[Videos] Israelis Raid Hospital THREE Times, Seize Records of CHILD They Had SHOT




Third time’s a charm? Well, that seems to be flawed logic being employed by Israeli police who stormed a hospital not once, not twice, but three times over three consecutive days, insulting and harassing  patients, forcing some to flee for their lives.

They used rubber bullets, sound bombs and smoke grenades to subdue the vicious crowd of amputees and nurses. Their objective? The medical records of a known terro- awww who am I kidding, they were after a 16-year-old boy’s records.

The boy was allegedly hit by a .22 caliber Ruger bullet during a clash with Israeli security forces, according to Haaretz, and was treated there on the 13th of October. The boy was already arrested, the three raids that began on the 27th  were conducted just so that they could take his records and determine whom had brought him in for treatment.

The irony is that the Thursday raid , on the Oct 29th, was conducted just as hospital staff were in the midst of a silent pause in protest for the previous two raids, supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Hospital officials believe that the Israelis were trying to arrest Palestinians who had been suspected of being party to the clashes with the Israeli forces.

Israeli authorities claim that the hospital had unlawfully chosen not to report those injured by gunfire… which excuses their need to scare the entire hospital into submission, I suppose. While we’re at it,  why on Earth would anyone report injured patients who had been shot by a criminal to the very criminal who had shot him? Am I bound by oath to save lives or have them taken?

No arrests were made during the raid, but the police said that the files they were after had been found, and the kid who was SHOT by them will be indicted… for being shot by them. Good job, arresting kids for getting in front of your gun. What, was he hurling rocks? Or just insults?

Dr. Ali Al-Husseini, head of the hospital, told Maan news that the hospital had refused to share the patients’ records in order to protect their privacy. “It is not our job to give any information about anyone [who] comes to hospital or to take any personal information. Our job is only to help them and provide them with medical treatment,” al-Husseini said.

Privacy, of course, has no meaning in an authoritarian police state; the Israelis continue to threaten hospital staff, demanding that reasons for hospitalization be provided. I could answer that one: they were injured, duh. Capisce?

The head of the hospital has called for help from the international community,  though as usual nobody will care because Israelis are good guys, and they get away with bloody murder of hundreds of women and children every time.

“The hospital has become desecrated by Israeli troops,” he said. “Israeli violations against the Palestinian hospital are against the law and until today we cannot find anyone to protect the hospital, the patients, and the staff.”

He also said to RT correspondent Paula Slier:

“They didn’t need to come with forty soldiers and a lot of weapons. This is a hospital and two people is enough”, he said.

“Palestinians in Jerusalem today have to be intimidated. They have to be shown that there is force and if anything happens they will be retaliated with that force.”


The raid was conducted with a court order, though it should be noted that according to International law, hospitals are denoted as safe zones, protected from all military and police invasions. To simply wave a court order around allowing you to perform a heinous deed hardly justifies said heinous deed.

The People’s Voice:

The 19th century Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick (incorporated into the 1949 Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols) mandates caring for them along with medical personnel and chaplains, without any distinction as to nationality.

Israel invades hospitals, while the US bombs them.  What fitting allies, war criminals and human rights violators, hand in hand.


Sources: RT, The People’s Voice, BBC, The Guardian, Mondoweiss

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  1. This is our biggest alley? Im ashamed. But i think we all know that if we wern’t “friends” it would just be another worthless terrorist state. They use the same tactics, the same religion, the same history, they are just our friends is all.

  2. No, you were correct, TERRORIST. CoNN, you’re either retarted or knowingly spreading misleading propaganda to hate jews. May the hatred you spread land back upon you and your family, and when someone stabs your mother and child to death, other will call the murderer a hero.


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