Want to Hack Your Own Device? Govt. Will Destroy It!


Remember back in the old days when kids would often take apart simple household electronics in their quest for knowledge, and the occasional tweaking in order to create a multi-purpose device? Those days are now long gone!


If you get caught playing around with your gadgets your device will be seized and even destroyed, as reported from the signed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.

Wikileaks has actually released the official documents that regards the matter of the copyrights chapter that states and forbids anyone to be able to circumvent the original copyright and product infringement laws. Also stating that no one is able to alter any changes of the original device or proprietary technology, such as software and hardware, for any purpose. These are known as DRM aka Digital Rights Management Technologies.

DRM has always been around, but whenever it comes with the new TPP is that judicial authorities now possess the ability to confiscate as well as order the destruction of your “Hacked” devices, if any such technology that is hacked are found within your presence.


TPP has also touted as the 21st-centruy landmark for all of the trade liberalization and even known to hog just over 40% of our planets economy and has been pushed aggressively since for several years now. This agreement has already been brought under fire for favoring the corporates and even stifling the consumers rights. We have seen similar penal laws that has actually been adjudicated against our free flowing information that we can find upon the internet and again with intent to smother small corporations and business in order to create a vastly large corporate monopoly.

Those who suffer from this agreement is those who are labeled as White-Hats, as they are hired to bypass the manufacturer’s “Exclusive” system in order to find the Zero-Day Vulnerabilities as this is their main job. Even those who are improvising their devices in order to use it more efficiently are prohibited. As we can also see in the case of the Internet Copyright Violations, the punishment is now a form of a monetary fine and to a term in jail.

The major leaking website “Wikileaks” has also leaked the information regaruding the device-destroying proposal in the TPP a couple of years ago. Since then, the whistleblowing forum has been revived and is also crowdfunding in order to offer a bounty to gain confidential government documents.

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  1. So what if the devices in question were “hacked” or “altered” before the information about it being illegal got leaked? Are these devices in jeopardy of seized and destroyed? Or are they “grandfathered in” so to say?

    • In most countries that have adopted parts of the Napoleonic Code into their constitutions, ex post facto laws are against the constitution. So in countries like the US, you can’t make something illegal and then punish people for breaking the law before it was a law.

  2. It wont happen in USA. There are laws protecting consumers and if that doesnt work, shooting and killing nazi’s that come to our homes will.

  3. I like(hate) how the world allows it self to be altred by rules like these. Nobody is fighting creation of rules like these, Stupid rules like these. Well, the world is annoying… Cya world in another era -_-

  4. Build your own, or buy items that lack proprietary software in the first place.
    It’s not like you were going to use M$ products anyway.
    Conversly, do what you want. Let them waste their effort confiscating things that can be replaced, while real criminals knock down their ivory towers looking for anything of value.
    Authority only exists if you choose to kneel before it.
    Be free.
    Say no.


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