 Arab Spring as well.

But what makes this prophet more startling is her supposed prediction of a “2016 invasion by Muslim extremists,” where she told how it would be played out in Syria and eventually in Europe. According to multiple reports, Vanga spoke about a “great Muslim war” several times.

In conjunction with this, she predicted the 44th U.S. president would be African American, but added that he would be the last U.S. president the world would see.

In 1979, Vanga also predicted a mighty Russia rising under a man named Vladimir, and that it would have its turn at becoming a superpower.

“All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory, glory of Russia. Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia. All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept, but also becomes the lord of the world.” (*Footnote – AnonHQ Media Faction have verified original content to Russian origins – make of it what you will)

Other Predictions

Just like Nostradamus, there is a touch of the ‘unreal’ element to predicting the future. However, the uncanny nature to which this woman was able to predict events that occurred after her death needs to be heeded, even if just for one moment. Keep in mind, though, her family have stated she never made claims for a World War III.

If Vanga’s predictions were to be true, 2016 is a pivotal year for humanity and the spiraling future events that she has predicted:

2016: Muslims invade Europe

2023: The Earth’s orbit will suffer major changes

2025: Europe’s population will be decimated, reaching almost zero as a result of the wars

2028: Space travel to Venus in an attempt to find other energy sources.

2033: The melting of the poles will cause water levels to rise

2043: Europe as an established caliphate under Islamic rule

2066: A new climate change weapon to be used by America in a bid to retake Rome – the caliphate’s designated new capital.

2076: Communism sweeps the world.

But there is hope. Vanga also predicted that in 3797 the Earth will die, but that mankind is advanced enough to find a new home.

Sources:, History Today, MBC Times, Daily Star, Pravda Report.

This article (Vanga died in 1996 but predicted ISIS, 9/11, the Arab Spring, Obama…a 2016 “Muslim War” and Russian “Superpower”) is a free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author AnonWatcher and


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  1. I can confirm that the last item on that list will occur by then, if not before then due to revolutions in AI and Robotics. Capitalism will cease to have a point for developed economies because they will have had revolutions by then via the previous chain of events outlined in your story. The Muslim elements of your story will actually be seen in the opposite light than it is today after the free markets crash and everyone loses their jobs.

    • …. Dude, really? Is a dead grandma’s prediction of the future a 100% accurate? I wan’t to say I hope not, but even though we are fools as a species, we are blind. You see what’s going on much like the rest. That’s how you answer your question.

      • Vanga predicted so many events. Even the Prime minister of Bulgaria at that time went to her. Communists ware so against religion and everything unexplained by the science, but they never bothered her. Just because she was for real. They use to go to her for unsolved murders as well. The whole country knew about her. You will just enter her room and she will tell you why you have come and she will tell you right away the answer. If you went to her to ask for someone that is sick and you want to know the outcome, if the answer was bad she will go out of her house and point to these people and tell them: “Please go home, I can’t do anything… Please do not ask me.. And to all people who came for some stupid reason she will not let them enter. She wold say: Please go home, there are really people in need here…. She never predicted anything wrong in her entire life!!!

  2. This is bullshit… No chance this will happen and also this is a post to get viewers = money. So people ,do not be fooled by this post and do not be scared. This is some freaking retard that thinks he will get money from this post.

    • How can someone get money buy getting stuff posted on there Shit did you get money for me posting on your comment? All this seems abit far fetched but ngl seems like I just read and saw the future with vangas predictions…

      • Chances are that something like 1 out of every 100 visitors (give or take) will click one of the ads and that will make the owner anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars or more in some cases… But it’s no excuse to post mystic bullcrap… Unless there is a greater underlying positive goal and meaning I am not yet aware of in doing so…

        • “its called traffic+ad revenue…” – for what??? Gee, I se eno sposored banners here, so please get even your fuckts right, dickhead

      • i know that vanga was right but are you sure that vanga said that. i did not find anything like that in some books(i haven’t read them all)

      • I would like to see the original language of the prediction (so I can run it through translators) as well as the translation that is considered accurate so I can judge for myself. It’s easy to reword translations to sound good after the event has happened. I have an open mind but Anon didn’t bother to post anything of any substance.

