Video Evidence: How Mainstream Media Brainwashes the Unsuspecting American Public


Tell a lie a 100 times and it becomes the truth. You must have heard, used, and experienced this Hitler-era quote — coined by Nazi dictator’s propaganda minister to brainwash the German public with the Nazi party’s propaganda — a thousand times.  The quote was successful then, and now the quote is successful today. Just that it was used by political leaders to sway public opinion then; today it is being used by the mainstream media to spread unfounded lies and mind-numbing corporate media conglomerate propaganda.

Since you assume what you hear repeatedly to be true without validating it, you fall prey to the ancient method of massive brainwashing, and chances are — you don’t even know it. As The Free Thought Project Writes:

“Repetitive pounding of an idea or phrase gradually shapes thought by reinforcing an idea that might otherwise be doubted. When you hear something enough times, it’s easier to accept — as if the number of mentions somehow validates the idea, regardless of merit.”

To put it simply, everything you see on TV, movie theaters, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, or books is controlled by one of these five media conglomerates: Bertelsmann, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, and Time Warner — which are directly connected to the political establishment and the economic and political power-elites of the United States.

Earlier, the mainstream media was focused on spamming your mind and twisting your thoughts regarding health, food, war, “terrorism”, and poverty. These days it is focused on hiding the fact that the U.S. presidential election is likely rigged for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

On October 15, in response to accusations of unwanted kissing and groping from at least eight women, Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed the 2016 U.S. presidential election is being rigged by the media to elect Hillary. A day earlier though, WikiLeaks emails had confirmed that the U.S. media is indeed in Hillary Clinton’s pocket.

While most would slam Trump for being a “bad loser,” many can’t forget the way the mainstream media handled Hillary Clinton’s infamous collapse after she made an early exit from a 9/11 New York City memorial ceremony, last month.

If the conservative mainstream media scrambled to theorize on the ever-deepening questions surrounding her health, the left-leaning corporate media scrambled to explain Clinton’s sudden inability to stand. Her fainting spell was first blamed on the early autumn heat; later on, pneumonia.

In the end, as the video evidence of the mainstream media brainwashing below shows, it was proved that a brave Clinton wanted to “power through” her harried schedule, despite suffering from pneumonia. You still think the U.S media is not biased? That, the U.S. presidential election is not rigged?

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