This Video Will Make You Question Consumerism Like Never Before


Do you think consumerism has gone too far and is today the sole reason behind economic inequality, environmental degradation and international tension? Have you ever felt that consumerism has killed more families than terrorism? Have you ever wished to reconnect with a freer, vivacious, real and vibrant life? If the answer to all these questions are yes, then, it is time you pay attention to Earth’s Wake Up Call.

Today, not many of us know or bother to know about the goods we consume and live to buy and flaunt came into being. There is very little or no awareness about the true costs of humankind’s consumption. This lack of information has resulted in people getting disconnected from Earth – the origin of our health, wealth and all of the ‘things’ we depend on.

Here’s a glimpse of the true costs behind some of our most prized possessions – our electronic gadgets. Joining the dots between the stages of extraction, production, consumption and disposal, Wake Up Call reveals the true colours of jazzy gadgets.




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  1. There are a lot of movies that can easily make people question consumerism. Most of them don’t even need to do it on purpose. Hope more and more people wake up, and stop giving a crap about things that do not benefit us as a species.

  2. this is not how it works… (except the idiots buying iphones…that’s true). no people mining won’t destroy villages or forests, it’s just the simple process of extracting minerals out of the ground. it’s not rocket science, it’s not that polluting and it won’t take place in your local park that i can assure you of.
    and with green energy becoming more of a thing the polution level will drop. why cant you see that we are starting to finally care about the earth ? as our way of thinking evolves we realise that this is the only place we have and there are ways in which we can do things that won’t hurt the planet. and the more we evolve the cheaper these ways become…

  3. The process of mining or extracting resources in a developing nation comes at a serious price, economically. It will catapult the native profiteers to almost royalty status, while devaluing the nations currency ,and increasing poverty for all natives not involved


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