[Video] Bernie Hugs Muslim Girl, Vows To Eliminate Racism




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A Young woman asked Bernie a simple question during a rally at George Mason University.

Remaz Abdelgader is a senior at the university, and a Muslim. She said that she felt “sick” because of the sheer depravity of the anti-Muslim rhetoric being spewed out from many in the Republican candidates.

She chose to focus on Ben Carsen and Donald Trump (Donald Trump, is against illegal immigration and has made insensitive comments about Muslim burqas, whie Ben Carson believes that the US should not elect a Muslim president). and asked Bernie how he felt about what they were saying.

Bernie asked her to come up onto the stage, and gave her a hug before responding.

Bernie brought up his own faith, being Jewish was something that he could not bring up often in public. He recounted his own father’s experience: his entire family had been murdered in a concentration camp.

At that point he swore to  “rid this country of the ugly stain of racism, which has existed for far too many years.”

It was at this juncture that Sanders explained a point that makes me hopeful.

He stated that hatred was being generated against Muslims, but he did not stop there; historically, racism was purposely deployed in America… and not by the People but by the rich and powerful, who wished to sow seeds of division between them.

Divide and conquer is an ancient strategy that has been often used by countries to pit foes against one another- weakening them until they could consume both. It explains how the British had conquered countries like India despite being so vastly out-numbered.

It also explains how a people can be ruled by a minority of elites who have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be liars and thieves- “electing” lying Bush after lying Bush, or lying Clinton after lying Clinton… by telling us that our “real” enemies are each other, the Muslim, the Jew, the Christian, the atheist… Everyone, but not them. We could always trust them.

He began with a lesson in history:

They told white workers who were earning pennies an hour, ‘Hey, you think you’re in trouble, but you’re better off than the blacks who can’t drink at a water fountain or go to your school.’ And they told straight people, ‘You’re better off than those gay people, right?’ And they pitted men against women. They’re always playing one group against another. Rich got richer — everybody else was fighting each other. Our job is to build a nation in which we all stand together.

That, to me, was a perfect response- one that looked beyond the baubles and spam that the elite had us squabbling over while they kept getting away with the real spoils of our labor.

Being against racism did not mean that he would use racism as a hot-button topic (while doing everything to further infuriate minorities against whites, or whites against minorities) as many other Democrats and Republicans have; rather, he saw racism as a mere tool that was being deployed by the elite to weaken the People. One that he has vowed to eliminate.

Abelgader was later interviewed by Alice Ollstein from Think Progress. This is what she had to say:

“If there’s anyone that should be elected to the White House, it’s him. He stands for everybody, whether you’re gay or Muslim or black or Christian or Latino. He is for equality. That’s why I identify with the next president of the United States: Bernie Sanders.”

Sources: US Uncut

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