This Video Will Show You How McDonald’s French Fries Are Made, And Why You Should Never Eat Them Again


By Kara O’Neill

McDonald’s have finally revealed exactly what goes into their famous french fries – and how they are made.

But while some might assume they are made with lots of different chemicals, the fast food giants have confirmed the raw ingredient is simple – a potato.

One American TV personality went to the factory to find out the process behind the salty snacks.

Standing in front of a conveyor belt filled with french fries, Grant Imahara says: “I know what you’re thinking. These look like potatoes, but are they really potatoes?”

Showing audiences the process, from field to fry, McDonald’s are out to prove their chips contain natural ingredients, and are barely changed throughout the entire assembly process.

First, the potatoes are peeled and then cut into a fry shape.

Next, they are dipped in dextrose (natural sugar) to maintain a golden colour, before being treated with sodium acid pyrophosphate which prevents the chips from going grey on their way to the fast food outlets.

Finally, they are partially fried and then frozen before being shipped off to restaurants.

This latest video is part of a brand new campaign set up by McDonald’s inviting the public to ask any question they want about its food production process.

Source: The Mirror UK


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  1. I used to have all sorts of health issues I managed to turn my health problems 180 degs when I STOPPED EATING FAST FOODS!!! I urge people to learn how to cook their own food!

  2. I always wondered how they made those fries so good. I’m going right now and get a double order, made me hungry. Where can I get some of that sodium acid pyrophosphate? If I put it on my hair, will it stop it from turning gray???


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