  3. You list a lot of interpretations of prediction without the actual prediction text. How about you actually provide quotes and leave the interpretation up to us? Or are you like the government now, doing our thinking for us?

    • Yes, I agree.. For instance “the 44th U.S. president would be African American, but added that he would be the last U.S. president the world would see”. What does this mean? Then later, “A new climate change weapon to be used by America in a bid to retake Rome – the caliphate’s designated new capital”. If America is still standing then it will be controlled by Americans.. If the caliphate takes control of the world then there will be no such thing as a nation called America. This frog believes these caliphates will be the guiding rule not taking into consideration that two other major nations (China and India) will also be at stake and certainly Russia won’t tolerate Arabs or Muslims controlling earth even IF it’s called communism. No, I don’t see where this will succeed even if they try, Once Britain goes down as she predicts, the major powers will gather as one and obliterate any usurper, that’s MY prediction.

      • THIS MAKES PERFECT SENSE! THE MEDIA…never covers Bernie Sanders because they want to use Trump to scare people into voting for Clinton, but Bernie is doing pretty well, and has a good chance of winning. If he wins, then to prevent the people taking back congress, the media will continue to avoid covering him, or he will be assassinated and a revolution will spread across the country ending in a system that doesn’t have a president. Europe becoming an Islamic Caliphate is completely sensical, Muslims have moved into Europe in large numbers, and many have positions of power in politics, utterly feasible, depending on SJWs.

    • You know, if you take notice, in general, the world is a pretty silly place. You are a creature who at about 99.9% lives in their own head. Memories, laws of physics running in the background of your mind, explaining everything you see. Depth, light, volume, time. But, should you think about it, you are going to finish reading this right about NOW.

  4. This is interesting considering Trump was asked if he would nuke Europe recently. He said that’s not off the table.

  5. FFS learn the difference between predictions (what you actually MEAN here) and predications- which you don’t. Whoever wrote this looks like an amateur and needs to up their game quite a bit.

  6. Anon – WTF? Mainstream media demonize the Muslim community enough without you adding to the hate.

    Based on real fact it’s the Christian community (not an attack on people’s belief) who have been doing the majority of invading recently.

    Freedom of information is key for humanities natural development and I applaud you for it.


  7. Make enough predictions and eventually some will come true. No different than a broken clock being right twice a day

  8. Everyone says its bullshit. But they Dont know this stuff. Listen to glen beck, and read notridamis books. People are oblivious, and are scared. But these prodictions are true. The world is coming down to a hard crash. Weather we like it or not. Its up to us to try to change it.

  9. What concerns me more is the fact that anonymous chose to put this up now. She died in ’96, which means she must have predicted these things more than two decades ago. Why put it up now?

  10. Who is shee I don’t know, but she predict only about Muslims….. Its confirm that a only religion Islam will live forever like nature… That means be aware

      • Pffttt full of yourself arnt you mohd!! Just because people sin doesn’t mean they deserve to die you cunt, no ones perfect and anyone would be stupid to listen to something they don’t even know is real and let it control your life and mind. Absolutely stupid man I swear they just make this shit up as they go along!!

    • I’m interested to know, Mohd. Do you have faith in Allah, or faith in the people who told you about Allah? Do you have faith in Allah’s words? Is it not actually faith in those who told you them? To have blind faith in Allah is to have blind faith in those who told you of him. Isn’t having that sort of faith in something the definition of worshiping it? I guess my over-arching question is, “Do you worship Allah, or your mosque?” I mean one refers to the mosque as the house of Allah. I guess he is all powerful except in that he cannot build his own house and speak his own mind without a human. So is Allah all-powerful? Is it the human who states they physically experience communication with him lacking any real, unquestionable evidence? Is your faith in your God or in a group of mortals postulating that they are, without hard proof, better than everyone else.

