VIDEO: Baltimore Protester F**ks CNN’s Live Coverage


On April 19th, 25-year-old Freddie Gray, died of a spinal cord injury sustained while in the custody of Baltimore Police. The Baltimore police suspended six officers involved and pledged an investigation into the circumstances of Gray’s death. Police, however, didn’t reveal why Gray was arrested or how he incurred his injuries, citing the ongoing investigation.

A day after the news broke of Gray’s unfortunate death; protesters marched in the area demanding greater response from the city. CNN’s Miguel Marquez, was reporting from Baltimore covering community reactions to Gray’s death, when one of the protesters grabbed the mic in his hands and started shouting, “Fuck you! Fuck that! Straight up! Fuck CNN!”

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Freddie Gray is the latest symbol in the national debate over police treatment of black men — The New York Times (@nytimes) April 22, 2015

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  1. Wow, That looks like it will help everything. Great business opportunity for Al & Jesse. They will come to town and leave rich. The pleasant people and there obvious commitment to only kill someone buy there heartfelt remarks will still be alone and angry. If this were another group they would be charged with lynching. To scared to do that. The law doesn’t allow lynching charges but for certain groups against other. Equal crime, equal penalty? Not while our nations is scared to make someone hate more.The law says piece protest. Where is the law? Scared that they will make more news!

  2. Welt weit geht es um Gerechtigkeit ! Die bekommt das Volk nur durch Rechtssicherheit.
    Wer glaubt, die bekommt man geschenkt, weil man geliebt wird ? Der irrt.
    Dieses hohe Gut, muß schwer erkämft werden ! Und wenn es erreicht ist, ist kein Ende des Kampfes. Es muß erhalten werden und gepflegt.

    Die “schwarze Lügenpresse”, die als Verschwörungspraktiker mit der Regierung gemeinsam gegen das Volk arbeitet, gibt es nicht nur in den USA. Hier in Europa haben wir extreme Probleme damit. Wir, die Völker, wollen nicht schon wieder Krieg in Europa haben, weil die Regierungen das wollen ! Und auch sonst wo, wollen wir nie wieder Krieg oder sonstige Gewalt. Ob gegen Gruppen oder auch nur einen Einzelen. Auch egal ob praktiziert oder blos angedroht!
    Aktiver Frieden mit realistischem Humanismus, ist mir schön. (Biophelie)

  3. Justice is for the rich and those in power…very often not so much for the disenfranchised …If you think you are above the don’t care about morality ..

  4. yes, this death shouldn’t have occured and yes we should protest, but when i turns into rioting and looting we lose sight of what we are really angry about. Not all police want to kill and not everyone is a criminal, we are human we make mistakes. stop ALL violence, lets strive to be better people as a whole!


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