Did Russia Really Bomb A Syrian Hospital? Or Was It A Hoax, To Distract From America’s “War Crimes” [Video]




The mainstream media has been quick to pounce on reports of a Russian airstrike hitting a Syrian hospital– perhaps to assuage the guilt of American politicians for destroying a Doctors Without Borders (DWB) hospital in Afghanistan just days after accusing Russia of bombing civilians.

What did DWB call them again? Ah yes, I believe the term was “war criminals”.

In all the allegations thus far, the mainstream media has provided no proof, while citing unreliable sources like The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is a one-man show out of a London home, or the Syrian Civil Defense, which is a proven fake organisation funded and created by the US and UK.

This recent hospital bombing has been no different, again citing the Syrian Civil Defense AKA the White Helmets. The MSM has even accused Russia of using a double-tap strike, aimed at killing rescuers… when the reality is that it was America which pioneered that strategy.

Check out the White Helmet’s video “evidence” below:

Notice that the person filming the thing is not actually holding the camera; both arms can be seen at times, suggesting that the scene was filmed via Go-Pro, a strange instrument to be using in that area, and what fortuitous timing. The explosion itself appears to be real, but judging by the blast it was too small to have been an airstrike and was more likely a mortar strike, or some other type of small-radius explosives. Who carried out the attack is debatable, but I doubt it was a Russian hidden behind a bush with a mortar or grenade. Certainly, no hospital was observed to have been struck, as the mainstream media alleges– the video even shows that the “hospital” the man runs into is perfectly fine.

Let us instead listen to a CREDIBLE humanitarian organisation’s assessment of Russia’s airstrikes so far; Dominik Stillhart, director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has people on the ground in Syria (unlike the SOHR or SCD) has stated that he was unaware of ANY incidents of Russians bombing civilian targets- let alone a hospital!

“We’ve seen these reports as well, but in the absence of any firsthand information coming from our teams on the ground, I can neither confirm, nor deny these allegations,” Stillhart said, stressing that international humanitarian law “fully applies to the airstrikes undertaken by [anyone] in Syria, including Russia.

“In addition to providing large scale humanitarian assistance, our teams on the ground are also monitoring the conduct of hostilities and use of force, and in case we have concerns, we will share them directly, in a bilateral and confidential dialogue with the relevant party,” the Red Cross executive said.

To show you just how extensive the Red Cross’s reach is, two of their personnel were at the DWB hospital as it was bombed. Yet, surprise surprise, not one of their employees caught wiff of a Russian hospital bombing in Syria.

How is it that Russia is not bombing any civilians while America has been caught red-handed destroying countless civilian lives? Well, simple: by NOT bombing civilian buildings EVEN IF there are terrorists hiding there! That the Russians have been so effective without targeting civilians has obliterated the American military’s claims that they had no choice but to “accidentally” commit war crimes- and they are pissed.

Which is why the mainstream media has come out swinging at every plausible claim made by any half-baked “media organisation” with an authoritative-sounding-fake-name. Literally, we have the MSM which boasts billions in revenue and billions of readers world-wide hawking the opinions of a few fake sites which look like they were created by a 5-year-old with crayons- that’s how desperate they are to fault the Russians.

Here’s what the US State Department’s talking head had to add to the debate:

“I’d tell you that we have some other operational information that lead[s] us to believe that Russian targeting has not only not been focused on ISIS/ISIL but has in fact caused collateral damage and some civilian casualties, to include some civil infrastructure,” Kirby said.

However, when asked to “offer something more solid” in terms of evidence that would support Washington’s beliefs, Kirby said: “No, I’m not going to talk about that.” 

“We would expect the same from any other nation that had reason to believe that it might have caused collateral damage or civilian casualties. We would want to see that nation investigate, and, if possible, if practical, hold itself and anybody else to account should that have happened,” Kirby said, making light of America’s targeting of the DWB hospital and pretending that just because America is “investigating itself” (haha) it has done better than the Russians who won’t admit to bombing a hospital which they did not bomb.

The flawed logic of the mainstream media and US politicians is comedy gold. I’d be laughing if this whole thing wasn’t swallowed hook line and sinker by most people- mind you, I have no love for the Russians; but the truth is the truth and so far at least, the truth is on the side of the Russians.

Sources: RT, more RT, Counterpunch, The Independent, The Nation

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  1. So if this explosion comes from a plane and as we see it is 15 metres away, who thinks that the cameraman would have stay in one piece? Well, we loosing our time with rediculous fake situations.

  2. For anyone that is interested, The camera man would have been incinerated if that was an airstrike/drone strike.

    America is angry that their straw men are getting killed by actual good guys.


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