  11. I am from Bulgaria, Vanga as well. Well my father was still alive he had a meeting with her. All that she predicted became true, so that’s not bullshit. All that she said about Bulgaria’s future becomes true.

  12. guys baba Vanga NEVER EVER gave dates to her predictions, not even once! these dates are total bulls*hit, she has said many times that human concept of time is irrelevant for the power she is serving to.

  13. You know how those horoscopes always seem to describe you to a t? This is no different… Can you guys PLEASE start peer moderating stuff before it gets posted? This mystic bullcrap has been proven time and again to be bullcrap, and James Randi has had $1,000,000 to the first person who can prove their “magic powers” for years – guess what – nobody has yet to take the million because they’re all scam artists and nothing more… The world needs Anonymous but the world also needs to take Anonymous seriously…

  14. Vanga was always right, but thees are not her predictions.
    Don’t try to ruin her legacy. Check you sources.
    Otherwise – keep up the good work Anon.

  15. Seriously, fam? A destroyed EU that passes over to Muslim rule is a little too much for me to digest. Almost zero population — What is this, all the World Wars and the Black Plague combined? The First World would not let that happen at any cost.
    Secondly, I don’t understand why we’d travel to the toxic, hellish planet of Venus for energy resources when our Sun is obviously a better alternative to harness thermal or solar energy. Thirdly, she also predicted that ‘hunger’ will be eradicated not too soon in the future, I can’t see that happening with a growing population, dwindling resources and an ever more increasing economic gap. End of the Earth in 3797 also seems ridiculous. We’re causing damage to our planet at an alarming rate so that seems too far away. If anything, we as a species will be extinct before that and our planet will just heal itself and continue to live and support life. I can’t imagine Earth being still alive and well that many years into the future given our continued existence.

  16. if this is real, i’m really sad. really tho?
    communism sweeps the world as the last event mentioned on the list?
    that’s so so long.. 🙁

  17. Its all true. I am from Bulgaria and Vanga do made such predictions for the future and even much more. I remember people going to her to ask for missing relatives for advise, before you even enter the room she already knew for what you have went for.The post is not fake nor the guy who posted it is lying to make money.
    Почивай в мир бабу Ванга.

  18. I believe Daesh operation leader is Rami Jaber from libanon! His father was Israel leader before 6 day war 1967. Hi wan’t to come Finland first King! Newest movie Fate Maybe same time leader off black mans who selling drug every where global.. Good Stuff I figure out that in phone after that black street gangs, cd cars start to follow my every where In Finland! yea crazy but that how it go! Always people think why illumination find you allways that maybe because they own street sellers and off course elite seller too.. In Helsinki night life is near end but there is like elite private parties and they all use now some drug makes eye’s pupil very big! Maybe same drug what isis use!! And they trace my too. Not easy to be normal taxi driver in Helsinki anymore :/ WW2 Hitler got metamfetamine daesh something new.. When they start training terrorist they used about same logo than hitler use.. Many years a go i see one documentary where somebody tell that after Hitler loose somebody near him move in saudi arabia!! Rami Jaber company in us is white revolver.. Look picture!! ww3 Agenda kill white people like fins??

    • wake up the fuck up, motherfucker, you’re only fooling yourself… stop bullshitting people, what the fuck?? you don’t fucking make sense! what’s hitler got to do with jewish and isis, what the fuck are you talking about? go kill yourself motherfucker!
      you sound like a fucking faggot who’s afraid that isis might throw him off the top of a high building!

  19. Many of you critize Anon for posting this. But the fact of the matter is, you cannot make sense of the current world situation by only looking at materialistic matters. Ancient prophecy, or belief therein, is what sets the course.

    The truth is out there.

  20. It may be bullshit. But those predictions are accurate along with science. All we can do is to prevent it from happening.

  21. (Vangelija Pandeva Dimitrova known as Baba Vanga (January 31, 1911 Srumica – August 11, 1996 Petrich) was known jasnovitka from Bulgaria, born in Macedonia. After her marriage, she gets surname Gusterova. Most of her life she spent in the region Rupite Kozuf mountain in Pirin Macedonia, Bulgaria. Believers its attribute that was able to predict, prediction, talking with flowers and mentally visit different places of the country. Today, a lot of information can be found in the book dedicated to her, and written by her niece

  22. America has not yet fully fallen, planes are not made out of steel, excluding the specifics it is pretty easy to make the prediction: at some point in the future something will happen in America in which some people will become injured.

