Venezuela calls Bush a Terrorist, US sanctions Venezuela, Venezuela Prepares For War  


Following the US’s decision to sanction Venezuela, the South American country is marshalling some 100,000 soldiers to counter an alleged US threat.

General Vladimir Padrino Lopez, Venezuelan Defense Minister, announced that the military exercises had begun Saturday, and were performed in order to prepare the soldiers for “their mission, their goal, and with the will to be victorious.”

Lopez also believes that US sanctions will be an “imminent danger for us,” going on to explain that this is the reason that the Venezuelan army must be on its guard to fight for the country’s independence.


The majority of exercises will occur South of Carcas, while the remainder will be staged at the country’s oil-production sites in order to safe-guard the precious resource.

Chinese Amphibious weapons and Russian missiles will be on full display, snubbing America’s well-known and very volatile military-industrial complex. Air defenses and anti-aircraft systems will be tested in order to counter the more advanced, even feared, US air force.

In a televised address, President Nicolas Maduro praised his country’s army, saying “We have a military that is the best guarantee of peace.”

“The insolent boot of imperialism dared touch the sacred land of Venezuela, that day if we had to fight for the dignity of our country, we would do it for peace and for the sovereignty and the integrity [of the country],” he added.

Obama had recently provoked this response with the issuance of an executive order sanctioning Venezuela for allegedly, as usual without quoting hard evidence, participating in human rights abuses.

This is rather ironic considering Venezuela’s recent condemnation of George W. Bush’s very real human rights abuses via the unwarranted war in Iraq (invisi-nukes that were not found, while 1.4 million non-invisi-people have been killed so far). Madura had gone as far as call Bush and Cheney terrorists.

On the other hand, I would point out that some 40 protestors have died in Venezuela, but the protesters were HARDLY non-violent, with cars being set alight by Molatovs and police being bludgeoned by concrete slabs. These protesters are also funded by the US.

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It should be noted that this mirrors the scenario in Ukraine, where another democratically-elected government had been over-thrown by far-right nationalists, funded by pro-democracy NGOs linked to the US. Police there had also been set alight with Molatovs, and the US had called these protesters peaceful, while threatening repercussions should the military be called to protect the officers (after taking power though, the former-opposition IMMEDIATELY used military force against peaceful East-Ukrainian protestors who had taken over government buildings in the exact same manner. Not to mention the hypocrisy of the US which has the world’s most militarized police force that openly murders children, the disabled and minorities on a daily basis without facing repercussions)

Obama also declared that Venezuela, a tiny and poor nation of 30.41 million people, A THREAT TO US NATIONAL SECURITY. Seriously? Yeah, be afraid of the tiny poor country. I remember saying that were the US in Russia’s shoes, it would have done a lot more than seize Crimea bloodlessly. Let’s see what happens to Venezuela, and any other country on the US’s doorstep, now.

“Venezuelan officials past and present who violate the human rights of Venezuelan citizens and engage in acts of public corruption will not be welcome here, and we now have the tools to block their assets and their use of US financial systems,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said in a statement.

In response, Maduro has accused the US of trying to “defeat” and “intervene in” his government.

“President Barack Obama, representing the US imperialist elite, has personally decided to take on the task of defeating my government and intervening in Venezuela to control it,” Maduro said in a national TV address. “That’s why they have taken today’s measure.”

UNASUR, or the Union of South American Nations, has rejected Washington’s actions. This is not unforeseen, as the Argentinean president had also claimed that the US was attempting to assassinate her.

Recently Venezuela had imposed a visa requirement on American travelers, mirroring the costs that Venezuelans had already faced in travelling to the US.

In February, Maduro had also accused the US of funding an attempted coup in Venezuela, and even specifically fingered Joe Biden as the mastermind. He had referred to an alleged coup that had targeted the presidential palace and another unspecified important facility.

“The northern imperial power has entered a dangerous phase of desperation, going to talk to the continent’s governments to announce the overthrow of my government. And I accuse Vice President Joe Biden of this,” Maduro said.

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  1. If I remember correctly, not all of the 40 “protesters” who died were members of the opposition; there were deaths on both sides and some policemen and government officials were prosecuted. Many of the protestors were very violent.

  2. I write from Venezuela… and i can’t believe what i read. I’m one of those citizen who are against Maduro’s government, for multiple ans logic reason. I invite you to live here (Venezuela) and see what we see and live how we live. The government are not doing their job, and everything what happened last year with those 40 died protestor were not funded from US and nobody either. Those 40 protestor were not carrying weapons, or molAtovs or something similar, they were unarmed against an armed police and even military guards. So i cant believe what i just read here. Come, and get better info..!

    • Looks like annonhq just spouts anti-american propaganda these days, maybe they are the ones who are funded by anti-american interests. The shit about Ukraine is complete lies. People rebelled against “democratically” elected government there because life was shit there and they wanted to be more European than Soviet.

      • Looks like another Capitalist ass-kisser brainwashed by the mainstream media. I suggest you either wake the fuck up, or keep going along with the system!

        • Well i go agree Bush & American Politicans are the terrorist not its people,
          Its the power given in the hands of America is what corrupting them, cops killing innocents and racism on daily basis is common now in America,

          So far Anonhq, has always been fair and square giving out the truth regardless of nation and race,

          Problem with you Americans are you people haved killed innocents in the name of Land, Oil and your own National Interest, It never had anything to do with the world or UN,

          What about all the countries he (Cunt Bush) raided and killed people, could you F#$%n Americans show the world the SO Called Weapon Of Mass Destruction? for which the raids were conducted?

