[Video] One Russian Pilot Saved, Interviewed; US State Department Calls Brutal Execution of Other Pilot And Downing of Rescue Helicopter “Self Defense”



One of the ejected pilots from the Su-24 jet that was shot down by Turkey has survived, somehow eluding the Allahu Ackbar-ing “moderate” rebels who were after him.

“The [rescue] operation is successfully over. The pilot has been delivered to our base. Safe and sound,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu

“One on board was wounded when he parachuted down and killed in a savage way on the ground by jihadists in the area. The other managed to escape. According to the latest information he has been picked up by the Syrian Army and should be going back to the Russian Air Force base,”Ambassador Aleksandr Orlov told Europe 1 radio.

Below is the video of the surviving pilot’s first interview, revealing that the Turkish pilots had offered no warnings before firing, and that it was impossible for him to have entered Turkish airspace- even for a second.

He notes that the F-16 is much faster than his jet which was outfitted for bombing and not dog-fighting, and that the Turkish jets could have easily sent a visual warning by flying in parallel. Instead they struck from behind in an ambush, making certain that the Russians could not avoid the missile. He has vowed “pay back” for the murder of his co-pilot.

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev also had some harsh words for Turkey’s actions:

“This is no surprise, considering the information we have about the direct financial interest of some Turkish officials relating to the supply of oil products refined by plants controlled by ISIS,” he said.

Medvedev added: “The reckless and criminal actions of the Turkish authorities have caused a dangerous escalation of relations between Russia and NATO, which cannot be justified by any interest, including protection of state borders.”

The US State Department has been unapologetic for the actions of its moderate rebels in murdering an unarmed pilot, proving once and for all that they believe that “human rights” SOLELY applies to Americans- and that they can make up whatever bullsh** they need to justify this war crime.

State Department spokesman Mark Toner, during a press briefing:

“We’ve seen conflicting reports. One pilot may not have been killed. If these ‘Turkomen’ were actually being attacked by Russian strikes, they have every right to defend themselves.”  You bloody idiot, they had every right to fire at a plane that was actually attacking them- regardless of WHERE the SU-24 was at the time, they had NO RIGHT to murder an unarmed pilot.

But of course, US-backed “moderates” who chanted allahu ackbar while firing upon the descending pilot and then proceeding to calmly beat him or his corpse to a bloody pulp while still chanting allahu ackbar were just trying to “defend themselves”.

The State Department has also admitted that the US was supplying the “moderates” TOW missiles, one which was used to “defend” against a Russian rescue chopper that was deployed to search for the SU-24 pilots. The pilot of the helicopter was killed in the blast.

To those of you who continue to believe that the US is the good guy no matter what, and accuse me of being biased, USA USA USA and all that, let me break it down for you in simple terms:

The US has just called the execution of a POW and the murder of a rescuer with a US-made rocket “self-defense”, merely because its proxy was involved. It did not apologize despite the fact that not one but two of its weapons has caused the death of a Russian, it did not even bother to call it an accident. There was no remorse for the abetting of a war crime; it’s the same attitude it took when it was accused of war crimes by Doctors Without Borders, where it promptly sent its investigation team in a tank to literally squash the evidence.  This is not just my “opinion” or “interpretation”… these are the facts, unless you’re questioning the veracity of the Geneva Convention. The US government does not care about human rights; it never has and never will.

Guess who’s escalating tensions here? It sure ain’t Russia.

Sources: RT

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  1. I believe his story more than the Turks. I cannot believe the Turks warned the pilots 10 times, and the pilots did not respond. Also, after hearing from the Turkisk official, saying they stand behind ISIS, I firmly believe this pilot. Russia should lay the smack down throughout the Middle East.

  2. “… and that the Turkish jets could have easily sent a visual warning by flying in parallel. Instead they struck from behind in an ambush, making certain that the Russians could not avoid the missile.”

    this is BS. the Russians were warned multiple times, probably during several passes over the international comms channel, and the Turks can’t fly parallel over such a short distance without exiting Turkish airspace.