    Unfortunately “a great Muslim war” is well documented in the religious scripture of Islam and is the driving force behind many of the ideologies adopted by it.

    Russia always has been a superpower. Vanga never specifically mentioned Vladimir’s name in her interview, it was later added BY RUSSIAN SOURCES for promotion of Putin.

    2016: Muslims invade Europe: “invade” spiritually perhaps? Sure as hell isn’t happening, given that Islam is a faith and does not need to travel geographically to fulfill its purpose. No.

    2023: The Earth’s orbit will suffer major changes: Physics does not allow this, implies there will be a cataclysmic event which will action this change. If true, why not predict the meteor collision or the event underlying? No.

    2025: Europe’s population will be decimated, reaching almost zero as a result of the wars: Just Europe? GOOD WAR. No.

    2028: Space travel to Venus in an attempt to find other energy sources: already happened, a long time ago. The moon is a far more viable source of alternative energy and is far closer, so we are going there first for H3. No.

    2033: The melting of the poles will cause water levels to rise: Pretty accurate, melting ice does turn to water. As far as a prophetic vision goes, the dates are not relevant for this one as ice has pretty much always melted into water. Nothing particular about 2033 will be relevant. Yes.

    2043: Europe as an established caliphate under Islamic rule: under “Islamic” rule Europe already is part of the borderless homoncular caliphate. No.

    2066: A new climate change weapon to be used by America in a bid to retake Rome – the caliphate’s designated new capital: ionospheric heating facilities are already advanced enough to action climate changes if indeed they were truly desired, no need to invent new ones. The fall of Rome was actually supposedly prophecised in the Quran already, it fell. No.

    2076: Communism sweeps the world: SWEEPS. Spiritually? No.

    • 2016: Muslims invade Europe: “invade” = by “refugees” imams in M-E has said this for many ears, they can vote and tople democrqatic goverments and vote to “force” countries to become “Islamic” or at least paralyze EU-World…Not fun if this happens…

  23. I would like to see the actual statements, then transcribed verbatum. If I remember correctly, while it may have involved a bit of official ‘misdirection’ to some degree, much of what Nostradamus wrote was nonsense, amidst which folk selected the bit which fit events best to their eyes.
    The only alleged direct translation in this – “Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”indicates a retaliation was always an eventual certainty given the interference by the West, and especially the US, in the Middle East, where voil rights etc have been sold off. What I suppose I’m saying is, while not discounting the element of psychic faculty in this world of ours, we should be aware always that often “The eyes and ears bring means of seeing and hearing that which the mind wishes to perceive”. Bit like the block who messaged us asking what size of child’s life jackets were we selling, when they are adult. He obviously read into our advert what he was looking for himself!

  24. Okay, just putting aside that predicting the future is both a real thing but also a question of free will in tandem with destiny, the notion that Muslims will invade Europe this year is both strategically and logically sound. If you look at the organizations and institutions that headed the implementation and funding of Daesh into Iraq and Syria, you know that their objective here is to create chaos. The gruesome acts committed by these mercenaries, extremists and insider operatives are then displayed by Western MSM (who are under the same thumb as those heading the implementation of Daesh) to Western public as it is. This and the false-flag attacks in Europe (Paris and Brussels) inflate public outcry into Western military organizations being allowed to put boots on the ground in Syria.

    But they never were able to put boots on the ground due to the fact that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad held his ground in the country with the help of Iran, Lebanon and Russia. Russia made a bold move by sending troops into Syria (with the consent of al-Assad), thus forcing Western powers to hold back and keep Erdogan – with its desire to bring back the Ottoman empire – on the leash.