          Answer is No., i have many friends in America i know them well they are good, its the Power and Dirty Politics in your country thats fuckedup and Brain washes idiots like you.

          • it is funny Ronak.With your first paragraph you say it is the politicians and not the people then with your third paragraph you say it is the people. Which is it?

          • You are correct. Flag wavers had the nerve to say my patriotism is suspect if I don’t support bullying and imperialistic wars. the us has it’s own human rights abuses. Racism will always be common in the us because people of color timidly wait for racist, war-mongering politicians to legislate morality, equality and true freedom. There’s always someone white who says racism and discrimination are passe (until said white doesn’t get their way then they are “victims” of racism). I can’t wait to leave this country. If I could only get political asylum in Canada!

    • Whether you support Maduro or are from the opposition, please do not support any action of any kind by the US, particularly a military action. If you do, you don’t know what you’re doing… If such a thing happens, poor your country and the Venezuelan people, and the future of you all and of all of South America. It has a chance to solve problems that have been carried within since the Spanish arrived, and even after they left. And now we have this. The divisions within a country have historically been very benefitial for any foreign invading power, and now is when you should (at least temporarily) stay together, and AFTER the danger passes, then continue trying to solve the problems inside your contry.

    • I totally agree with you! I couldn´t believe what I read. I am a Brazilian and we are going on the same way of Venezuela and Argentina. I am so sorry with is going on in South America! It is very easy to blame USA everytime…..

    • I’m with you friend. I would hate to live in a country I cant even have toilet paper, or sell a kidney to buy tooth paste. Fuck maduro, Fuck Dilma and the other Commies in South America!

  3. Is this really a news story from real journalism, because these stories are starting to look more opinionated than real journalism.

  4. As far as the comments about bush and such go, I think he’s an idiot personally, but they DID DISCOVER CHEMICAL WEAPONS (after the war was over, naturally). So to say that these were ‘invisible’ and pointless to search for is misinformed.

  5. It should be mentioned that the American 1% are horrified Venezuela’s spending its oil revenues on feeding and educating its people.

    The 1% has a moral objection to government money going to the non-wealthy, and they’re afraid that’ll catch on over here.

    The Venezuelan 1% are behind the unrest, as they try to destabilize their country, supported by the American 1%.

    The American oil corporations are also salivating over Venezuela’s resources.

  6. A poorly written and obviously not proof read article like this is hard to swallow. If the author of this piece cannot be bothered to run a simple spell check, he certainly cannot be bothered to research and write a truthful article. Piss poor, in my simple opinion.

    • Nowhere they said that they were going out of Venezuela… What they’re saying is that they’ll defend their country, not going to attack another one.

  7. Actually Venezuela, being as poor as it is or not, can be a threat to US national security because of the amount of “extremist Muslims” granted Visas to stay in Venezuela with fake passports to train in camps and then being assisted through Central America and make it into the US. Also Venezuela is a major player in the drug trafficking effort and a always assisted any and all nations directly in “bad terms” with the US ie Iran, North Korea, Russia. So, let’s do a little research before deeming this ridiculous.

  8. This is bullshit.

    This was written by somebody who can clean his ass without the worry of running out of toilet paper, by somebody who drinks coffee every day, who drinks a glass of milk before go to sleep, maybe he can buy a fucking pill for the headache anytime. Maybe he wrote this seated in a park late at night, without being worried to be stolen, or even worse, stolen and murdered.

    Well, here in Venezuela, we can’t do any of that shit. Record numbers of inflation, record numbers of murders, record numbers of shortage.

    This fucking government lies, intend to divert attention of the real problems because a imaginary war.

  9. The elitists that control the US government DOES NOT reflect the will of its people. I an many others hate whats going on in Washington. Nothing is getting done that should be, and what is getting done is far away from what the people want. the majority of us are not looking for war, and commit harm to our neighbors. This is and has been the will of the ruling oligarchy, the elite has taken DC, and we now have to find away back. Money is the root of all this, war means billions to the ones who produce our war machine.

  10. Hold on. Human rights. AMERIKKKA are you freaking serious? Your democracy is hypocrisy. White racist cops murder black People at an alarming rate. And get away with it. A dogs life is worth more than a black life. Let’s talk about this, before judging other countries! HYPOCRITES

    • You forgot the stories about black cops and white cops killing white people too. Good job racist, I guess we ignore the deaths of the rest because it’s not good enough to support your biased bullshit point of view.

  11. Why don’t you guys try live in Venezuela and see how “GREAT” it is there. War is definitely not the solution but the people of Venezuela need help somehow. Anonymous just seems to be Anti-American and Anti-police these days, you forget that there are still good honest hard working police out there but you guys are all about bringing America down you Fools.

  12. Seriously ? they want to go to war on human right violations and corruption?? If that was the case why isn’t america in South africa where shit like this happen everyday. Where we have some of the highest crime rates in the world and also corruption rates. Our own president was accused of rape and also was convicted of tax evasion and stealing money and is still in the presidency. People in venizuela have it better than most of africa in my opinion.

  13. If they are marching is bcoz Russia approve this. So 21 Rome gonna fall. Lets see the real terrorists have some justice.

  14. HAHA US sanctioned Venezuela ’cause some members of the Government have misterious relations with those weird and crazy arabian terrorists some days ago there were captured in Canada 20 terrorists with venezuelan passports Given here (I’m from venezuela) by The People deffensor Tareck ElAissami a stupid Syrian inmigrant that now has an important charge in this Fucked up government..

  15. Maduro almost lost the elections (that probably was rigged) half of the venezuela people is against her and want a war againt US? haha For USA it would be a good opportunity to test the copied chinese weapons and the outdated russian weapons.


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