Video: What do the rich really want?

Portrait of a businessman holding American dollar bills

What do the rich really want? Well, its not money for sure. This video says that the rich work for social respect and “to keep score”. Is taxing the wealthy not such a good idea after all? Watch the video to understand the psychology of the wealthy.




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  1. ridiculous! celebrities have plenty of glory and admiration. evolution with less emotion is the only way, we must die off, go extinct. we simply must get on with the next level of life and that’s why we have created nuclear armaments, so let’s use them already.

  2. Been saying this for ages. We live in a system, in which profit dictates survival on all levels and unfortunatly in ways, that the gain of few is based on the loss of many. This equals sabotaging the own species! It is not difficult to change it to a system, in which one profits and gains even more so, by making other profit and gain with him. Call it symbiotic capitalism.. names don`t matter.. REASON and LOGIC does. Not only is this more sustainable, but more “honorable” coming back to the video. Service to onself.. service to others… Service is one of the highest goods we have, but we are kept in “check” by those, who wish to have it all for them only. I think mankind has understood a long time ago, but has not managed to apply. We are still exploiting and killing the host we live in -so to speak.


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