    Now that their traditional move of Problem-Reaction-Solution has been blocked, the few individuals who stand at the head of the Western powers but in the shadows have resorted to far more dangerous and volatile methods; creating a war inside Europe. They knew that the Western public would eventually wake up to their own enslavement and take their power away. So they played their hand by creating a war inside a dormant continent so that they can force control upon the European population, make trillions of the weapons and medical supplies created to fight this war.

    The ultimate objective is and has always been to rule this world, they cannot do that with such a large world population, they cannot do that with a world that has been destroyed by our nuclear arsenals. So in order to rule this world they have to reduce our population without damaging the planet to much. Great wars have always been “good” for that but it is a high-stakes game that even some of the most elite among those few individuals would not want to play.

    They’re not the Illuminati by the way, that would imply that they are enlightened, they are the exact opposite.

  25. Hello people ,
    i know this may sound too scary to all but is true.
    This woman Vanga is from Bulgaria she can sees in the future and and it has proven.
    When she was alive many people from every side of the world wait months
    just for one meet with her. And all she said – it happened.
    We all hope to dont have muslim invasion and all hope to live normal but u can see whats up today – many attacks , many victim of this stupid war and this is just the begining . She said we will have muslim war before she die and this was in 1996 today we are 2016.. Before it happen she also said in New York gonna have attacks and it happen . Also she said when Syria lost the war gonna start the new World war 3 . We know who is really interested of this war and i really think it gonna be the sequel of the cold war 1947 – 1991. Many times and with many things she has proven that she sees in the future .If you do not belive you can watch movies for her or read books .
    Rest and peace Vanga.

  26. Well, I don’t want to destroy your fears and hopes guys… but this website is a fake! Easily use google and search for anonhq! You will find several articles which prove, that this website is nothing else than a wannabe anonymous… Just saying…

  27. hehe……every now & again, something like this is dreamt up by scallywags, and posted on social media as a joke. This is the latest one… it’s full of shit!

  28. Especially a lot of predictions fell down after her death. Relatives earned well after her death using the “prediction” on request.

  29. First of all, many say that the story behind her blindness is much more sad and dramatic (I don’t want to mention it for personal reasons, whoever will want, will do find).Second she isn’t God and she can’t be 100% accurate, but like many other prophets of past century she did some undeniable predictions, just after watching the whole set of documentaries about her, You will totally agree that not everything needs empiric proof.

  30. Beware of false prophets Earthlings .The future is ours.Why do these prophets only speak of bad things ,Why dont they predict things like the internet or water found on Mars great accomplishments reached my the human race.

  31. Is that yellow pages ?Why do u stain the name of the good woman.Those predictions are phoney.She never predicted exact dates…And most of it is riddles.

  32. lo siento pero la verdad no se como tomarme este articulo,parece sacado de la elite pa meter miedo y fomentar racismo……creo mas en lo q se denomina la masa critica …la gente ya no quiere guerra y los soldados son personas…. facebook y el poder de viajar a otros paises nos ha hecho empaticos con otras personas de distinto lenguaje ,…no se dudo mucho que llegamos a este exremo aunque algunos les beneficiaria bastante este asunto de la tercera guerra mundial….. puro negocio ..

  33. Her predictions are like riddles it seems like Yoda ? If she did have intuition, we all have it built in,pineal gland. It can be developed. Also, she’s only on one probability reality, take it to a quantum level, it depends which parallel universe yourself is currently in. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the bad predictions unless you focus on it and quantum jump to stay on that outcome. Why not develop your own third eye for future predictions. Steel birds? Couldve been drones, or whatever. Seems people created what they imagined from a blind female Yoda. Lol ?.

    • She was insane sick and communism, u know that! After she died Russia have tried to raise her against of united states and Europe to destroy them by people’s freakout but we’ll never let them to happen the horseshit

  34. Islam’s gonna lead the Europe!! Bullshit, she was a communism and said bullsit and horseshit, united states of america will be destroyed, no way oldy moldy!! She said Obama is the last!! Really!! So who is trump??!! She was just talking through her hat, yeah and I’m sure Islam and terrorists r getting destroyed gradually that’s all


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