    The Russians simply ignored the calls.

    It seems to me that Anonymous is leaning rather heavily to the Russian side of the world, and using every possible situation to criticize the US.

    • Hey…didn’t you get this part “He notes that the F-16 is much faster than his jet which was outfitted for bombing and not dog-fighting, and that the Turkish jets could have…”
      First find out what that means and the advantage that an F-16 has over the SU-24, and then comment… Think before you speak, google before you post! Its simple, peace man!

    • I totally agree. Also the russians have violated other countries airspace quite often at least the past three years, without much resistance. Such violations should not go unpunished. I guess the Turks just got fed-up with the Russian bullshit.

      As a sidenote, Finland had hornets on stand-by in 2014 due to the frequent violations, also the peaceful swedes got tested when russia simulated an aerial attack on stockholm in 2013.

    • “the Turks can’t fly parallel over such a short distance without exiting Turkish airspace.”

      If the Russian bomber entered Turkish airspace, they could’ve been flying in parallel. If you say they couldn’t fly in parallel, because they would’ve left Turkish airspace, it leads to the conclusion, that the Russian bomber didn’t enter Turkish airspace at any time and following this, there is no reason for a warning or even an attack at all.

    • If you listen to the soundtrack you will here only about aproaching the border ! Is normal to fire uppon enny aircraft aproaching your border ? Tirchis pilot did a big big mistake !!!!

    • The Turks violate greek airspace 40 times a day. The Russian jet, if they passed over turkey at all, flew – according to turkish sources – 17 seconds over Turkish airspace and the route is something I’d call cycling over enemy territority in Syria…
      It just doesn’t sound plausible that the jet flew towards turkey long enough for 10 warnings…

  3. Guys, you are a great news website – don’t share fake videos without doing a check for validity… RT channel is famous for fake and not trustworthy information.

  4. They had every right to shoot down them planes. Stay out of Syria’s problems simple as. And before you say well look what happened in Paris. Well not long before that the french bombed a place in Syria killed a couple of thousand innocent people Karma’s a bitch

    • no one, except Russia and the Syrian air force, has the right to shoot down any plane in Syrian air space because only Russia is operating under international law every other country involved has no business in Syria, not even fighting terrorism (ate least fighting terrorism is the official story)

  5. SO what happens if the president of syria closes there air space to all nations except the russians , i’m actually surprised that hasn’t happened to date……..

    • Haha, good point 😀
      Russians have now a new anti aircraft weapon there that can target 300 targets simultaneously in a 400km radius, can attack up to 27km heigth… Basically they can close the air space anytime they choose.

  6. How that video is a legitimate proof when that person who suppose to be the pilot is giving his back to the camera! No face no identity! Anyone can make such a video! After all who says the Russians are decent people after all?!

  7. “If these ‘Turkomen’ were actually being attacked by Russian strikes, they have every right to defend themselves.”

    I find this attitude pretty two-faced… I mean they call people terrorists that have been attacked for years by drones. No trials, no mercy… killing 25 civilians per target as imputed risk. Wouldn’t they have “every right to defend themselves”, too?
    Don’t get me wrong, I won’t condone these attacks. But I am beginning to realize “our” role, our guilt in this whole process.

  8. Hi All, where is this all leading, do we really wanna be there? cos it will come home to bite no matter who and where you are. This madness gotta stop, governments posturing for ideology backed with war, Guys you need to see the movie “The Age of Stupid”

    Who wins here, no one, we need a global movement to see sense, when this thing escalates, there is no recalling ICBM’s, Fuck Oil, Fuck power, we can starve the corporate beasts, stop consuming, start sharing and helping, deny their funds to wage war, stop your children becoming (fighters/terrorists), lets you the brain our so called Gods gave us to get us out of this continual circle of Bull Shit and Death.

    Come on, enough is enough, I’m not anti anyone, Im just naive enough to be Pro Human and Pro the Planet.

    Watch the movie, before its too late, and believe, we can change OUR world for the better, and set these desperately needed examples to the rest of Humanity.

    You owe this to your Children!


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